Coincidence? Lighting strikes the Vatican as pope resigns.

The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church

“When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS. The meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers. Upon the floor is a red cross at which the postulant or candidate kneels. The Superior hands him a small black crucifix, which he takes in his left hand and presses to his heart, and the Superior at the same time presents to him a dagger, which he grasps by the blade and holds the point against his heart, the Superior still holding it by the hilt, and thus addresses the postulant:”

(The following material contained in Congressional Record, House Bill 1523, Contested election case of Eugene C. Bonniwell, against Thos. S. Butler, February 15, 1913, pages 3215-6. The oath appears in its entirety, in the book, THE SUPPRESSED TRUTH ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, by Burke McCarty, pages 14-16).

The Extreme Oath of the Jesuits

“I, ……….., now, in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed Michael the Archangel, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul and all the saints and sacred hosts of heaven, and to you, my ghostly father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in the Pontificate of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear, that his holiness the Pope is Christ’s Vice-regent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths and governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation and that they may safely be destroyed.”

“Therefore, to the utmost of my power I shall and will defend this doctrine of his Holiness’ right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the now pretended authority and churches of England and Scotland, and branches of the same now established in Ireland and on the Continent of America and elsewhere; and all adherents in regard that they be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome. I do now renounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or state named Protestants or Liberals, or obedience to any of the laws, magistrates or officers.”

“I do further declare that the doctrine of the churches of England and Scotland, of the Calvinists, Huguenots and others of the name Protestants or Liberals to be damnable and they themselves damned who will not forsake the same.”

“I do further declare, that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of his Holiness’ agents in any place wherever I shall be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland or America, or in any other Kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants or Liberals’ doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, legal or otherwise.”

“I do further promise and declare, that notwithstanding I am dispensed with, to assume my religion heretical, for the propaganda of the Mother Church’s interest, to keep secret and private all her agents’ counsels from time to time, as they may entrust me and not to divulge, directly or indirectly, by word, writing or circumstance whatever; but to execute all that shall be proposed, given in charge or discovered unto me, by you, my ghostly father, or any of this sacred covenant.”

“I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ.”

“That I may go to any part of the world withersoever I may be sent, to the frozen regions of the North, the burning sands of the desert of Africa, or the jungles of India, to the centers of civilization of Europe, or to the wild haunts of the barbarous savages of America, without murmuring or repining, and will be submissive in all things whatsoever communicated to me.”

“I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”

“In confirmation of which, I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all my corporal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope cut off my hands and my feet, and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and sulphur burned therein, with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever!”

“All of which, I, ………., do swear by the Blessed Trinity and blessed Sacraments, which I am now to receive, to perform and on my part to keep inviolable; and do call all the heavenly and glorious host of heaven to witness the blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, and witness the same further with my name written and with the point of this dagger dipped in my own blood and sealed in the face of this holy covenant.”

(He receives the wafer from the Superior and writes his name with the point of his dagger dipped in his own blood taken from over his heart.)


“You will now rise to your feet and I will instruct you in the Catechism necessary to make yourself known to any member of the Society of Jesus belonging to this rank.”

“In the first place, you, as a Brother Jesuit, will with another mutually make the ordinary sign of the cross as any ordinary Roman Catholic would; then one cross his wrists, the palms of his hands open, and the other in answer crosses his feet, one above the other; the first points with forefinger of the right hand to the center of the palm of the left, the other with the forefinger of the left hand points to the center of the palm of the right; the first then with his right hand makes a circle around his head, touching it; the other then with the forefinger of his left hand touches the left side of his body just below his heart; the first then with his right hand draws it across the throat of the other, and the latter then with a dagger down the stomach and abdomen of the first. The first then says Iustum; and the other answers Necar; the first Reges. The other answers Impious.” (The meaning of which has already been explained.) “The first will then present a small piece of paper folded in a peculiar manner, four times, which the other will cut longitudinally and on opening the name Jesu will be found written upon the head and arms of a cross three times. You will then give and receive with him the following questions and answers:-“


Knights of the Order of Malta walk in procession toward St. Peter's Basilica to mark the 900th anniversary of the Order of the Knights of Malta, on Saturday at the Vatican.

Who are the Knights of Malta? Did they fire the Pope?

Their history goes back to 1187, when they were known as Knights of Hospitaller, who fought in Jerusalem, during the first war with the religion of Islam.

They are the most powerful group known to man. If you think illuminati and Freemasons are the ones ruling our world, then you better check your real history books again. Who are Knights of Malta? They are your CIA, your politicians, your lobbyist, your previous, present and future presidents. Medici family, which produced four popes for the Vatican church are not just powerful, but they are the family related to the Black Pope. Black pope is the most powerful pope in the world. If you think your regular John Paul 2nd is the main pope, then you are missing it big. If the white pope, your regular media pope is the CEO, then the Black Pope is the President of the company, who has the authority to fire the CEO. Black pope, per Bill Cooper and other former Government agents is over 200-300 years old, over seven feet tall, and wears all black robe, and has a silverfish skin. What does this has to do with Knights of Malta? The Black pope they claim that exist as a old short guy is just a cover up.

Knights of Malta are like the Raiths of Saurm from Lord of the Rings. They are the agents of the dark lord. They are the agents of the black pope, spread all around the world, and only in the most powerful positions. If you remember, in the beginning of the scene in Godfather III when Al Pacino was being initiated by a pope, that wasn’t just a normal ritual of the catholic church. He was becoming a member of Knights of Malta.(This is per Jordan Maxwell in a youtube interview). But, only 1-2% of the members get to meet the Black Pope. If there are over 3,000 members, than only 30 or so have seen him, and less than 1% of those have had a private or open conversation with him.

We have been taught that Vatican Church used to rule the world in Greek times, and then was overthrown by England; this can’t be further from the truth. The entire Europe and our United States of America is under the rulership of the Vatican Church. They still rule the world. There is no separation of Church and State, they are still one entity my friends. The United States is a slave to the Vatican Church, Israel, Freemasons and Knights of Malta.

The statue of Liberty is not a sign of freedom and liberty. It is the a symbol of showing the new arrivals who rules this country, because Statue of Liberty was given by a French Freemasons from Paris, who, also happened to be Knights of Malta (Vatican Church). In KYIRUX: The Hidden History, I have implied their theory in a story form.

Popes don’t resign. They get fired!

Popes do not resign because they’re getting old. If you believe that Papal Bull, I have a “we killed Bin Laden and threw him in the ocean” story to sell you.

Noted Catholic scholar Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, could not contain himself when, in the lobby of Tehran’s Parsian Hotel, he was confronted with the news. “But…but that’s unprecedented!” Jones shouted.

So…why did Pope Benedict XVI REALLY step down?

Dr. Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican magazine, is no conspiracy theorist. He’s THE quasi-official Vatican-embedded journalist and commentator.

So when Moynihan let slip a soupçon of skepticism about the “resigned due to old age” story, my ears pricked up and my hair stood on end. Moynihan points out in his latest journalistic encyclical that the Pope sure didn’t look like he needed to resign for health reasons:  “I saw the Pope twice this week, once at a concert (on Monday evening, where I was sitting about 20 yards away from him) and at his General Audience on Wednesday. For a man of 85, he looked well, though he did seem tired.”

Why, pray tell, did he “seem tired”? What, precisely, was weighing on his infallible mind?

Moynihan takes a guess:

 “On Saturday, I intended (sic) a funeral Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica for a cardinal who died last week (Cardinal Giovanni Cheli). Pope Benedict was scheduled to attend, but at the very last minute, he canceled his attendance. This was an indication to me already  that he was unusually tired “(he had spent several hours that monring (sic) with the Order of the Knights of Malta). Normally he would have been present at a cardinal’s funeral.

Monihan’s typo “monring” (“my ring”) is suggestive. The Pope’s office is symbolized by the Ring of the Fisherman , which is ceremonially destroyed when the papacy changes hands. Wikipedia, the Zionist authority on everything, explains:

‘During the ceremony of a Papal Coronation or Papal Inauguration, the Dean of the College of Cardinals slips the ring on the third finger of the new Pope’s right hand. Upon a papal death, the ring was ceremonially broken in the presence of other cardinals by the Camerlengo, in order to prevent the sealing of backdated, forged documents during the interregnum, or sede vacante.

What a scurrilous bunch those papal hangers-on must be!

Moynihan’s Freudian slip occurs in the middle of the sentence:

“This was an indication to me already Saturday evening that he was unusually tired (he had spent several hours that monring (sic) with the Order of the Knights of Malta).”

So THAT’S what was weighing so heavily on Pope Benedict: Spending several hours that morning with the Knights of Malta. The meeting exhausted him. So he resigned?

Somehow I don’t think it was just the exhaustion.

What did the Knights of Malta tell the Pope that caused His Holiness to take the “unprecedented” step of stepping down?

Was it a simple “you’re fired”?

The Knights of Malta are one of the most feared and whispered-about secret societies in the world. Originally a gang of fanatical crusaders dedicated to perpetrating genocide in the Holy Land, the Knights apparently have not changed very much – at least if you believe Seymour Hersh, who said “the Knights of Malta are a key part of “how eight or nine neoconservatives, radicals if you will, overthrew the American government.” (Hersh is too polite to mention that they did it by way of the 9/11 inside job.)

Seymour Hersh explains:

“[The] attitude (toward the Iraq invasion) was, ‘What’s this? What are they all worried about, the politicians and the press, they’re all worried about some looting?” Hersh was quoted as saying. “Don’t they get it? We’re gonna change mosques into cathedrals. And when we get all the oil, nobody’s gonna give a damn.’That’s an attitude that pervades, I’m here to say, a large percentage of the Joint Special Operations Command [JSOC] are members of the Knights of Malta.”

Hersh “named names” – Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Vice Admiral William McRaven and others in the JSOC were members of the “Knights of Malta” and “Opus Dei,” two little known Catholic orders.

“They do see what they’re doing — and this is not an atypical attitude among some military — it’s a crusade, literally. They see themselves as the protectors of the Christians. They’re protecting them from the Muslims [as in] the 13th century. And this is their function.”

He added that members of these societies have developed a secret set of insignias that represent “the whole notion that this is a culture war” between religions.

Reading Hersh between the lines, it appears that the Knights of Malta – a radical secret society penetrated by Freemasonic agents – helped bring us 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. Have they forced Pope Benedict to resign…or at least caused him so much worry (about what future plans?!) that Benedict felt he had to flee the Vatican rather than shoulder responsibility for whatever is coming? That being pedophilia, adultery, theft, etc………………………………………………………………….

Blackwater: Knights of Malta in Iraq

Emblem of the Order of St John, the English Protestant ecumenical branch of the Order of Malta, which is a Catholic secret society integrated with the elaborate super-structure Freemasonry.

 Blackwater is more than just a “private army”, much more than just another capitalist war-profiteering business operation. It is an army operating outside all laws, outside and above the US Constitution and yet is controlled by people within and outside our government whose allegiance is primarily to the foreign Vatican state. In other words, Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome through the Order of Malta, which is itself considered under international law, as a sovereign entity with special diplomatic powers and privileges. Like Blackwater, the Order of Malta is “untouchable” because it is at the heart of the elite aristocracy.

The Knights of Malta is not merely a “charitable organization”. That’s just an elaborate front, as should become clear to you later. As the name Sovereign Military Order of Malta confirms, it is a military order based on the crusader Knights Hospitaller of Jerusalem and is interwoven with Freemasonry. Most people have never even heard of SMOM, much less that it is a part of Freemasonry. But that is the way the aristocratic elite like it.

One of the symbols of the military orders of the Vatican, the double-headed eagle emblazoned with the Maltese cross, signifies omnipotent royal dominion over both East and West. The orb signifies temporal dominion over the globe of Earth, and the scepter signifies control over the spiritual and religious impulses of humanity. This eagle symbol is used in the masonic rite of Memphis and Misraim, under which it reads, “Order Out of Chaos”, the Hegelian method of crisis creation. It is found on the seals of many European and Eurasian nation states including that of Russia, indicating direct Vatican control over those countries. It symbolizes the desire of a predatory elite with virtually unlimited resources, to totally dominate the entire world under a New World Order global government system using secrecy, manipulation, coercion and terror with the ends justifying the means.

Knights Hospitaller

See: Double-Headed Eagle Symbol at Wikipedia

The two-headed eagle emblem of the Byzantine Empire (Roman Empire) on a Red Shield was adopted in 1743 by the infamous goldsmith Amschel Moses Bauer. He opened a coin shop in Frankfurt, Germany and hung above his door this Roman eagle on a red shield. The shop became known as the “Red Shield firm”. The German word for ‘red shield’ is Rothschild. After this point, the Rothschilds became the bankers to kings and pontiffs alike, among the richest families in the world. Ever since, they have financed both sides of every major war and revolution using the Hegelian Dialectic to engineer society toward their New World Order.

Roman Red Shield

The Rothschilds and their agents, such as the Rockefellers, have been engineering America and its foreign policy almost since its inception. They and their Skull and Bones Wall Street partners staged and funded both sides in WWII, and out of that hellish nightmare was born their infant global government, the United Nations, and their tool of tyranny, the CIA. The father of the CIA, “Wild Bill” Donovan, was a Knight of Malta. In order to be a director of the CIA you must be a crusading Knight of Malta and it doesn’t hurt if you are a member of Skull and Bones either. In order to reach the highest levels in the Pentagon establishment, you must be an illuminated Freemason and/or a Knight of one order or another. Notable US military members of SMOM include top crusading generals such as Alexander Haig, William Westmoreland, and Charles A. Willoughby, an admitted Fascist.

Other notable members include:

  • Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi war criminal)

  • Heinrich Himmler (Nazi war criminal)

  • Kurt Waldheim (Nazi war criminal)

  • Franz von Papen (Hitler enabler)

  • Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier)

  • Rupert Murdoch

  • Tony Blair

  • Pat Buchanan

  • William F. Buckley, Jr.

  • Precott Bush, Jr.

  • Edward Egan (Archbishop NY)

  • Licio Gelli

  • Ted Kennedy

  • David Rockefeller

  • Phyllis Schlafly (Dame)

  • J. Edgar Hoover

  • Joseph Kennedy

  • Henry Luce

  • Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill

  • Ronald E. Reagan

  • Giscard d’Estaing

  • Allen Dulles

  • Avery Dulles

  • Frank C Carlucci

  • Nelson Mandela

  • Rick Santorum

  • Phyllis Schaffly

  • Juan Carlos (King of Spain and Jerusalem)

  • Oliver North

  • George H.W Bush

  • Augusto Pinochet

  • William Randolph Hearst

  • Francis L. Kellogg

Such a list should make you sit up and pay attention, but it is only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. Then we come to another SMOM member, important to what is transpiring in Iraq. Educated at the Jesuit Georgetown University, former Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Edward Schmitz, Blackwater’s operations chief, is a member of both SMOM and Opus Dei. All the top Nazis in our government are connected in some way to the Vatican, Jesuits and Knights of Malta and have been for decades, as were the Italian Fascists and German Nazis of WWII. After all, what was their favorite symbol after the swastika? The Maltese Cross of course!

These SMOM knights are behind most of the trouble in the world and they must be exposed as the criminals that they are. They are not nice people helping the poor, though they use good people in the lower ranks as useful idiots. They are behind drug-trafficking, assassinations, most wars, communism, fascism, feudalism, theocracy, Nazism, Zionism, globalization, crime-syndicates, major terrorist events, a new torture inquisition, total information surveillance, economic collapses, social demoralization and seek to completely enslave the human species in a global Big Brother totalitarian regime as they kill off the majority of us in the process. In fact, all of it has either come to pass or is in the process of being implemented. We are on the brink of WWIII which has been entirely staged by these profoundly evil men. Therefore, we have no time left for pussyfooting around.

But don’t take my word for it, do you your own research, find out and expose them yourself before these dirty Blackwater mercenary thugs are allowed to patrol American streets and confiscate guns during the next staged disaster. We can’t let this happen in America.

Blackwater Coming to a Disaster Near You

Are the Knights of Malta and their Israeli friends about to ramp up the clash of civilizations? Are they going to nuke an American city and blame it on Iran? Are they planning some other dastardly act?

The Zionist: Scum Always Floats To The Top

From journalist Roberto Quaglia: Pope Benedict was fired in order to pave the way for a new Pope who will sanction homosexual marriage, non-celibate priests, and other projects aimed at sexualizing and de-sacralizing the Church. According to this analysis, the judeo-freemasonic secret societies responsible for Vatican II have been pushing Benedict to allow gay marriage and a sex-lovin’ priesthood.

Muslims in Tehran have a different story: They suspect that the Pope resigned because the Church is about to be blown to smithereens when the 2nd-century Gospel of Barnabas is made public. My most knowledgeable informant on this matter, a certain Professor Ben Isa, claims to know from a trusted source, a Turkish parliamentarian, that a copy of the The Gospel of Barnabas, currently under armed guard in a special room of the Turkish capitol in Ankara, has been carbon-dated and certified as arguably the oldest extant Gospel.

The copy of Barnabas in the Turkish capitol, Dr. Ben Isa adds, appears to be identical – word for word – with the other copies, which Western scholars have tried to dismiss as Muslim forgeries.

Now it looks like the “Muslim forgery” predates the canonical gospels!

Barnabas’s Gospel, already known from much later copies, reveals that early Christianity was much closer to today’s Islam than to today’s Christianity. Like the Qur’an, it is Unitarian. Like the Qur’an, it suggests that Jesus was not actually crucified. And in anticipation of the Qur’an, it predicts the coming of the Prophet Muhammad.

The import of the new Barnabas is staggering. In a nutshell:

The Gospel of Barnabas

‘True Gospel of Jesus, called Christ, a new prophet sent by God to the world: according to the description of Barnabas his apostle. Barnabas, apostle of Jesus the Nazarene, called Christ, to all them that dwell upon the earth desireth peace and consolation.’

Will the Turkish government soon be announcing this news to the world? Rumor has it that powerful forces are trying to persuade the Turks, through threats and bribes, to relinquish Barnabas. If they do, it will probably disappear into the deepest sub-basement of the Vatican.

Or are the Turks resisting the pressure?

Did the Pope resign in order to avoid having to captain the ship of Christianity after it hits the iceberg named Barnabas?

One thing is painfully clear, the Pope resigned after a significant internal report exposed adultery, theft and pedophilia.

In a Vatican report, chaired by Cardinal Julian Herranz and delivered to the pope in December, is reported to have uncovered details of an ‘underground’ gay network among Vatican and Holy See employees and officials, where members organised events around Rome and inside the Vatican itself.

The report, summarised by The Nation, adds that the members were prone to blackmail because of how their sexual orientation is frowned upon by the Church.

The authors of La Repubblica says report said the information was “all about the breach of the sixth and seventh commandments” – referring to God’s commands that followers neither steal or commit adultery.

It is speculated that the reference to theft is a reference to the goings-on at the Vatican’s Bank, which was hit with accusations of theft and money-laundering that forced its chairman to quit last year.

Pope Benedict Seeks Italian Immunity and Protection

International Tribunal calls on Napolitano to “not collude in criminality”, and announces global campaign to occupy Vatican property and launch human rights inquiry in Italy

Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, has scheduled a meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano for Saturday, February 23 to discuss securing protection and immunity from prosecution from the Italian government, according to Italian media sources.

Ratzinger’s meeting follows upon the apparent receipt by the Vatican of a diplomatic note from an undisclosed European government on February 4, stating its intention to issue an arrest warrant for Ratzinger, who resigned from his pontificate less than a week later.

In response to the February 23 meeting, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), through its field Secretary, Rev. Kevin Annett, has written to President Napolitano, asking him to refrain from assisting Ratzinger in evading justice.

This is a souvenir of the creation of the Vatican State by the Lateran Pacts. Its “trinity” of King Victor Emmanuel III, Pope Pius XI and Il Duce (The Leader) Benito Mussolini celebrates the new unity of temporal and spiritual authority. This accomodation between church and state was called the “peace of Laetitia” (pax Laetitia) after the Roman Goddess of Joy. However, it helped legitimise a regime that by 1929 had already spread terror by political assassination, military tribunals and a police state.

The ITCCS letter states, in part,

“I need not remind you, Mr. President, that under international law and treaties that have been ratified by Italy, you and your government are forbidden from granting such protection to those like Joseph Ratzinger who have aided and abetted criminal actions, such as ordering Bishops and Cardinals in America and elsewhere to protect known child rapists among their clergy.

“Your obligation to the Vatican through the Lateran Treaty does not negate or nullify the requirements of these higher moral and international laws; nor does it require that you give any protection or immunity to a single individual like Joseph Ratzinger, especially after he has left his papal office.”

A copy of the complete text of the ITCCS letter follows.

In response to the documented crimes of child torture, trafficking and genocide linked to Pope Benedict and Vatican officials, the ITCCS will be sponsoring a series of ongoing protests and occupations of Roman Catholic churches and offices through its affiliates around the world beginning in Easter week, March 24-31, 2013, and continuing indefinitely.

These actions will accompany the legal efforts to bring Joseph Ratzinger and other Vatican officials to trial for their proven complicity in crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.

The Easter Reclamation Campaign will seize church property and assets to prevent their use by child raping priests, who are protected under Catholic canon law. Citizens have this right to defend their communities and children when the authorities refuse to do so, under international law.

Rev. Kevin Annett and an official delegation from the ITCCS Central Office will also be convening a formal human rights inquiry in Rome commencing the week of May 13, 2013, to consider further charges against the Vatican and its new Pope  for crimes against humanity and obstruction of justice.

Rev. Annett and his delegation will be working with organizations across Italy in this investigation. In 2009 and 2010, he held rallies outside the Vatican and met with media and human rights groups across Italy to charge the Vatican with the death of more than 50,000 aboriginal children in Canada.

The entire official letter follows below –


An Open Letter and Appeal to Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic of Italy from Rev. Kevin D. Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

14 February, 2013

Al Presdente della Repubblica Italiana Giorgio Napolitano
Presidenza della Repubblica

c/o Palazzo del Quirinale
00187 Roma

Dear President Napolitano,

On behalf of our Tribunal and people of conscience everywhere, and of the millions of victims of church abuse, I am making an appeal to you regarding your upcoming meeting with Joseph Ratzinger, who will retire soon as Pope Benedict, the Pontiff of the Church of Rome.

Our understanding is that, in the wake of pressure to have him resign his office because of his proven complicity in concealing child trafficking in his church and other crimes against humanity, Joseph Ratzinger is seeking the assistance of the Italian government in securing protection and immunity from legal prosecution.

I need not remind you, Mr. President, that under international law and treaties that have been ratified by Italy, you and your government are forbidden from granting such protection to those like Jospeh Ratzinger who have aided and abetted criminal actions, such as ordering Bishops and Cardinals in America and elsewhere to protect known child rapists among their clergy.

Your obligation to the Vatican through the Lateran Treaties does not negate or nullify the requirements of these higher moral and international laws; nor does it require that you give any protection or immunity to a single individual like Joseph Ratzinger, especially after he has left his papal office.

The need for you to abide by international law and not be seen to collude with Joseph Ratzinger is even more true when one considers the enormity of the crimes of which the Vatican and its highest officials are clearly guilty, according to considerable evidence gathered and documented by our Tribunal and other groups, and acknowledged by many governments.

In Canada alone, the Roman Catholic Church and its Vatican agents have been found guilty of responsibility for genocide and the deaths of at least 50,000 aboriginal child children in the Jesuit-initiated Indian residential school system, that operated until 1996.

In Ireland, more than 10,000 women suffered and were exploited in the Catholic-run Magdalene Laundries, where many of them died. Similar church-run institutions all over the world have caused enormous mortality, disease and ruination for millions of children. And yet the church has never been held accountable or prosecuted for these deaths and the theft of enormous wealth from entire nations.

With the recent initiative of at least one European government and a host of lawyers to bring Joseph Ratzinger and other church officials to trial for these crimes, we feel it is incumbent on you neither to assist nor to be seen to assist or condone the attempt by him to evade, obstruct or delay justice, lest you open yourself to a charge of being an accessory to a crime.

On behalf of our Tribunal and of many people who cannot speak, I call on you to stand on the law of nations and humanity, and offer no support or protection to Joseph Ratzinger or his accessories in their efforts to evade responsibility for their proven crimes.

I look forward to your reply, and to discussing this with you more when I visit your country in May with a human rights delegation to investigate this matter more closely.


Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div.
Secretary, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State
Central Office, Brussels

cc: world media

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Vatican bank assets seized in Rome

Italian authorities have seized €23 million ($31 million Cdn) of Vatican bank assets as part of an investigation into suspected money laundering.

The Vatican said it was confused as to why financial police targeted the funds in a Vatican account at the Rome branch of the Italian bank Credito Artigiano Spa.

“The Holy See is perplexed and surprised by the initiatives of the Rome prosecutors, considering the data necessary is already available at the Bank of Italy,” the Vatican said in a statement Tuesday.

The statue of the Lady of Lourdes is carried in a procession in Saint Peter's Square on Feb. 11.The statue of the Lady of Lourdes is carried in a procession in Saint Peter’s Square on Feb. 11. (Max Rossi/Reuters)

Bank chairman Ettore Gotti Tedeschi and director-general Paolo Cipriani are also being investigated to determine whether European Union money-laundering rules have been violated, news reports said.

The Vatican said it has the “utmost faith” in the two men who head the bank, officially known as the Institute for Religious Works (IOR).

The probe is not the first time the bank has faced legal scrutiny. In the 1980s, it was implicated in a scandal that resulted in a banker being found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London.

Italian prosecutors maintain Roberto Calvi, head of the collapsed Banco Ambrosiano, was murdered, but there have been no convictions. The Vatican bank was Banco Ambrosiano’s main shareholder.

In its statement responding to the latest investigation, the Vatican said it had been working for some time to make its finances more transparent to comply with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering regulations.

The bulk of the money seized on Tuesday — €20 million — was destined for JP Morgan in Frankfurt, with the remainder going to Banca del Fucino, according to news agencies ANSA and Apcom.

According to the reports, the Vatican bank had neglected to communicate to financial authorities where the money had come from.

The reports stressed that Gotti Tedeschi wasn’t being investigated for laundering money himself but for a series of omissions in financial transactions.

Prosecutors declined requests seeking confirmation of the reports.


Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate Bilderberg Group on Allegations of Corruption and Conduct of Politicians

Published on Friday, February 8th, 2013

Alfonso Luigi Marra and mario Monto bilderbergAn Italian Lawyer from Italy, Alfonso Luigi Marra, has gone to the extraordinary length to request that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate the Bilderberg Group.

However, rather than only implicating the Bilderberg Group as Ferdinando Imposimato is trying to do, Lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra has even gone to the extraordinary length to implicate the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti (another Bilderberg Group regular attendee) and has asked the Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate the Bilderberg Group.

The following is a translation of the complete transcript of the request made by Alfonso Luigi Marra against the Bilderberg Group and Mario Monti.

Please note, this is an online translation from Italian to English, so some of the English may not be grammatically correct.

To read the original version of this transcript, click here.


Denunciation of belonging to Mario Monti and other criminal organization and occult called Bilderberg Club (Bilderberg Group).

I, the undersigned Alfonso Luigi Marra, born in San Giovanni in Fiore (CS), and electively domiciled in Naples, Business District G1, Denunzio membership of Mr. Mario Monti, born on 19/12/43, and various other characters listed below, the circle Bilderberg, in relation to two profiles.

The first the occultezza and the second is the tremendous wrongfulness of the purposes of Bilderberg that, even according to witnesses such as the Hon. Ferdinando Imposimato, derived from court papers, are to be seen as a “secret world government seeking to destabilize democracies through the carnage.”

Bilderberg has indeed reacted upon being exposed now in millions of web pages ‘autopubblicandosi’ in 2009 in a ‘forum’ so transparent that illustrate everything (except of course the crime). Things including the States, the time and place of the meetings (now ‘conferences’), actually known for years, why not explicit, but because doggedly revealed by the ‘hounds’ anti-international conspiracy, including the distinguished Daniel Estulin.

Such a ‘doing good’ (Daniel Estulin) to make certain that the next ‘conference’ would open the doors to the world and will be inspired by the purest ideals of the good, the beautiful, the just and the useful, because nothing stops these enemies of hours exposed ‘ humanity, to continue elsewhere conspiracies with which, since 1954, make love with our fortunes.

A ‘secrecy’ lasted more than 50 years because the result of very wide institutional collusion, media, political and judicial. So much so that many sources describe the Bilderberg even as born of hidden longings Globalists environments diverted NATO’s criminal secret society with the highest banking powers.

But a pointless gimmick, to groped to save autopubblicandosi, because the crimes are in the very words of which all’invero singular ‘forum’.

On the one hand reads fact the art. Anselmi 1 of Law (Law no. 17 of 25.02.82): “We consider secret societies, such as those prohibited by art. 18 of the Constitution, those which, even within associations evident, concealing their existence or taking secret purposes and social activities jointly or through the unknown, in whole or in part, and even each other, partners, engage in direct to interfere on the exercise of the functions of constitutional bodies, public administrations also an autonomous, public bodies, including economic, and essential public services of national interest. “

On the other hand, the home of the ‘forum’ Bilderberg – tragicomically – reads: “.. In short, Bilderberg is a small, flexible, informal and non-registered forum in which they can be expressed different points of view and can be intensified mutual understanding. Bilderberg The only activity is its annual Conference.

During these meetings are not collected votes and will not be issued rulings behaviour. Since 1954 were held 59 conferences. For each meeting, the names of the participants as the agenda shall be made public and can be found in the press. “

Lying words, because much more than meet once a year in the horrid activities consist of them, but that implies, in themselves, the illicit nature of Bilderberg, because the composition of the contexts of the characters ‘conferences’ mingle without documentation configures itself with the secret of Law Anselmi.

The configuration because it is – just as forbidden – a mixture of public men not free to attend meetings not private, non-protocol, undocumented segretati, with the owners of the world’s highest concentrations of private interests.

A surreal, unbelievable, illegal mixture of Heads of State, Kings, Queens, Ministers, Presidents of Parliaments (type Barroso), European Commissioners, closed in secret areas with bankers such as David Rockefeller, and others at the highest levels of the ECB, the Fed or the BDI, with the top of the top multinational companies, with journalists from major publications, and in fact with the key people of everything that happens in the world.

Men – just like Monti after the ‘conference’ of St. Moritz on 9/12 June 2011 – sol that sortano muffled by alcoves of the secrets of the rituals inseminatorii bilderberghina impregnation, are kidnapped by Messianic breaths and transferred to the Olympus of all forms of power, like Clinton, Obama (whose government representatives participating in the ‘conference’), Trichet, Ignazio Visco, Romano Prodi, Tony Blair, Mario Draghi, Franco Barnabé, Giulio Tremonti, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, Alessandro Profumo, Emma Bonino, Gianni Riotta, Ben Bernanke, Corrado Passera, Walter Veltroni, Sergio Romano, Carlo Rossella, Claudio Martelli and many others.

Politicians, kings, queens, princes, such as Sofia of Greece, Bernhard of the Netherlands, Beatrix of Holland, Charles, King Juan Carlos of Spain, grotesquely mixed in a common delusion of omnipotence with sharks industry, commerce and of global finance, such as Edmond de Rothschild, or our own Giovanni Agnelli, Umberto Agnelli, John Elkan, with representatives of Coca Cola, IBM, Sony, British Petroleum, Shell, Exxon, Pan Am, Mobil, Texas Instruments, ENI, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Philips, Dunlop, HP.

A unique, illegal brotherhood of people who – forget the lessons of history, but full of reversals of power ‘timeless’ moment before being caught up – it is considered above the law, because of being so many, powerful, connected regimes of relationships from year to year more and more have consolidated in the ‘salons’ of the world and in every other place and time that the circumstances require. Men who must inter alia be considered the architects of the crime of crimes: the primary and secondary seigniorage.

Men whose “points of view” – those in the 59 conferences that have followed have “intensified mutual understanding” – actually configure global policies of these 59 years, atomic energy and military choices with which we have ruined , the wars to break out, or those to be put down, those governments to promote or to break, crush, or those economies to be fed, those dictators to kill or to be incurred, ethnic groups, nations, peoples, or to exterminate to harass those economically or be promoted, pollution and allow that to size, and so on all made dramatic our daily life.

Crazy things made possible by a lack of the judiciary which is perhaps now the case of remedying, investigating also those judges who themselves are part of or are adjacent to the Bilderberg organizations controlled by it or close to it.

Behaviours, those of Bilderberg, its members and those who support them, which constitute the obvious, blatant violation, to say the least, of the articles of the Penal Code Section 241-248 (terrorist attack against the integrity, independence or the unity of the state);-n. 283 (terrorist attack against the Constitution of the State);-n. 648 bis (Recycling)-n. 501 (Upward and downward fraudulent prices on the public market or the stock exchanges of commerce);-n. 501 a (speculative maneuvers of goods);-n. 416 (criminal association).

I ask for these reasons, want the Public Prosecutor of Rome launch a broad investigation aimed at info-activities to verify compliance or non-compliance with laws work of the Bilderberg club and its members and in relation to what happened recently that in recent years in ‘conferences’, and is related to continuing to work each during the year and in different ‘theaters’, with particular reference to the legality of the conduct of Mario Monti as a member of Bilderberg, and the possible relevance of the reasons for those who supported his appointment to the Presidency of the Council to its membership of the Bilderberg and / or other secret organizations or in conflict with the public interest.

I ask in particular the assessment of whether there are connections between some politicians denounced by the participation of the Mountains ‘conference’ Bilderberg St. Moritz in June 2011 and his appointment to the Presidency of the Council.

Explicitly ask to be informed in case of request for dismissal pursuant to art. 408 Code of Criminal Procedure.

Alfonso Luigi Marra


Saint Malachy

Prophecy: Is the next pope the last pope?

Medieval prophet says only one pontiff remains

In 1139,  Saint Malachy is said to have received a vision of all future pontiffs, which he then listed with a Latin motto for each future Bishop of Rome.

And so far he’s gotten them all right, at least according to the believers of his prophecy.

Now this is certainly not church doctrine—the Catholic Encyclopedia notes strong arguments against the authenticity of the prophecy, and whether it does in fact come from St. Malachy—but enthusiasts say each and every one of the mottoes on the list do correspond to their respective popes.

For instance, John Paul I is listed as “de medietate lunae,” meaning “of the middle of the moon.” Modern interpreters say this predicted that John Paul I’s reign would begin during a half-moon and last just one month, which it did.

Papal expert weighs in on Benedict’s legacy

U.S. Catholic Church expert Chester Gillis looks at the legacy Pope Benedict XVI leaves behind, who is most likely to succeed him, and what to expect in the coming days and weeks as the Church prepares for the papal transition. Photo: AP.

His successor, John Paul II, is described by St. Malachy as “de labore solis” or “of the sun’s labor,” supposedly because he was born during a solar eclipse.

Benedict XVI, who announced his resignation Monday, is “gloria olivae” or “glory of the olive,” allegedly because his name “Benedict” is taken from St. Benedict, whose monastic order uses the olive branch as a symbol.

Now admittedly, the details for each pope are pretty slim and seem open to stretched interpretations meant to reinforce the accuracy of the prophecy. St. Malachy, if he is in fact the author, only went into detail about the very last pope, who will rule at the end of time.

OK, now don’t freak out, but according to the prophecy the next pope is the last pope.

This upcoming pontiff, it says, will be known as Peter of Rome, and he will lead the church through the destruction of the Eternal City and the final judgment.

Now again, this isn’t official church teaching—I don’t speak for the church, and I’m not even Catholic—but if you enjoyed the Mayan doomsday prophecy, you’re going to love the last pope.

Prophecy of the Popes

Emblem of the Papacy

The Prophecy of the Popes, attributed to Saint Malachy, is a list of 112 short phrases in Latin. They purport to describe each of the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few anti-popes), beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) and concluding with current pope Benedict XVI‘s successor, a pope described in the prophecy as “Peter the Roman”, whose pontificate will end in the destruction of the city of Rome.


Final part of the Prophecy in Lignum Vitae (1595) p.311

The prophecy was first published in 1595 by Arnold de Wyon, a Benedictine historian, as part of his book Lignum Vitæ. Wyon attributed the list to Saint Malachy, the 12th‑century bishop of Armagh in Ireland. According to the traditional account, in 1139, Malachy was summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II. While in Rome, Malachy purportedly experienced a vision of future popes, which he recorded as a sequence of cryptic phrases. This manuscript was then deposited in the Roman Archive, and thereafter forgotten about until its rediscovery in 1590.

On the other hand, Bernard of Clairvaux‘s biography of Malachy makes no mention of the prophecy, nor is it mentioned in any record prior to its 1595 publication. Some sources, including the most recent editions of the Catholic Encyclopedia, suggest that the prophecy is a late 16th‑century forgery. Some have suggested that it was created by Nostradamus and was credited to Saint Malachy so the purported seer would not be blamed for the destruction of the papacy. Supporters, such as author John Hogue, who wrote a popular book titled The Last Pope about the claims, generally argue that, even if the author of the prophecies is uncertain, the predictions are still valid.

During the Papacy of Pius X (1903-1914), the Catholic Encyclopedia, while thinking the list likely to be forged but while also accepting its possible genuineness, reassuringly argued that, even if it was genuine prophecy, there might still be many Popes between the second last Pope on the list, Gloria olivae (who eventually turned out to be Benedict XVI (2005-2013)) and the final Pope on the list, Petrus Romanus.

“Olivitans” is another name for the Benedictines, and the Holy Father has made it known that St. Benedict is his namesake. He is the Pope of Peace. And, I believe, that Olivae indicates peace; the olive branch surely does. And Pope Benedict XVI’s papal motto is Pax.


You’re gonna’ love this. . . Pope: organized crime is a grave threat to society

Newly named Interpol president Mireille Balestrazzi attends the closing session of the 81st Interpol General Assembly, in Rome, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012. The 81st session of the general assembly of the Interpol closed with the election of its first female president, France's Mireille Ballestrazzi. (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

Associated Press/Alessandra Tarantino – Newly named Interpol president Mireille Balestrazzi attends the closing session of the 81st Interpol General Assembly, in VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI denounced organized crime as a “gravely destabilizing threat” to society during an audience Friday with members of Interpol, and called for greater international cooperation to fight it.

Benedict called the trafficking in organs as one of the more “barbarian” activities carried out by organized crime groups, saying the victims “undergo physical and moral humiliation which we had hoped were over after the tragedies of the 20th century but which, unfortunately, have again surfaced.”

“These crimes transgress the moral barriers which were progressively built up by civilization and they reintroduce a form of barbarism which denies man and his dignity,” he said.

Italy, which is battling organized crime groups including the Sicilian Mafia, the Calabrian ‘ndrangheta and the Neapolitan Camorra, hosted the weeklong Interpol meeting in Rome.

On Thursday, Interpol elected its first female president, Mireille Ballestrazzi, the inspector general of France’s national police.

In an interview with The Associated Press after her election, Ballestrazzi said she was proud about what her election meant for women, but stressed that she represented all police forces in the common fight against crime.

“We need to face new threats like cybercrime,” she said. “It is all about being across all fronts that are a real threat like organized crime, human trafficking, obviously terrorism.”


Vatican Calls for Global Genocide

It was reported that the Vatican sought “a supranational authority” which would have worldwide scope and “universal jurisdiction” to guide and control global economic policies and decisions. China’s new push for closer ties with Russia, the growing intrusions from the United Nations with regards to control of the Internet and the latest remarks made by the Catholic Church all point to a new world order that will set in stone a path the world may not be able to recover from.

Dominant Social Theme: Global is the new good.

Free-Market Analysis: According to Andrew Puhanic, contributor to the alternative media website the Activist Post, the Vatican (the Pope) has called for world government and a New World Order …

He writes that the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, has recently made a speech at the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (Monday, December 3, 2012) calling for the “construction of a world community, with a corresponding authority [serving] the common good of the human family.”

Here at The Daily Bell we were lucky enough to have a friend who used Google to translate the speech and confirmed that from what he could tell, the reports were accurate. We haven’t seen the speech but if the reports are true, the Vatican is proposing a kind of genocide.

Does that sound too blunt? In the 20th century, governments one way or another murdered up to 150 million people. What on Earth gives the Vatican an assurance that world government will not be even MORE merciless?

And there seems little question, from what we can tell – again, if the reports are accurate – that the Pope is proposing a GOVERNMENT. Here’s more from the article:

As a means of defending global peace and justice, the pope’s vision for the establishment of World Government and a New World Order is supposedly not to create a new superpower, but a new governing body that offers to those (politicians) who are responsible for making decisions, criteria for judgment and practical guidelines.

The Pope was quoted as saying: “The proposed body (World Government) would not be a superpower, concentrated in the hands of a few, which would dominate all peoples, exploiting the weakest.”

The Pope also described his vision as a “moral force” or moral authority that has the “power to influence in accordance with reason, that is, a participatory authority, limited by law in its jurisdiction.”

Puhanic points out that the Pope’s remarks are historically congruent. “These latest remarks made by the Pope and the Catholic Church come as no surprise considering that in 2010 the Catholic Church sought the establishment of a new Central World Bank that would be responsible for regulating the global financial industry and the international money supply.”

Unfortunately for the Pope’s stance regarding world government, the facts simply seem unimpeachable. The bigger the government, the more merciless it is and the more dangerous to the people who live under its sway.

The Pope and the Vatican expect that such a government would NOT be a superpower? Exactly how do they know? They expect such a government to provide a “moral force” and yet be “limited by law.”

This is the stuff of fairytales. If man ever did by chance erect global government, it would be neither limited nor moral. The entire bloody history of humankind shows that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The best way for human beings to survive in this woeful world is via the smallest groups feasible – familial, tribal, clan and community entities that allow people to decide on their cultures, resource extraction and formulas for living.

The Leviathan that the Vatican seeks must inevitably offer exploitation of the harshest kind, confiscation, forced “norms,” comprehensive punishment and ultimately, as we pointed out above, policies that will grow increasingly murderous over time leading inevitably to genocide.

Conclusion: These are history’s lessons. Shame on the Pope for ignoring them.

—— On a personal note——–

As a recovering Catholic, the only way I could care about the next Pope is if he (for it will be a he, welcome to 2013) comes clean on the pedophile priests. Turn them all over to the proper authorities worldwide and cooperate with law enforcement. Anything else is unacceptable of centuries of institutional child rape.

That, and full freedom.

All religious institutions have to change with the world. If the Pope accepts same-sex marriage, as well as the ordination of women, they would gain respect and more members. .


Washington DC – A Symbol of the Rosicrucian Dream

Pagan Washington D.C. | lisaleaks

 New worlds order

United States official records and even Freemason scholars—Washington DC was designed as a symbol of the Rosicrucian dream shared by its builders: that America would become the New Atlantis and eventually lead the world into a restored Golden Age of Osiris.


Knights of Malta – Geography

Initial Membership List of the Knights of Malta

Vatican celebrates Knights of Malta’s 900 years

Knights of Malta | MorningStar Ministries – Why I joined the Knights of Malta

Sovereign Order of Malta – Official site

Vatican Assassins

Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela with his English White Master, Knight of Malta & Duke of Gloucester Richard George, 2008

Here is another great post from Craig Oxley at the Unhived Mind in England.  Indeed, the Knights of Malta curtsy to the Jesuit Order of Stonyhurst College in England.  Thus, when you discover Knights of Malta involved in the 2008 American banking fiasco, or Knights involved in the JFK assassination, or Knights involved in the 911 black op, or Knights involved in the 911 continued cover-up, or Knights involved in the Black African National Congress continuing its race and religious war on the White Protestant Boers, know that they are serving Dame of Malta Queen Elizabeth II and Knight of Malta Grand Master Matthew Festing of England whose master is the “Universal Monarch of the world, Antichrist Pope Benedict XVI, he in turn being overseen by his Praetorian Guard, Satan’s Society of Jesus.

Globalist Report

Valletta, Malta: Knights Hospitaller

Observations on Oath – Catholic and the The Fed