Today, this science fiction vision is within the realm of reality.

Back Country Voices

When New York college students attended an antiwar rally in Lafayette Square they were convinced they saw small flying machines that were “definitely not insects” hovering above.

Bernard Crane, a Washington Lawyer, saw them too and said he had never seen anything like them in his life.

These sightings are among a group of sightings occurring in Washington and New York. Some observers think the unidentified flying objects may be miniature high tech surveillance tools set loose by the Department of Homeland Security to observe protests. Others say that the devices are just dragonflies, despite observers’ insistence that the flying entities are not insects at all.

Entomologist interviewed believe the entities to be black dragonflies, based on descriptions. The dragonfly population of Washington “can knock your socks off” according to one entomologist. Unfortunately, the entomologists could not explain the bulb shape attachments to their tails that many reported seeing…

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