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Bill Clinton credited Republicans for “knowing what they want” in that crafty way he has of talking trash while sounding like yer bestest buddy. He said Democrats “had some good ideas” but…wait for it…Republicans have a “better media base.” I’m not kidding, he actually said that. Of course he murdered his phony compliment in the next breath when he said, “…they can fill the atmosphere with a lot of static.”

He applied the usual set up, dealing the victim card for his party (sigh) but quickly offered ultimate victory as he described what will make the Democrat Party’s stakes a lot better in the future:

“And it’s a little tougher for us, but I feel pretty good about where we are and where we’re going. Demographically, the country is moving toward not liberal but communitarian solutions. We’re all in this together solution,” Clinton said.

“I think that has to be the “founding value” of the country: To preserve individual liberty — and even allow the most libertarian influences of the Tea Party — we still have to recognize that we have some things in common we have to do together.”

Bill wants us to know the number one founding value of our country (going forward) WILL BE “Communitarianism!” Got that? A “founding” value.

Websters describes communitarian as: of or relating to social organization in small cooperative partially “collectivist communities.” i.e. AGENDA 21

Wikipedia: Communitarianism is a philosophy that emphasizes the connection between the individual and the community. While the ‘community’ may be a family unit, it is usually understood in the wider sense of interactions between a community of people in a geographical location, or who have a shared history or interest. Communitarian philosophy is derived from the assumption that “individuality is a product of community relationships rather than individual traits.”

That stands the truth about individual freedom on its head.

He also uses, in his backhanded slime ridden comment, the elitist “we” that will “even allow” the most Libertarian influences of the Tea Party (to exist) as part of the general communitarian plan to “preserve individuality”.

Preserve individuality? There is no true individuality in this robotic utopean nightmare. There is only compliant slavish adherence to the will of the empirical “we.”

This is unadulterated Declaration of Independence and Constitution trashing; it is pure crap!

Bill Clinton is compelled to deliver this speech for Hillary since he once declared, “…the era of big government over”. Of course he was then and is now just mugging for the masses…the radicals controlling the Democrat Party are absolutely committed to big government and big government control of the masses. they are, however master manipulators.

Buyer beware!

clinton and communitarianism

The Anti-Communitarian League (ACL)

Presidential Supporters of Communitarianism

U.S. Presidents Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. helped former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev (of Green Cross Intl.) and German Prime Minister Gerhard Shroeder fully incorporate the British Empire’s (Rothschild’s Bank) and Prime Minister Tony Blair‘s Labour-Zionist-Fabian agenda for rebuilding the world:

Clinton-Gore Rebuilding Communities
Bush Rebuilding Communities

Americans unknowingly adopted the “softer face of communism” under DLC candidate William Jefferson Clinton in 1992. Clinton and the Promise of Communitarianism (1991), by William Galston, listed by the Communitarian Network’s bibliography.

Clinton, Etzioni and communitarianism, American progressive sociologists call communitarianism “fascist” on PSN threads, June 1995.

ACL  Herr Doktor Amitai Etzioni

“Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros and White House domestic adviser William Galston have come out in favor of the communitarian agenda, and Sen. Bill Bradley goes so far as to say that communitarianism “promises to shape a new political era in much the way progressivism reshaped our nation a century ago….. As a consequence, people are beginning to think critically about what it means to translate such fuzzy, feel-good rhetoric into action.

“This is the Clinton administration’s version of ‘family values,’ something vague and moralistic that everyone supports but no one seems to be able to define,” says Professor Walker. “I suspect that what the communitarians, and especially Etzioni, really want is to be influential with the White House. If that’s an accomplishment, then they may already be achieving something.”[emphasis added]

President George Bush Jr. carries on the communitarian torch his father carried before him.

George W. Bush on Principles and Values, http://www.issues2000.org

Bush Plans Values-Based Initiative to Rev Up Agenda by Mike Allen, Washington Post Staff Writer, July 29, 2001. The Washington Post, posted by GWU.

Niki Raapana, blogger, campaigner and author of THE ANTI COMMUNITARIAN MANIFESTO. We discuss the history of the communitarian philosophy, why it is a danger, and what people can do to opt out of the communitarian agenda.








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