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Imint Improves UAS Stabilisation with Simlat Synthetic UAS Simulation

Imint demonstrated high level capabilities of video stabilization using their Ihvert software, connected to output of Simlat‘s high fidelity STAR .

Imint commented that by using Simlat’s advanced systems, a highly-realistic payload picture was presented with some extreme conditions, and thus they were able to display the wide range of capabilities of their Ihvert software.
Real-time situational awareness is essential in today’s highly asymmetrical conflicts. To meet this demand, every military force currently invests heavily in manned and unmanned aerial reconnaissance assets, with capabilities to transmit full-motion video “around the clock” directly to commanders and soldiers to support “rapid and more accurate decision making.”

Several factors can degrade the visual quality of an airborne surveillance system, such as vibrations, turbulence and bad weather. In the heat of a battle situation, this can lead to incorrect conclusions that could result in lethal action on noncombatants or missed threats leading to casualties. The Ihvert software compensates for the source’s environmental factors on the receiving side, resulting in a more stable picture which enhances video in real time and provides a crisp, stable picture that increases situational awareness – the outcome is improved operational effectiveness and saved lives.

“We were surprised by the impressive ability of Imint’s product in dealing with various difficult synthetic feeds, emphasizing its strength in use in real time situations; we had a very good experience working with Imint professionals’”, says Yuval Peshin, president at Simlat.

Harald Klomp, Managing Director at Imint, commented, “We were proud to work with Simlat Ltd, a renowned leader in the field of simulation and training systems and we are excited to provide an important piece of the puzzle in improving the relevant customers’ situational awareness.”




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