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Ralph-Ring-and-Marsha-BrownFrom out of the past comes the re-birthing of our true heritage: Free and Abundant Energy forever, for All Mankind.

Our continuing endeavor is to re-introduce a better and safer form of transportation and habitation.

Blue Star Enterprise in devoted and dedicated to bringing about a more peaceful, expedient and affordable way of life through the use of Alternative Energy.

OTC-X1 model partial assembly

OTC-X1 model partial assembly

OTC-X1 model parts

OTC-X1 model parts

Outer Utron with 3D printed mounts for the OTC-X1 model

Outer Utron with 3D printed mounts for the OTC-X1 model

Who is Ralph Ring?

“Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s and early 1960s worked closely with Otis T. Carr.  With the aid of his small team, Carr, who was himself a protegé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, built a number of flying disks which worked… prior to their experimentation being forcibly terminated by government agents.”  —from Project Camelot

“Cease and desist your operations… We’re terminating your project due to the threats it poses to the international monetary system.”  – Ralph Ring

The best interview yet validating the fact that since the second world war we do indeed have free energy in multiple formats. Especially the lines from General Motors telling them that if they launched an antigravity vehicle. Blatant evidence of what Eisenhower called the encroaching military industrial complex – primarily founded by the British and US after WWII when Nazi scientists were brought over and placed in multiple positions via Operation Paperclip.

Video Interviews:

“We were paid to look for answers, not find them.”

“You must always work with Mother Nature. Force is never necessary. The laws of the physical universe are really very simple.” —Ralph Ring, interviewed by Kerry Cassidy, August 2006

UFOs and AREA 51: David Adair At Area 51 – Advanced Symbiotic Technology