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Bush/Nixon Assassination Conspiracy

By Warren Trammell

Aug. 21, 2005

This blog is to post the on-going work on the expose’ of theRichrd Nixon/George Bush Assassination Copspiracy to assassinate my father, Seymore Trammell in 1971 and Alabama Governor George Wallace in 1972 in Laurel, Maryland. Our current President George Bush, Jr. was also involved in this “family affair” because he was here in ’71 and ’72 to help Nixon and his father, Bush Sr., to keep track of Seymore Trammell and George Wallace for the WaterGate Assassination team. Seymore Trammell, my father, was Wallace’s #1 political advisor and finance person who then, was a millionaire and put money into the Wallace political machine. It gave Nixon so much trouble in his presidential election of 1968 and 1972, the Nixon/Bush team had to assassinate them to keep them from keeping Nixon & Bush out of the White House. This Blog is devoted to the expose’ of that assasination conspiracy, the gathering of info on it and then promoting the soon to be published book on the expose’ to be entitled “Madness in the Magnolias-The Nixon/Bush Assassination Plot”.
If you have any info to share on this or comments on it, “bring it on”. Let’s expose the assassination mentality in the National Republican Party that’s part of the plan to keep working people like us from making a decent living and protesting the Republican assault on America’s middle class.

For more information please contact literary agent, Lisa Elkins at – lisaelkinsgoodman@gmail.com