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The Betting Window Is Open

The Obama Pool:  How long until The One tries to link this shooting to the defeat of his gun-grab agenda? 

Bobblehead Roulette:  At what time will the first Twin Cities leftyblogger issue a post blaming the shootings on the NRA?

The Martens Parlay:  At what time will Representative Heather Martens (DFL-67A) release a statement blaming the shooting on the failure of the Paymar gun grab bill and/or the Colorado recall?

Black Gun Bingo:  At least one initial report says “assault weapons” were used in the shooting.  Who will be the first lefty pundit to claim that if only “assault weapons” were banned, this (apparently) multi-party, coordinated assault would not have taken place?

The Elephant In The Room Pool:  How many mainstream and left-leaning alt-media outlets will mention that a) the Navy Yard is in Washington DC, which retains among the most draconian anti-gun laws in the country, and that in addition b) the Navy Yard, like all military facilities, is a “gun free zone?”  (Note:  “Zero” is already taken.  Pick a different number).  Bonus question:  how many will blame the shooting on Virginia’s more liberal gun laws, without asking why the atrocity didn’t take place in Virginia? 

Tea For Three:  Current reporting says there may have been three gunmen.  Which media outlet will be the first to blame the Tea Party?

Numb3rs:  How many reports will the major media have to retract about names of victims (1 so far), shooters, number of shooters (1 so far) , motives, number of victims…

The “T” Word:  Some early reports claim this might be a workplace shooting – as in “disgruntled workers”.  But if there are indeed multiple shooters?  The idea of a “team of disgruntled workers” doesn’t pass the sniff test, does it? 


  • Why isn’t anybody even remotely close to speculating on who the shooter(s) were and why they did it.

  • Was the 2nd suspect or third or…. lifted out of harms way in the nick of time via helicopter??
  • Mainstream media make a case for PTSD / mental illness / anger management, being the reason why the shooter opened fire on innocent civilians?
  • Is the “alleged dead” The DC Sniper, Aaron Alexis, really dead, or is he a CIA Special Forces Fall Guy?
  • Will anyone find it too coincidental that the shooters ID was found “next to his body in Building 197,” NOT in his pocket, around his neck, or clipped to his shirt, where most of the victims were shot on the third and fourth floors?
  • Court records show @fortworthpd arrested Aaron Alexis in 2010 for discharging gun. PD filed with @tarrantda but DA didn’t charge. Why not? How could he even have access to the base?


Place your bets!

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