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The U.S. Healthcare Industry is the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the US!

“Against the body of a healthy man, Parliament has no right of assault whatever, under pretense of the public health.” – Professor F.W. Newman of Oxford.

Why Does the Government Care so Much About Vaccinating You?

The government cares about you being vaccinated. No, they don’t necessarily care about the negative effects of the vaccination or your concerns, but they do invest millions of dollars to ensure as many people as possible receive things like the flu vaccine every year. They say they care because they want you healthy, but evidence shows not only do they not care, but vaccinations aren’t a good way to maintain health. Why? What’s the big motivator for the government to push vaccines like a dealer pushing illegal drugs on the corner?

“Vaccination is a delusion, its penal enforcement a crime!” – Professor Alfred Russel Wallace in “The Wonderful Century”

Like any other drug dealer, there’s only ever one real motivation, and it isn’t your health.

The Alliance for Natural Health reports that the federal government has recently invested $400 million towards developing vaccines and similar drugs. This money is going to the Big Pharma companies of Novartis, Lonza, and GlaxoSmithKline, among others. They recently gave Sanofi Pasteur $77.4 million to retrofit their vaccine plant, far less than the company is putting towards the changes themselves. They’re doling out taxpayer money by the fortune and giving it to these companies who hide behind what they call “prevention” and “preparedness,” never minding the fact that the effects of these vaccines are highly questionable and the flu vaccine still contains mercury—one of the most toxic substances on the planet.

But it gets much, much scarier (and crazier). We recently reported that one biotech company known as ProdiGene, the officials from which actually faced jail time back in 2002 for contaminating the traditional food supply with ‘biopharmaceutical’ crops that were growing pharmaceuticals and vaccine components associated with AIDS, diabetes, and diarrhea. As if forcing vaccines on the public and infants isn’t enough, we need biofarms too?

Any concerns raised by the people or by science are cast off as conspiracy-theories or anomalies. But despite maintaining vaccines are for the good of everyone, the government has set up a vaccine court to help support Big Pharma should they get caught up in lawsuits. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – HRSA is designed to compensate people who are adversely affected by vaccines without really placing the blame on vaccine makers. It protects Big Pharma with federal dollars.

Though they maintain vaccines are safe, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has “issued decisions in favor of plaintiffs who were hurt by the flu vaccine”. They don’t want you to know about that though. They ignore the numbers which show an increase in adverse reactions to flu vaccines. They disregard research that shows people who received the flu shot were actually more likely to develop H1N1 than those who didn’t. They whitewash it all and urge everyone to get the injections.

The vaccine industry is just another money-making, good-ol’-boy network of “Crony Capitalism”. It isn’t about your health or the “preparedness” of the nation for an outbreak. It’s about money. It’s about lining the pockets of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry at any cost—including if that cost is your life or that of your child.

Learn your rights to saying no to vaccines today.

As explained by doctor JAMES JOHN GARTH WILKINSON – 1876,“compulsory vaccination is an instance of law, which inflicts disease and possible death on the human body and propagates and disseminates deadly infection upon animals and humanity.

This is surely an instance of a law which is not based on wisdom or sanity and is a menace to the health and security of humanity and the State. This amazing act is the homicidal insanity of a whole profession. This is blood assassination.”

Flu Shot Causing Fetal Deaths | Experimental Vaccines

“Medical coverage for all” is a banner that conceals ugly facts!


Craving customers like vampires drawn to blood the Manchurian medication junkies seek to create a constant stream of new patients in order to expand their disease based fear of influence. In this instance the annual flu shot is being used to facilitate that steady flow of sick people needed to keep the pharmaceutical dictatorship marching forward.

The veil of delusion that has been firmly draped over the face of the medicated masses has slipped slightly out of place long enough to cast some light on the deceptions being propagated against our youth.

Breaking it down:

VAERS HPV Vaccine Adverse Injury Reports through February 13, 2012

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS
HPV 4 Gardasil & HPV 2 Cervarix

Data collected by HPV Vaccine Research Analyst, Janny Stokvis

Recent studies indicate that an increase in the fetal death rates of pregnant women has gone up 4,250% in the last two years. These results come from the

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the “Centers for Disease Creation and Proliferation and the “Fear and Death Administration” (FDA).

A study published in the National Library of Medicine stated that there is a substantial connection between the H1N1 vaccination and the increase in fetal deaths. Fetal death was defined as any recorded miscarriage or stillbirth after the first trimester.

Couple this with a doubling of gastroenteritis as well as a rapid increase in the number of respiratory conditions mainly asthma we begin to see the pharmaceutical cash register begin to overflow with profits.

Flu Shot Given To Pregnant Women Causes Fetal Death Rate To Rise By 4,250%

The eugenicists have manipulated the message using the television to disseminate the meaning of being human by assimilating health with medication and vaccinations instead of food and exercise. With dozens of new medications coming out daily and over 300 new vaccines being introduced into the public marketplace by the year 2018 the American death care industry is assured to make a healthy profit.

If the medications and vaccines work the way that mainstream media claims why is it every year we have more sick people? Perhaps the rabbit hole goes deeper than we think maybe these vaccines and medications are designed to create a deliberate trickle of new customers. Bewildered by their exotic and expensive medical conditions they seek out specialists whom only prescribe more death and disease.

The predictive programming tools and media pundits seek only to distract you from reality replacing happiness with a pill and being alive with being prescribed. How many toxic injections will the next generation receive on a daily basis in order to exist in this brave new world?

Flu shots during pregnancy lead to 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths and illness

 This information is directly from ClinicalTrials.gov

Surveillance for Adverse Events Following Pandemic H1N1 Immunization

 Who benefits?



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Principal Investigator:

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 Has anyone else noticed how Canada seems to corner the market as “collaborators?”

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