There’s an even more sinister operation that was in the works payed to FEMA via our taxed dollars.
Under the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, Freedom Industries filed its “Tier Two” form in February 2013, which contained detailed information about each chemical it was storing at its Charleston facility. Following its filing of the “Tier Two” form, West Virginia STATE OF EMERGENCY RESPONSE. These entities received copies of the form “under law” so that its chemical inventory information could be “UTILIZED TO PREPARE PLANS FOR “POSSIBLE” ACCIDENTS.”

Cultural Slagheap

My dad, a lifelong firefighter, used to teach Hazardous Materials Response and Safety classes to first responders.  The first informational point he covered at the beginning of the course was how to read the classification marks on transportation tankers—the little diamond-shaped signs, usually mounted on the back of the tank, that announce via numerical code what kinds of chemicals are stored in those transport vehicles, and what levels and types of health risks would be associated with a spill in the case of a wreck.  The first homework assignment he gave was for the firefighters to go home and stand on the main cross street in their neighborhoods and home towns for about an hour, and write down the numbers on every tag they saw pass through that intersection, then go look up the numbers.  Dad said that the next week, when those students came back for class, invariably there’d…

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