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America Is On A Path To Something Far Worse Than Fascism

Most people don’t realize that the whole world is on a path to something that will even be far worse than Fascism. It is all happening right under our noses and most people either don’t care, or aren’t aware of what’s going on or else are just afraid of telling or showing others what they are finding out to be true.

Folks, the beast is slowly revealing its face and it is a political system that is referred to as a Technocracy. According to most dictionaries, a Technocracy is a theory and movement which became prominent about 1932. It advocates a strong control of industrial resources, reform of financial institutions and a reorganization of the social system based upon the findings of technologists and engineers.

Howard Scott

Notice the words “movement”, “control”, “reform” and “reorganization of the social system” in the above definition. There has been a movement in our nation going on for many years now to control, reform and reorganize our whole social and economic system. It has been slowly gaining momentum to the point where it is almost in place and hardly anyone has even really recognized how BIG this potential problem has become.

We are all like frogs in the water that is getting hotter and hotter. It hasn’t gotten to the point yet where it is so hot that all of us are trying to jump out. If you remember this analogy about the frog – it eventually dies! Our freedom and liberty has been so slowly eroded away, that most of us don’t even realize what we no longer have.

Howard Scott – “An Authentic American Radical?’

Howard Scott was the founder of the Technical Alliance and Technocracy Incorporated
Enemy Of The Bourgeoisie

It’s interesting, perhaps revealing that Howard Scott’s own preferred epithet was Enemy Of The Bourgeoisie. William Sheridan casts doubt as to humankind’s willingness to submit to some bureaucrat or bureaucracy’s vision of efficient living. It doesn’t sound democratic. As a matter of fact it sounds like Technates could only be established through force and maintained through a dictatorship.

At the end of World War I, Howard Scott helped to form the Technical Alliance which explored economic and social trends in North America; the Technical Alliance disbanded in 1921. In 1920, the Industrial Workers of the World, an organization which shared Scott’s desire for radical social change, hired him as its first and only “Research Director”.

Scott, together with Walter Rautenstrauch formed the Committee on Technocracy in 1932, which advocated a more rational and productive society headed by technical experts. The Committee disbanded in January 1933, after only a few months, largely because of different views held by Scott and Rautenstrauch as well as widespread criticism of Scott. Scott had “overstated his academic credentials,” and he was discovered not to be a “distinguished engineer.”

On January 13, 1933, Scott gave a speech about technocracy at New York’s Hotel Pierre, before a live audience of 400, which was also broadcast on radio nationwide. The speech was subsequently called a “grave mistake,” “disastrous,” and “a complete failure.” The speech was seen to be “the last straw for disillusioned technocrats.”

Later in 1933 Scott formed Technocracy Incorporated and was its chief engineer. He remained as chief engineer until his death in 1970. Scott “argued indefatigably that scientific analysis of industrial production would show the path to lasting efficiency and unprecedented abundance,” Scott gained many supporters within the movement. M. King Hubbert, for example, considered Scott extremely knowledgeable in physics. There was some discontent with Scott’s leadership during WWII and a number of technocrats broke away from Technocracy Inc. and established their own breakaway organization which only lasted for about a year.

To his close collaborators, Scott conceded that the implementation of his plan would amount to “a dictatorship of science”. Science however, cannot provide the social or personal values upon which either social solidarity or personal fulfillment depend, without these attributes no culture can survive.

You Be The Judge…

Now it is time for you to come to your own conclusion. Make your own educated guess as to where we are as a country right now and maybe even more importantly – where we are headed.

Ever since the inception of the Federal Reserve through a subversive collusion between banking interests and shady politicians in 1913, America has not enjoyed a free market system. From that time until today, every economic change has been scientifically and technologically engineered.

Heavy taxation on companies not lucky enough to be included in elitist’s circles has erased any incentives for manufacturing entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, members of insider groups and companies are being given government subsidization while they simultaneously outsource manufacturing contracts to Third World countries.

Then “public works projects” were introduced by our federal government, which give the illusion that they are able to create jobs. Governments never can and never will be capable of creating wealth or jobs. They can only make it seem like they are achieving economic progress while they siphon wealth away from private citizens.

Obama honors technocrat

Our current President’s executive order called “National Defense Resources Preparedness” allows, under a “national emergency”, for the confiscation of any and all private resources including farms and businesses. These resources are to be redistributed by the government to ensure security conditions. The President can declare a national emergency for any reason that he pleases. This is definitely a Stalinist model in its purest form.


Regrettably, the United States is well on its way in all of these areas. You may have noticed that our country has begun to show a lot of the same characteristics evident in these other forms of tyrannical governmental philosophies.

All of the leaders of these governments would have loved to have had the technological resources available today to control their people. A Technocracy is taking shape in this country which will far surpass any form of tyranny ever experienced on earth before. Not only will we be forced to comply with government systems of education, health care, taxation, welfare and pricing but we will be constantly monitored technologically to ensure that we do what we are told to do so that we avoid falling into our corrupt legal system.

Technocracy 1942

Technocracy 1942