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Factual, documented and verifiable account of what happened to Captain David Andrew Christenson, United States Air Force, on March 15th, 2011.

On the morning of March 15th, 2011 the FBI brought a 30 man SWAT team, with shoot to kill orders, to arrest Captain David Andrew Christenson for a non-violent, non-domestic, non-drug misdemeanor charge (Equivalent of a DUI or DWI) of cyber stalking FBI Agent Steven Rayes. This was done under the authority of FBI Direct Robert Mueller. Misinformation was provided to the press.

Six months earlier on October 14th, 2010 (This is a very important date, see below) FBI Agent Steven Rayes contacted Captain David Andrew Christenson. Why did Agent Rayes contact Captain Christenson?

Agent Rayes was a member of the uniformed Violent Crimes Task Force and he was not a true investigative type FBI Agent. Captain Christenson had ben communicating with FBI Director Robert Mueller, Agents David Welker, Dewayne Horner, Joseph Downing, Kelly Bryson and Paula McCants. Agent Rayes was selected by Director Mueller to be the enforcer. Agent Rayes was an ex enlisted Marine and street cop with no conscious, was someone who would blindly follow orders and understood the illegal mission.

Agent Rayes was zealous and sadistic in carrying out his orders. Agent Rayes ordered Captain Christenson to email him at his official FBI email addresses. Agent Rayes commenced to harass, stalk, threaten, intimidate and assault Captain Christenson. On November 10th, 2010 Agent Rayes assaulted Captain Christenson at the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans. There was a DVD of the assault. The FBI used a Louisiana State arrest warrant and a Louisiana State search and seizure warrant.

The FBI did not use Federal Warrants. This needs to be said again. The FBI did not use Federal warrants. Captain David Andrew Christenson has never been charged with a crime. The FBI claimed that two out of more than 500 emails sent to at least 10 different FBI Agents, including FBI Director Robert Mueller, by Captain Christenson were threatening. The emails were not threating and were consistent with previous informative and political emails.

Captain Christenson never received an arraignment, a show cause hearing or a preliminary examination as is required by law. Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro asked for a $500,000.00 bond.

The Orleans Parish Criminal Court gave Captain Christenson a record bond of $300,000.00. Captain Christenson should have been released on his own recognizance or a $10,000.00 bond. (An armed carjacker received a $75,000.00 bond.) Captain Christenson was held for 11 days. After day three Captain Christenson was placed in isolation on the psychiatric floor of the House of Detention (HoD) where he was medicated without his knowledge or consent.

Attorney General Eric Holder directed Assistant US Attorney Billy Gibbens to represent Captain Christenson, which he did. A criminal defendant being represented by a US Attorney, a prosecutor by trade. Billy Gibben’s mission was to discredit Captain Christenson and to keep him in prison. The court record confirms this. Captain Christenson was to be permanently detained in a psychiatric hospital, medicated and discredited.

The Louisiana State search and seizure warrant was used to steal evidence, legal files, the DVD of FBI Agent Rayes assaulting Captain Christenson, the DVD of the Danziger Bridge murders, etc. from Captain Christenson. United States Supreme Court files and communications and evidence of “The Katrina Virus” and pending Genocide were stolen as well.

The Department of Justice classified Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist. This was done to bypass Federal Law and the Federal Judiciary. It was relayed to Captain Christenson that if he did not stop his research and quest for justice that he would be assassinated as a terrorist.

The FBI attempted to murder/assassinate Captain David Andrew Christenson while he was being held in isolation in the Orleans Parish Prison. Coast Guard Commander William Wesley Goetzee was not so lucky. He was murdered in the Orleans Parish Prison on August 7th, 2011. The FBI failed with Captain Christenson but succeeded with Commander Goetzee.

What was so important that the United States Government had to classify Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist and then attempt to murder/assassinate him?
Chemical warfare ingredients, “THE KATRINA VIRUS”, were released during Hurricane Katrina. The end result will be GENOCIDE for the residents of New Orleans. (“The Katrina Virus” represents all of the contaminants that were released from government research/laboratory, manufacturing and storage facilities.

These facilities were controlled directly and indirectly by the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency and included public institutions such as local hospitals and medical schools. The Harvard University Medical School has been tasked with studying and tracking the long term health/medical issues and “The Katrina Virus.”
The United States Military killed, executed and murdered Americans during Hurricane Katrina and after.

A side note. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had a very public disagreement with President George Bush concerning the use of the military.

Captain Christenson does not recall there ever being a public disagreement between the President and the Secretary. What is strange is that the press never picked up on the disagreement. Secretary Rumsfeld already knew about what the military had done and was concerned about the liabilities. President Bush had to order Secretary Rumsfeld to send in the troops. General Russel Honore and the troops arrived five days after Hurricane Katrina. General Honore confirmed to me that he was only responsible for what the military did after he arrived and not before. He was adamant about that. Both he and Coast Guard Admiral Mary Landry lost promotions, their next star and were forced to retire. Why the five day delay when plans and procedures require the securing of an urban area within 72 hours after a catastrophe.

There were several reasons for the delay. “The Katrina Virus” would disperse. The DOD and the CIA, in connection with the United States Navy, could clean up the mess without having the press around. It was brilliant the way the Federal Government kept the press occupied with the rescue missions, the superdome and the convention center. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco was intentionally manipulated by the Federal Government and made into a scapegoat. FEMA Director Michael Brown was manipulated as well.


Nagin is basically facing life in federal prison with the things that could be stacked on top of him and needs to speak out as “prison would be a death sentence” because of the virus, according to Christenson. Ray Nagin has been set up to keep this virus and related events quiet, which Christenson describes on his Youtube channel. The videos mention that many high ranking officials know about the virus including Former President George W. Bush, the former and current Governors of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco and Bobby Jindal, along with many others. He says Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts may have “had no choice” to help cover the virus up as well which may have infected up to 150 million people. Just watch the video below, and his 185 others


The US Military arrives in New Orleans in the days preceding Hurricane Katrina. The units were issued millions of dollars in cash in satchels. Confirmed by Teresa McKay, Director of Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

Her husband, Jeffery McKay, and I attended the Air Force Academy together and were roommates in flight school. JK works in the Pentagon and is also one of my sources. In the days following Hurricane Katrina President Bush and Air Force One did a flyover of New Orleans but did not land. The White House issued a press release stating that security was not in place and that the President’s landing would detract from the rescue missions.

As an Air Force Pilot I flew support missions for the President, Air Force One and the Secret Service. I am intimately familiar with their procedures and protocols. President Bush and Air Force One did not land because The White House did not want to infect the President and his staff with “The Katrina Virus” as was confirmed by Ambassador Donald Ensenat. Security was in place and Belle Chase Naval Air Station was operational and secure. The senior leadership in New Orleans gave blood and DNA samples. This as well as other connections to “The Katrina Virus” were confirmed by Mayor Ray Nagin.

After the Hurricane, USAA Insurance (A military insurance company run by Generals and Admirals with strong ties to the Pentagon.) informed us that they would be paying our claim because of the long term health issues that we would face. What did USAA know? In February, 2006 we purchased a condominium, under fraudulent circumstances, from Louis (Lee) Madere. He was the Louisiana State Grand Jury Foreman for the Danziger Bridge Murders. (I cannot invent the truth).

The Catholic Church had filed a class action video voyeurism lawsuit against him. Madere entered the Federal Witness Protection Program on October 15th, 2010 (The important date from above.). Secretary of HUD, Mayor and Judge Moon Landrieu, the father of Senator Mary Landrieu and Mayor Mitch Landrieu, was a major source of information.
State Farm Insurance and the murder of prominent Los Angeles attorney James Robie of the Robie Matthai Law Firm.

Please review your homeowner’s policy. The medical liability provision of the homeowner’s policy is substantial larger than the property loss provision. A $100,000.00 home could have a $5,000,000.00 medical liability provision. The loss to the insurance companies would be trillions of dollars if it was shown that “The Katrina Virus” was released. (See documents below).

 V182 Facing prison indicted & infected Mayor Nagin has no choice but to confirm The Katrina Virus.

An Epic Constitutional Crisis.

I am talking about the political destruction of all three branches (Executive, Judicial and Legislative) of our Federal Government. One hundred and fifty five million Americans and Canadians may be infected with The Katrina Virus. Did the United States Supreme Court participate in the criminal cover-up?

Misprision is a crime/felony. In simple terms it means that you had knowledge of a crime and did nothing. Did the Supreme Court have knowledge? YES! I gave them the knowledge. The real question is: what did the Supreme Court do with the knowledge of The Katrina Virus and the cover-up?
There was no simple way to present this story. I fully acknowledge that the material is presented in an incoherent manner.

What you are reading is a compilation of my communications with the Supreme Court since my arrest for cyberstalking FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes on March 15th, 2011.
It must be emphasized that I was arrested on a Louisiana Warrant (not a Federal Warrant as one would expect.) and I have never been charged with a crime. A Louisiana Search and Seizure Warrant was used by the FBI to steal my evidence, documentation, etc. of what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
In simplistic terms chemical warfare contaminates were released from DOD and CIA classified facilities.

The United States Military conducted operational missions in violation of Federal Law and killed Americans. 1500 Americans are still missing. Were the contaminated bodies recovered, analyzed and burned in Federal Government incinerators? Are some of the bodies being kept alive in vegetative states so that the Federal Government can study the long term effects of the Katrina Virus? (Remember the Syphilis Studies in Alabama and Guatemala.) The end of the story has not been written.

Judgment must not be passed upon the Supreme Court at this time.
The Supreme Court may have actually protected me.
Think about it. Who could the Supreme Court have turned to? Congress and the Executive Branch are responsible for the murder, genocide, treason, and crimes against humanity. The only option for the Supreme Court may have been to provide me with the protection needed to not only uncover the truth about the Katrina Virus, but to bring it to the attention of American and Canadian people.

V147 The story of how you will be assassinated by the Federal Government. Factual and Verifiable.

The Truth Denied » “THE KATRINA VIRUS

David’s story is an example of  just one of the many injustices occurring in the USA today. Please listen to David  as he carefully describes to our audience the details of his arrest, and although he was never convicted of the crime, it is nothing short of miraculous that he is alive today to share his riveting true story.

The Truth Denied did FACT CHECK on David Christenson, and the facts and sources of these facts are listed below the interview. Everything that David explained to us on the show checked out.

Please listen and pass this on to others as part of an awareness campaign not only for Captain Christenson, but for all citizens who are concerned with their freedoms. His story is sure to change your mind, as well serves to give you a heads up in the case this ever happens to one of you.

Captain DAVID ANDREW CHRISTENSON: Air Force Officer & Veteran classified as Terrorist

MURDER-SUICIDE VIRUS AMONGST US: Hurricane Katrina Released U.S. Chemical Weapons

V181 Symptoms/Side effects of The Katrina Virus and why I do not take my prescription drugs AstraZeneca

Don’t miss the part in video below where he describes the U.S. military threatening to shoot people who wanted to escape the city. It seemed to make no sense when I heard about that years ago. But now it does make sense! It was a quarantine zone, and only the U.S. military knew that!


An American Born Terrorist’s Emails To The Department Of Justice (AABT)


Amicus And Friend Of The Court Brief. (Danziger and Federal Court) I Have Taken On The Pope And The Catholic Church.
Jill, My Youger Sister, Did Not Deserve To Die At The Hands Of The Pope, The Catholic Church And Sex Offenders For Money.
FBI Special Agent Rayes Has Been Harassing And Stalking Me Since October 14th, 2010. Background And Map Of The Incident.
Orleans DA Drops Case Against David Christenson. Charges Were Never Brought Or Filed.
Bail Order And Conditions Of Bail. ILLEGAL!!! (I am sorry for the document being marked up.)

Non-Domestic Stay Away Order. ILLEGAL!!! (I am sorry for the document being marked up.)
President Obama, Senators Vitter And Landrieu, Governor Jindal, Representative Richmond, Etc. Knew About The “Crimes Against Humanity”, The “Genocide” And The “Murder”. All Documented In Federal And State Courts. Mailed, Faxed And Emailed.
Billy Gibbens

Louisiana Cyberstalking Law
Docket Master
Orleans Parish Criminal Court Emergency Writ/Appeal
Louisiana Arrest Warrent (Not Federal)
Louisiana Search Warrant (Not Federal)
Department of Defense DD-214 and Military ID
The Murder of Coast Guard Commander William Goetzee
Army General Russel Honore Court Document In Danziger Bridge Case
US Supreme Court Emergency Writ/Appeal Danziger Bridge Case
Danziger Bridge Suicide. NOPD Officer’s wife connected to three deaths. Was he murdered?
Letter to Chief Judge John Roberts. I could not invent this.
Supreme Court “Emergency”. Manipulation of the Federal Judiciary
District Attorney Cannizzarro Criminal Enterprise/Cover-Up 1
District Attorney Cannizzarro Criminal Enterprise/Cover-Up 2



The United States Supreme Court and The Katrina Virus

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