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Billy Allmon

Retired SEAL Claims Americans Deliberately Left To Die In Benghazi

Retired Navy SEAL Billy Allmon Is Making A Stunning Accusation… In His Own Words: “Americans Were Deliberately Left There To Die.”

      Based on evidence compiled from his contacts in the Special Ops Community, Allman’s revelation seems to confirm what far too many of us have suspected all along… that’s it’s entirely possible that Team Obama left people to die in Benghazi as part of a much larger cover-up.

In his report, Allman concludes: “Our team compiled 42 pages of information. When the entire report is read, one can ONLY conclude that these Americans were deliberately left there to die, due to the criminal negligence and inaction on behalf of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

In a matter of days, people who claim the Obama Regime has attempted to intimidate them into silence will be talking to Congress… they’ll have some shocking stories to tell and we must act now and see to it that our elected officials act on this scandal that has the potential to take the Obama Regime down.

Barack Obama Knows The Identity Of The Terrorist Mastermind Of Benghazi And Is Intentionally Doing Nothing.

      That’s another stunning accusation coming from a military special operator who has direct knowledge of the Benghazi attack and is being intimidated into silence by the Obama Regime.

But that’s not all… this special ops member also claims that Team Obama is trying to hide the fact that Libya is now the nerve center for weapons that are winding up in the hands of violent jihadists throughout the Middle East.

As a direct result of the Blast Faxes, letters and phone calls from patriotic Americans, this special ops member and others who are being intimidated into silence will finally be testifying before the House Oversight Committee in A MATTER OF DAYS and we need to keep up the pressure.

Congressmen Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Trey Goudy (R-SC) have both said that these witnesses will “expose new facts and details that the Obama administration has tried to suppress.” [Emphasis Ours]

Yes… we’re making headway but our job is far from over. It’s just beginning. We don’t want another dog-and-pony show and now that we have the momentum, we must press our advantage and demand that our elected officials in Congress start asking the right questions about Benghazi and expose the treasonous actions of the Usurper-in-Chief.

Will New Benghazi-Gate Revelations Lead To Obama Impeachment?

      When Fox News’ Ed Henry questioned Barack Obama on his regime’s attempt to intimidate people into silence on Benghazi-gate, all he could do was stammer: “I am not familiar with this notion that anyone has been blocked from testifying… I’ll look into it.”

But the jaw-dropped here is not that Barack ‘Vito Corleone’ Obama is essentially pleading the Fifth Amendment on his regime’s attempts to muscle people into silence on Benghazi-gate… the jaw-dropped was the reaction from the pool of White House press reporters. Some practically nodded their heads up and down in agreement and that is unacceptable.

After seven months of slow-walking, it’s high time for our Republican leaders in Congress to get with the program. No more slow-walking, answers are long overdue.

What Is Obama Trying To Hide? Here’s The Latest…

      According to the Washington Times: “At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have hired lawyers or are in the process of doing so and are complaining that administration officials are trying to intimidate them as they prepare to cooperate with congressional investigators…”

The Times goes on and states: “Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department official and GOP counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, represents one of the State Department employees. She said her client and others have been threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials not to cooperate with Congress on their Benghazi probes.”

Toensing emphasized: “I’m not talking generally, I’m talking specifically about Benghazi — that people have been threatened, and not just the State Department. People have been threatened at the CIA.”

Toensing also said that a number of people have been subjected to “some very despicable threats… making them well aware that their careers will be over” if they talk to Congress.

And the lies and obstructions go on and on. Conservative icon Gary Bauer recently commented: “Meanwhile the stonewalling continues at the State Department. In response to congressional demands for more information, a State Department spokesman said, ‘We think that we’ve done an independent investigation… and that we’ve shared those findings with the U.S. Congress. And that should be enough.’ In other words, ‘Take our word for it and stop complaining.'”

Yup… the Obama Regime is essentially telling us: nothing to see here folks… just go back to your homes.

It’s pretty simple, really. Barack Obama has something to hide, people have a story to tell and it’s not hard to ungag them… all it takes is political will, and it’s up to us to demand that our elected officials summon up the courage necessary to expose the truth that the Obama Regime is so desperate to hide.


Yes, People Died So Barack Obama Could Lie.

      Let’s be perfectly clear here. Barack Obama and his surrogates are not simply stonewalling and lying over what caused the deaths of four brave Americans in order to avoid admitting that Obama was wrong about Al-Qaeda being on the run.

More likely Al CIA was on the run or in hiding.

The rather horrendous and almost unthinkable truth is that the death of these brave Americans may be part of a much larger cover-up… in short, people didn’t die BECAUSE Barack Obama lied… people died so Barack Obama COULD LIE.

While it is almost too horrendous to think such a thing, it is well within the realm of possibility that people were left to die to tie up loose ends. Dead men, after all, tell no tales.

Let us not forget that the over two dozen survivors of this attack owe their very lives to the brave actions of former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty who DISOBEYED DIRECT ORDERS TO STAND DOWN.

Had Woods and Doherty obeyed their orders, more people would be dead today and the Obama Regime would not be placed in the position of intimidating many of them into silence… again, dead men tell no tales.

Let us not forget that in the months leading up to the attack, security was systematically downgraded at the Benghazi “consulate.” Are we supposed to believe that the downgrading of security was nothing more than sheer incompetence?

And let us not forget that it took federal investigators weeks to reach the scene of the attack… more incompetence?

Is it within the realm of possibility that leaving Americans to die horrible deaths was potentially part of a much larger, AND CRIMINAL, cover-up?

We’re simply asking the questions and they’re questions that deserve answers.


Is The Obama Regime Conspiring With America’s Enemies? And, If So, Why?

      There are so many questions that remain unanswered. There are so many questions that remain unasked. Prime among them is: What was Barack Hussein Obama doing… minute by minute… from the time he allegedly heard of the attacks at approximately 5 PM (approximately an hour after the attack began) until the next morning when he gave a speech in the Rose Garden and then jetted-off to a campaign event in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Here’s another question : How much time was devoted to the concocting of that idiotic YouTube video cover story? Were people in the White House actually concocting that stupid cover story WHILE brave Americans were left to die?

Understand one thing. The layers of lies run very deep. Barack Obama NEVER expected you to believe that ridiculous YouTube video story, but he did expect people to fixate endlessly on the lie because it provided a distraction from asking the more pivotal questions.

Far too many people fell for the misdirection… Don’t look at the left hand… watch what the right hand is doing.

And here are some of the more pivotal questions that few in the media and in Congress has bothered to ask…

What was actually going on at the compound in Benghazi, which… was never a “consulate” despite establishment media claims?

       Was Ambassador Stevens recruiting and arming Jihadists and terrorists to wage war on the Syrian regime after what Obama called the “success” in Libya, as a growing body of credible evidence suggests?

       Did that half-baked scheme to arm Jihadist leaders, who as the report acknowledges had previously fought U.S. troops in Iraq, contribute to the attack, as countless experts and officials have suggested?

       Was the lack of security at the compound a political ploy to conceal the extent of the lawlessness and utter chaos left in the wake of Obama’s unconstitutional “regime change” war on Libya, as even members of Congress have alleged?

People want to talk… people are ready to talk. Congress has the power to offer them the protection they need to talk but Congress will not act unless pushed and it’s up to us to do the pushing.


MILITARY INSIDER: “Do The Math…Left On Own To Die Out There

A longtime Military Insider gives a brief and searing response regarding whether or not U.S.military could have successfully been deployed in time to save Americans under attack by terrorists on September 11th at the American consulate in Benghazi.

MILITARY INSIDER:  How soon could we have gotten to Benghazi?  All that was needed to send those  -deleted-  scattering was one single F-18.  Range of app. 2k.  TS of over 1000mph.  Do the math.  We had that capability less than 500 miles away.   NASSIG would have had full armed deployment inside of 20.  From time of initial report to arming, to takeoff.  I’ve seen it done in less.  ETA  to consulate in less than hour.   Would have ripped a hole in the sky to get there.  This is exactly what we are trained for.  Just one flyer would have lit those  -deleted-  up inside of 10. Coordinates known.  That’s all our guys need.  Would have been precision termination.  Clean.  In/out.

Instead,  left on own to die out there. 

Not the first time.

WHC coordinating with State, others  to TS classify everything.  EVERYTHING.

Shutting it all down. 

Significant activity out of NLSO on this as well. 

Have eyes.  Have ears.  Need mouths.

F-cking politicians.

Embassador Stevens death – Spontaneous or Planned?

October Surprise Conspiracy

A reliable source told me that on the eve of the first Presidential debate, Karl Rove was assuring his Republican financiers that Romney’s win “was a slam dunk” b/c he had orchestrated “CIA forces to set up the ultimate Middle East attack to discredit Obama on security.”

Take it for what you will, but as we all know, Rove has been down this road before and is certainly capable of arranging assassination plots.


I think the recent attacks on US embassies in Egypt & Libya on Sept-11-2012 may have been orchestrated by Republican Party and/or its supporters, for political gains before election as part of their October-Surprise (OS) mission, similar to the one they did back in 1980 for Reagan/Bush against President Carter, & made a deal behind curtains, behind State department, CIA, etc. with hostage takers & government of Iran (& again in Iran-Contra/Irangate). The immediate question is the coincidence of all these activities & events:

1- This video (which everyone in universe, before even its production, could clearly predict it’d provoke & upset Muslims) was produced & put on internet just weeks before election & debates. Note: Production time & Release time.

1.a- Was this some Republicans idea to write & produce this film?

1.b- And release it at such a critical time?

1.c- Involving the famous Christian priest who burned Quran, which everyone in Muslim world knows him?

1.d- Produced by an Israeli-Jew filmmaker & 100s of Jewish donors? While we know how sensitive are Muslims to Israel & Jews & Christians. Such a perfect combination! Was this planned as part of Romney’s recent trip to Israel & recent close relation to Jews?

2- Before even Americans see this clip, radicals in Egypt & Libya (where most people don’t even have computer or internet, & very slow internet (which is very hard to see a video)), quickly saw it & quickly stormed to embassies in a very organized & sophisticated way. Did they know this in advance, & know it coming? Was this already planned?

3- Compare this with many similar past incidents (priest’s Quran burning, military Quran burning in Afghanistan, articles & caricatures about Islam or Muhammad, etc.) & reaction time/magnitude/sophistication in Muslim world (e.g., in Afgh., Pakistan, etc.). This was unprecedented.

4- Mr. Romney’s complain, press conference, etc. was very quick. Did he know this is coming in advance & planned for it? Did he write his complain statements & speech in advance, leaving some parts empty to see how things would fold, how US embassy, white-house, Pres. Obama would respond, etc.? He was surprisingly very prepared for Q&A, which he usually doesn’t. Please forgive me: the person who farts, usually is the 1st one who senses & complains about the smell.

5- Recently Mr. Romney & Republicans, strangely & suddenly, have got very close to Israel & Jews: Israel trip, meetings w/Bibi & other officials in Israel & US, a lot of statements about Israel security, friendship, support, etc.

6- A lot of harsh statements against Iran, exaggerate its threat, military attack option, Israel right to attack, etc.

7- Strong statements & position by Netanyahu & others, in Israel & US against Pres. Obama about Iran which has been intensifying more & more since last year as we get closer & closer to election. Obviously, Mr. Netanyahu has been using this election opportunity as leverage to get a promise from Pres. Obama Re. Iran & Palestine after election but has not getting it. Has he been preparing an OS together with Republicans before election? To further delay Palestine statehood discussion! His speech & complain the day before!

8- 32 years ago, same Likud Party, distance itself from Pres. Carter & positioned itself against him which cost him to lose election to Reagan/Bush. This happen when Pres. Carter was pushing Prime Minister Menachem Begin (from same Likud Party) to accept 2 states solution w/Palestinian. PM Begin was worry that if Pres. Carter got elected, he’d pushed him to accept Palestinian state (like what he did during Egypt-Israel negotiation over Sinai, which PM Begin wasn’t happy about it.)

9- Republican know that one of Pres. Obama’s winning cards is his foreign policy, & their & Romney’s weakness, & they have been trying heavily to undermine that.

10- Exact date of this attack (9/11): Since Pres. Obama is depictured as the champion of bringing 9/11 mastermind (Osama B.) to justice, this may have been planned on exactly 9/11 to diminish that. Note: Romney’s quick & immediate speech after this incident also reflected that.

11- Location of this attack: Why this didn’t happen in Afgh. or Pakistan (usual places – usual suspect)? Egypt: where Pres. Obama had speech, Mubarak, Morsi, etc. Libya: where Pres. Obama helped without 1 American casualty (despite all Republicans’ initial complains). If US embassy were open in Syria & Iran, surely it’d happen there too.

Republicans probably are doing OS again, using the same square: US, Israel, Iran, Palestine. I don’t think they intended any American to die – they may have miscalculated. Some people, like Robert Parry have been talking about another OS since some time ago (see: “An Israeli October Surprise for Obama?” at http://consortiumnews.com/2012/08/18/an-israeli-october-surprise-for-obama). Republican know very well since long time ago that beside the 1%, they have no winning card in this election (women, Af-Am, Latin, LGBT, youngs, any minority, environmentalist, elderly, pro SS, pro health care/Medicare/Medicaid, the 99%,… nada). They needed something big. This may not be the last – they may have more.

These are just my thoughts. I’ve no proof. I’m writing this, not much for its impact on election but for much more serious matter: these types of activities, jeopardize the security of US, Americans, & assets, inside & abroad; as well as allies, innocent people, US foreign relation w/other countries, war, etc. The people who did this operation should be captured alive to find the main architect behind it.

Want to make your voice heard?

TO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership Of The United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives: The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. John Cornyn, The Hon. John Thune, The Hon. John Barrasso, The Hon. Roy Blunt, The Hon. John A. Boehner, The Hon. Eric Cantor, The Hon. Kevin McCarthy, The Hon. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, The Hon. James Lankford 


RE: No More Token Investigations. The American People Deserve Real Answers On Benghazi-Gate Now!

Let me make myself perfectly clear. The American people don’t need Congressional investigations to tell us that the Obama Administration’s YouTube narrative was bogus. And the American people don’t need a Congressional investigation to tell us that there is a cover up going on here. We already know all of that. What we’re relying on our elected officials to do is finally get to the bottom of exactly what is being covered up and why.

Enough is enough. The American people are sick and tired of token hearings, pointless pontifications and needless delays on Benghazi-gate. Now that brave people who claim they are being intimidated into silence are coming forward to tell their stories, it’s your job to start asking the right questions so that these stories can be told.

While there are far too many unanswered and disturbing questions, one thing is clear. Now that people are coming forward, Congress has the power and constitutional authority to subpoena and protect these whistle-blowers and give the American people some real answers. Benghazi-gate is not just going to go away and aiding Team Obama in sweeping this scandal under the rug will not be tolerated!