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The Plan:
The Church of Scientology decided that they’d had enough. Their religion about magic space aliens in a volcano wasn’t getting the same respect as the religion about the magic bearded man whose dad made us all out of mud 6,000 years ago. Instead of converting to a slightly less silly religion, they did what any of us would have done and decided to destroy every single document that made their religion look bad, presumably including a trip into the future to destroy every copy of Battlefield Earth.

How did that work out?
Disturbingly well, at least for a little while. Apparently, the Church of Scientology managed to perform the largest infiltration of the United States government in history. Ever. With all the people who have wanted to get their dirty little hands on incriminating records, the United States of America was finally duped by the people who came up with Dianetics. So those billions of dollars we put into national security annually are clearly well spent.

Anyway, somewhere around 5,000 of Scientology’s crack commandos wiretapped and burglarized various agencies. They stole hundreds of documents, mainly from the IRS. No critic was spared, and in the end, 136 organizations, agencies and foreign embassies were infiltrated.

When all of this hit the fan, the Church naturally denied it. Then they kidnapped one of the operatives arrested for stealing documents and prevented him from testifying. These days, the Church of Scientology generally refuses to talk about Operation Snow White, except to say that they “purged” those who were involved. They won’t say what the guilty parties were involved in, and those who were purged still hold high ranking offices in the Church, but goddamn it, they were purged for their involvement.

Its exposure by the FBI in 1977 led to the arrest and imprisonment of the Guardian Office’s senior leadership in the US and Canada. The program consisted of a number of sub-programs (Snow White Operating Target “SWOT”), each with a different codename, aimed at targets in particular countries or international organizations. The original aim of the program was to expose and legally expunge “all false and secret files of the nations of operating areas” and to enable OTC (the Panamanian-registered front organisation for the Sea Org), the Apollo and Hubbard himself to “frequent all Western nations without threat.” Crucially, the word “legally” was later removed to enable this goal to be met through clandestine (and illegal) operations.

Policy aims of the Snow White Program

Algeria Project SHOES
Government files to be cleared of material on OTC, Apollo and LRH.
Australia (1) Project DIG
Any psychiatrists, parliamentarians, judges, reporters etc. who had criticised Scientology were to be sued for genocide.
Australia (2) Project DIG

Added to the main body of the program a month later, this project called for the Australian Labor Party to be given compromising information on Conservative politicians so that “it could give the Federal Labor something to smear Victorian Conservatives with”.
Austria Project SLEEPY
Any files on Scientology to be “cleared”.
Belgium Project BASHFUL
Scientology was not active in Belgium at this time but nonetheless sought to “clear its files”.
Denmark Project HAPPY
As Denmark was “well under GO control”, all that was necessary was the active prevention of “false files” appearing in the country.
European Commission
vs Germany
Project GLASS
Germany was to be brought before the European Commission (now Court) of Human Rights for alleged discrimination against Scientologists.
European Commission
vs Sweden
(project name

Sweden was to be brought before the European Commission (now Court) of Human Rights for alleged discrimination against Scientologists.
European Commission
vs UK
Project BROOM
The UK was to be brought before the European Commission (now Court) of Human Rights for alleged discrimination against Scientologists.
France Project APPLE
Files to be obtained and expunged from Paris Police, French Immigration and Interpol.
Germany (1) Project GRUMPY
Files to be obtained “by any means” from police, Interpol and immigration authorities.
Germany (2) Project COAL
As Germany was “peculiarly sensitive to a charge of GENOCIDE”, any critics of Scientology were to be prosecuted for that offence.
Greece Project DANCE
Files of Greek Government, US Naval Intelligence and US Embassy to be cleared of material on OTC, Apollo and LRH.
Holland Project SNEEZY
Files to be obtained “using any GO actions” (see Re: Intelligence for typical GO actions) from police, Interpol and immigration authorities.
Interpol Project LANTERN
Interpol was to be sued for genocide and made to discontinue reporting on Scientology.
Italy Project DOPEY
Any police, Interpol and immigration files on OTC, Apollo and LRH to be “cleared”.
Morocco Project COMB
Government files on OTC, Apollo and LRH to be subpoena’d through unrelated suits.
Portugal Project MIRROR
Portuguese Government to be “restrained” from acting against OTC, Apollo or LRH.
Spain Project LACE
British Ambassador and/or Naval Attaché to be sued.
Adverse reports on Scientology to be removed from files of maritime agencies, Customs, Immigration and Police.
Sweden (1) Project DOC
Files to be obtained “using any GO actions” (see Re: Intelligence for typical GO actions) from police, Interpol and immigration authorities.
Sweden (2) Project

As Sweden was supposedly dominated by psychiatry and Nazi war criminals, the names of any opponents of Scientology were to be gathered through suits or any other legal means so that they could be exposed for “crimes” (such as genocide).
Tunisia Project ORE
Government files to be cleared of material on OTC, Apollo and LRH.
United Kingdom (1) Project WITCH
The UK was blamed for being behind the problems of Scientology, as it was “very vicious and full of lies”. Targets included: the Aliens Office, Immigration, UK Interpol, the Royal Navy and the Department of Health and Social Security.
United Kingdom (2) Project

The alleged sources of “false reports” in the UK were to be charged with genocide against Scientology. These sources included: the UK naval and consular services, Home Office, Foreign Office, the Admiralty, the Department of Health and Social Security, the National Association of Mental Health, the World Federation of Mental Health, British newspapers, the BBC and Interpol. Conservative politicians were to be excluded in the hope that they would adopt the suit as a political weapon against Labour. These organisations were covertly targetted by the GO.
United Nations Project TUNNEL
A complaint was to be submitted to the UN regarding supposed discrimination and genocide against Scientology.
UN vs Germany Project BUCKET
Germany was to be taken to the United Nations for “genocide” against Scientology.
UN vs Sweden Project SHOES
Sweden was to be taken to the United Nations for “genocide” against Scientology.
UN vs US Project ORE
The UN was to be used as a vehicle to “have all the files in immigration, police and interpol in all parts of the world corrected”.
United States Project HUNTER
Treasury, Interpol and FBI to be targetted. These organisations were subsequently targetted by GO covert operations, for which Mary Sue Hubbard et al eventually went to jail. Note points (f) to (h) – these were precisely the conditions to which the IRS appears to have agreed in its 1993 tax-exemption agreement with Scientology (see A letter from the IRS “promoting” Scientology).

Read the court documents and the evidence seized from Scientology’s headquarters.

Snow White lives!

In 1989, a letter came to light from a member of the Office of Special Affairs, the body which replaced the Guardian’s Office in the early 1980s. Elaine Siegel described herself in the letter as “Snow White Programs Chief” in the Office of Special Affairs United States and went on to describe her functions and those of the “Snow White Unit”. A copy was sent to the IRS – it had been one of the bodies targeted by the Snow White conspiracy in the 1970s – which queried Scientology’s claim that “the Snow White program is not being executed today.” This was the Church’s response:

Initially, it must be stated that the document in question was stolen from Church offices by an individual who had infiltrated the Church at the behest of the Cult Awareness Network. It was then passed on to the IRS by the CAN infiltrator via CAN …

The “apparent discrepancy” to which [the IRS] refers seemingly arises from use of the word “programs” in a post title that includes the words “Snow White” viewed against the statement on page 10-5 of our response to your second series of questions that “The Snow White program is not being executed today.”

(Church of Scientology IRS 1023 Tax Exempt Application, p 10-11)

So why have a “Programs Chief” if she has no programs to supervise?

There is no inconsistency. That same page also states that the term Snow White became synonymous with the activity of legally locating and correcting false reports on the Church. The Church vigorously pursues these objectives through the use of the Freedom of Information Act and through direct negotiation with government agencies intended to persuade them, at minimum, that if expungement of false reports is not feasible, corrective reports should be filed.

(Church of Scientology IRS 1023 Tax Exempt Application, p 10-11)

On its own figures, the Church has obtained millions of pages of documents from US Federal and State authorities through the use of FOIA. This is, of course, entirely legitimate.

The original Snow White program, provided as Exhibit II-10-A, was written specifically to address problems which existed in 1973 with respect to OTC, the Apollo and Mr. Hubbard. Because the United States State Department and other government agencies had engaged in the circulation of false reports, free access to various Western ports and nations had been severely curtailed. The Apollo was sold in 1975, OTC became inactive at that time, and Mr. Hubbard passed away in 1986. Clearly, the original Snow White program became obsolete within a couple of years of its creation and is no longer in effect. In fact, the Apollo no longer exists. Once converted by its new ownership to a restaurant in Texas, it was involved in a train collision and in dry dock was cut into scrap. So, there is no way the Apollo will be frequenting Western or any ports!

(Church of Scientology IRS 1023 Tax Exempt Application, p 10-11)

Why, in that case, did Elaine Siegel reiterate the “Ideal Scene” of the Snow White program – “All false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally expunged and OTC, “Apollo” and LRH free to frequent all Western ports and nations without threat and all required ports open and free”? If this goal is obsolescent, why then was it still cited as the “Ideal Scene”? This rather obvious point of logic (or illogic) went by default when the IRS’ assessors were ordered by their superiors to desist from pursuing substantive issues such as this.

However, obsolescence of the actual program did not invalidate Mr. Hubbard’s observation that when governmental and police agencies are allowed to accumulate false information in their files, and disseminate it to other agencies, they then “…tend to act on the file without the presence of the real scene data which is factually good but which is then ignored.” In an ongoing effort to practice the Scientology religion free from the interference of misinformed government agencies, the Church continues to pursue the Snow White objectives with the legal means at its disposal. Only when the Church is free from governmental harassment and is accorded its rights will the need for Snow White activities vanish.

(Church of Scientology IRS 1023 Tax Exempt Application, pp. 10-11, 10-12)

The latter sentence is the key one: “government harassment” to Scientology means any adverse government intervention in the Church’s affairs, be it over taxation, working conditions, or any other area within the government’s competence. The Church will only accept that it has been “accorded its rights” when it has achieved the goals laid down in 1960 by L. Ron Hubbard, in a policy directive which is still in force and underlies much of the Church’s strategy towards its relations with society –

Bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies. Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins. There is no overt [sin] in bringing good order.

(Hubbard, HCO Policy Letter of 15 August 1960, Department of Government Affairs)

The IRS and the Snow White Program

The IRS was one of the key targets of the Snow White Program in the 1970s, when Scientology agents systematically infiltrated, bugged and burgled the Service. (See the Timeline for a chronology of the covert activities against the IRS). The IRS and other US Federal and State agencies were targetted under the Snow White sub-program, Project Hunter. The goals and “operating targets” of Project Hunter were stated as follows in the original Snow White plan, written by L. Ron Hubbard himself on 20 April 1973:



SWOT 15. United States

The reference on this project is Record Correction.

According to Paris Police reports the US has falsely reported on LRH.

This means that the Treasury Dept US Liaison with Interpol and possibly the FBI have and have forwarded false reports to many other countries.

Also, as this area will become a subject of UN complaint, all recourse must be exhausted.

Any action taken against this area must also be very polite and not abusive, per UN requirements.

This area is the GO OTV Liaison for Legal. But no action may be taken without the full agreement of the GO US.

A suggested program follows:

(a) Existing attorneys may be used or new ones retained in Washington D.C.

(b) According to the first amendment of the US Constitution the right of petition may not be denied. Therefore it is suggested that the Treasury Interpol unit and the FBI be separately petitioned to correct their records re LRH and to see that anyone to whom they have reported overseas be given a record correction. A minimum of evidence should be presented.

(c) When the FBI fails to act, if it does not act, to correct the record, a suit should be filed to correct it at which time much fuller evidence, as per Record Correction may be presented.

(d) When Treasury fails to act, if it does not act, it should be subject to suit.

(e) The damages resulting from these false reports are incredible, resulting in immigration and other trouble.

(f) Part of any settlement must include the advising of interior US agencies (States and cities) that false reports have been given on LRH.

(g) Part of any settlement must include advising all countries in these targets that the reports sent were false.

(h) Documents attesting the falsity of such reports must be then made available to the GO, so the govt. statement can be circulated by the GO.

(i) All records must be carefully preserved for UN use.


Of the nine targets of Project Hunter, six have been achieved in part or completely and three have not been achieved. Of those targets which have been achieved, three were through the 1993 settlement agreement with the IRS. It would be a remarkable coincidence if Scientology’s demand for the IRS to send a “record correction” to overseas governments – a demand accepted by the IRS – had nothing to do with Project Hunter’s targets to the same effect. Equally, the extraordinarily low sum of $12.5m in payment of back taxes can be interpreted as being, in effect, compensation for Scientology’s long fight (and massive legal bills) against the IRS.

It is significant that the payment was made by the Church of Scientology International (CSI), an entity incorporated in November 1981, which has never before had tax exemption. The original exemption was given to Church of Scientology of California (CSC), described in November 1982 by Lyman Spurlock(then the Corporate Affairs Director of the Church) as being

“this one huge corporation … underneath the CSC, the Mother Church, we have all the orgs. They ran the orgs. They collected management payments. They collected SOR [Sea Organization Reserves] payments … the most prosperous units in Scientology were in C of S of C…”

(tape recording of the Mission Holders’ Conference, San Francisco, November 1982)

From 1986 onwards, CSC was systematically asset-stripped by CSI and the Religious Technology Center (RTC) after Larry Wollersheim, a former Scientologist, won $25m in damages (later reduced to $2.5m on appeal). The California courts found in late 1997 that Scientology’s structure of supposedly independent corporations was a sham and ordered the RTC and CSI to pay the damages.

The IRS dropped its long-standing tax demand against CSC and the other Scientology entities, instead collecting money from CSI on behalf of all Scientology entities, despite the supposedly independent status of the latter. This suggests that the agency had formally recognised as long ago as 1993 that the corporate structure was a sham. In effect, it recognised CSI as a body empowered to represent the Church as a whole – and Scientology’s acceptance of this necessary condition of the agreement is an acknowledgement of CSI’s position as the one of the real authorities in the corporate structure.


There is Pro-Scientology websites that try to disprove their involvement in this plot but just do the research yourself. Do you want to learn more about Operation Snow White? Check out these links: