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Last weekend there was an industry wide “update” involving major banks and credit unions  including Chase, Wells Fargo, First United Bank, CITIGROUP INC, BANCWEST CORPORATION, DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CORPORATION, BDCU, BECU, Columbia Bank, Concord Bank, Five Point Credit Union, Kemba Credit Union, and many others.

The banks sent out urgent messages to their customers warning “limited access to accounts, funds, mobile banking, and purchase amounts.” Whenever these updates are in progress it puts your money at risk.

Lo and behold, the mainstream media announced today “banks across the globe have been hijacked!”

‘A big bank “robbery” in the news this evening. Brazen, sophisticated, but very different  this time, a ring of thieves (the bankers) made off with tens of millions of dollars in a matter of hours without ever setting foot inside a bank. our report tonight from NBC’s Tom Costello.

Investigators say it was a “highly sophisticated global bank heist” that used computers and internet in place of guns and masks. in the end the u.s. attorney says a global criminal conspiracy got away with $45 million in a coordinated attack on ATMs worldwide.

Moving literally at the speed of the internet, the organization made its way from the computer systems of international corporations to the streets of new york as well as major cities around the world.

How did “they” do it? investigators believe the suspects hacked into global financial institutions , then stole prepaid debit card numbers and eliminated the maximum withdrawal limits. that stolen data was transmitted around the world where an army of suspects and more than two dozen countries encoded the data to magnetic strips and began withdrawing money from ATMs .

“They” the bankers, ARE the “virtual criminal flash mob,” going from machine to machine, drawing as much money as they can before these accounts are shut down.

On December 21 they hit 4500 ATMs , stealing $5 million. on February 19 “they” struck again. 36,000 transactions, $40 million stolen. in new York city alone, a team of eight made 2900 withdrawals, stealing $2.4 million. investigators say this suspect withdrew $30,000 all over new york city in just six hours.

Our financial systems are so interconnected you can commit a crime halfway around the world and get away with the money before anyone can dial 911.

The “banker” believed to be the ring leader was murdered. seven U.S. suspects have been arrested. many more are thought to be on the loose worldwide.’ Tom Costello, NBC news, Washington.


$45 million stolen in cyber bank heist May 9, 2013

Federal prosecutors unsealed charges Thursday against an alleged cybertheft ring accused of stealing $45 million from banks around the globe and using the loot for Rolex watches, luxury cars and other booty.

loretta lynch cybercrime indictment

The charges were announced in Brooklyn, N.Y., by U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

The eight defendants charged Thursday withdrew $2.8 million from New York banks in two separate attacks this past December and February, Lynch said. Each attack was pulled off in a matter of hours.

While the eight were taking the money from the New York banks, additional co-conspirators made more than $42 million in withdrawals at other banks across the world.

Authorities are still searching for other members of the global crime ring, Lynch said.

How the alleged theft went down under the guise of a Banking “update” –

The ring supposedly used prepaid MasterCard debit cards that were issued by the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah PSC, located in the United Arab Emirates, and the Bank of Muscat, located in Oman.

The thieves hacked into the banks’ systems to drastically increase the amount available on the cards, and then used the information about the cards to withdraw money at banks around the world.

Bill Stewart, a senior vice president at Booz Allen, said that while these hackers might have been sophisticated, using common criminals to withdraw cash from ATM machines shows that some cybercrime is still surprisingly low tech.

“The run of the mill criminals are more common [in cybercrime] than you think,” said Stewart, an expert on cybercrime who works with financial firms.

He said the fact that the hacked banks were in the Middle East shows that cybersecurity in the global financial system is only as strong as the weakest link.

“There are still many institutions these days are not practicing good security hygiene,” he said. “So these kinds of attacks work.”

The eight suspects allegedly made nearly 3,800 separate transactions to withdraw the $2.8 million. That makes it the second largest theft on record in New York City, surpassed only by the 1978 Lufthansa heist made famous in the movie “Goodfellas.”

While $45 million is one of the largest global bank robberies on record, it is not the largest. In July 2007, the media reported that guards at a private bank in Baghdad made off with at least $282 million in U.S. currency that was being stored there. Not to mention our Criminal Government In The United States Of America.

Federal authorities said they have seized bank accounts, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, two Rolex watches and a Mercedes SUV. They are in the process of taking possession of a Porsche.

According to a statement from Lynch’s office, one of the eight defendants, Alberto Yusi Lajud-Peña, described in the indictment as the leader of the group, was murdered in the Dominican Republic on April 27. The others were arrested over a six-week period that began March 27 and ended Tuesday.

Lynch, the prosecutor, said her office worked with law enforcement authorities in 16 countries — including Japan, Canada, Germany and Romania — as part of the investigation.

“The defendants and their co-conspirators participated in a massive 21st century bank heist that reached across the Internet and stretched around the globe,” said Lynch. “In the place of guns and masks, this cybercrime organization used laptops and the Internet.”

MasterCard (MA, Fortune 500) issued a statement saying that it cooperated with the investigation and that its systems were not involved or compromised during these cyberattacks.

Stewart said the arrests and criminal charges are a victory for law enforcement, but “the flip side is that even though we’ve identified some of the perpetrators, we’re still out more than $40 million, and we’ll never see most of that.”

Cybercrime has become an issue of growing concern, especially as the number of hacking attacks from overseas has grown. Even the Federal Reserve was hacked from overseas earlier this year.

While hacking attacks often steal personal information that can then be used in identity theft schemes, hacking theft from banks and credit card companies by organized crime is also a growing problem. Two years ago, Citigroup (C, Fortune 500) admitted that more than $2.7 million was stolen from 3,400 accounts during a hacking attack.

That’s their story, and like Benghazi, they’re sticking to it.

Nine Trillion Dollars of Taxpayer Money Missing Or by Stolen From/By the Feds & 2.3 Trillion by DOD

The American government is a criminal enterprise organization, not an alleged criminal enterprise operation, a proven criminal enterprise operation.

While most American’s are home keeping up with their favorite TV show or sports event, they are being robbed blind. From bailouts to missing trillions it is clear to see what most of the world says about the American people.

Clueless to what is happening in their country and the lack of knowledge what countries their government is bombing or of the weapons supplied for violence. “Fast & Furious” all but forgotten.

Inspector General of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve admits to what would be fraudulent records and missing trillions, and no answer to any of the questions that a person in this position should have, especially when it is the taxpayers who are taking cuts, and increases in taxes every year!

The Federal Reserve Act was enacted December 23, which is an Act of Congress that created and set up the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States of America, and granted it the legal authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (now commonly known as the U.S. Dollar) and Federal Reserve Bank.

The contract expires in December of 2013 which will give back control of American taxpayer dollars to the country that should have controlled it all along. The track record for past accounting and record keeping should be a good indicator that from the beginning, this Act was a failure for the American people.

Federal Reserve Act – –

The Pentagon has a history of missing money too, and shortly after it was missing the President was declaring war.

On September 10th 2001 Secretary of Defense of the USA declared war on the Pentagon bureaucracy over an alleged $2.3 trillion in unaccounted for funds on expenses, the next day 9/11 happened and the previous day’s headlines were over-shadowed by the start of the Bush administration’s modern-day crusade the ‘War on Terror’ supported by the mythical ‘Coalition of the Willing’ in search of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and ‘Taliban fighters’ the $2.3 trillion was later quietly ‘found’ to have just been a computer error.

No official announcement of the recovery of this money was made leaves cause to believe it went for an agenda or into the account of the establishment that is not for the people.

Then comes the missing gold from the WTC after 9/11…was it stolen too?

This was the money of the true American people and it is time to see what the person you have elected into office are doing for people, or what he/she is doing for corporate greed.



Manufactured Distraction, and the theft of TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS

Now, I don’t know about you; but it has not been something that I’ve been able to leave alone, despite the obvious, so obvious events of the next day. TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS came up missing, and this was leaked to the press on September the tenth, two thousand and one. I think you all know what happened the next day, and until someone can prove to me that it wasn’t a manufactured distraction created for the sole purpose to cause YOU to forget about the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that was reported to be missing from the pentagon, no, not “stolen” like in a bank robbery, just completely unaccounted for, which also means “stolen,” the very day before a plane crashed not only into the two world trade center towers in New York City, but, most importantly, into the accounting wing of the pentagon, which killed the employees who had leaked that the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS had been stolen just the day before.




Ecclesiastes 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry; but money answereth all things.

The Hebrew King Solomon, was known throughout the contiguous world for not only his wisdom, and his many wives and concubines, but also for his money. Solomon was also thought to be the author of Ecclesiastes, and that book is often the favorite book from the Bible of many an atheist, or other intellectual; or as I should say, person trying to be intellectual . When Solomon says that “money answereth all things,” I do not think he is saying that money is the answer to each and every problem. I think the context should lead you to see that Solomon was simply saying that if you were to follow the money , then you’d always find your answer to what the trouble in this world is.

Instances of Dick Cheney orchestrating increases in his personal fortune coinciding with the deaths of millions of innocents, and the misuse of the American military, and the complete lack of regards for even the lives of our own have become so very unsurprising in their sheer numbers and scope that it goes without saying that Dick Cheney is as close to Stalin or Hitler as America has ever got. Of course I have to leave Andrew Jackson out of this, as his Native American genocide was very real, and were it altogether effective I wouldn’t even be here today; but at least Jackson killed the Rothschild bank in America at his time as P.O.T.U.S.; and damn he was lucky, every other P.O.T.U.S. has been killed that even thought about it; and every last one since our greatest presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy, has been the proverbial Rothschild, and now Rockefeller bitch. And speaking of those wonderful, “Godlike” international bankers, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, before the invasion of Iraq, where Dirty Dick Cheney and his Halliburton made so much money in reconstruction contracts, there were six nations in this ENTIRE WORLD that did NOT have a Rothschild controlled central banking system. Now? Now, there are only five. Look it up yourself. I’ll give you the five remaining nations, and we could place bets on what the United States war machine invades next for big poppa Rothschild and David Rockefeller, those five remaining nations are Cuba, The Sudan, Libya, North Korea, and Iran. Who wants to bet? Which one are you betting on?

Halliburton Contracts Balloon Despite being under an investigative cloud, company gets $4.3 billion in 2003

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8 charged in $45 million cybertheft bank heist