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sigtarp-logoThe passage of the first bailout Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was one of the most amazing representations of our non representing representative form of government I have ever witnessed in my lifetime or read of in American history.The overwhelming majority of voters were against this measure and were against giving money to the very cowboy capitalist who’d shot themselves in the foot. Initially the bill failed to pass in the house of representatives and then something ominous happened in the week in between the time when the bill was rescheduled to be voted on in the senate.(see video Paulson behind Martial Law)

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Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman and Republican Sen.James Inhofe. Several days before that Rep. Michael Burgess, also a republican(see video Rep Burgess) said this on the floor of the house.

“Mr. Speaker I understand that we are under Martial law as declared from the speaker last night…”The threat of martial law was laid before our representatives in between the No vote by the house and the subsequent rescheduled vote in the senate.It is my understanding that all economic appropriation (spending) bills originate in the house,by tradition but I digress(for now). During this period,that I consider a robbery by the modern day robber barons, I witnessed something that I hadn’t seen since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. Representatives from both sides of the aisle stood opposed to this crime and the bravest of all spoke truth to power unfortunately to no avail. One of my favorite, most enlightening speeches showing just how powerless our representatives were in opposing this was given by Rep. Marcy Kaptur a democrat, she lays out the rules of this new reality game”Wall Street Bailout”(see video Rep Kaptur)

‘$700 billion bailout is CRIMINAL! Democrat Kaptur from Ohio calls them all criminals. Pelosi has declared Martial Law… call and email congress




I would like to share with you a few thoughts on Marxism on human capital. Human capital is similar to Marx’s theory on the concept of “Labor Power,” he thought that in a capitalist system the workers sold their “labor power” in order to receive wages or salaries.The worker must exert his body or mind to earn this interest (salary/wages). He called it interest because a worker cannot sell his labor power, as if it were a liquid asset (land, stocks, cars etc…) as this labor power is far more illiquid than shares or land. Marx theorized that since the workers could not sell this labor power at once even though they claim ownership of this illiquid asset they remain dependent on their employers for their livelihoods.That in essence is how the government in Executive Order 13037, viewed human capital.

Our government borrows against the future earnings presented in the formula proposed in Executive order 13037 and this may be another possible explanation for the growing problem of illegal immigration the Untied States as well as the continued importation of intellectual labor power, in the form of engineers,nurses for example from other developing nations.In other words this influx of labor power is more projected human capital for the bureaucrats to cook the books and continue to justify borrowing more money.It doesn’t hurt the governments shoddy record keeping that the imported intellectual labor often works,for less pay than an equally trained American and they remain oblivious to the fact that this drives down wages for all but again reluctantly I digress.(this is still not enough as the Federal Reserve has begun to buy bonds issued by the Dept of Treasury but I will save that for a hub on inflation.)

If you will allow me to refocus your attention to Henry Paulson the point/pitch man for the modern day robber barons(see pic #3) who was the former Treasury Secretary of the United States during the first bailout.This man represented the men behind the curtain that Rep Kaptur spoke of in her passionate speech on the house floor.The very people who threatened the prosperity and liberty of the American people with martial law if they could not have your future labor capital and the labor power of every child in preschool in this country. The robber barons throughout history have stolen something far more valuable than human capital even though controlling your labor power is a scheme to keep you drawing interest on your time and therefore subservient to your masters. These robber barons have always been after the liquid assets the most obvious of which is land.Reading the works of Marx, this control of land by the oligarchs was of grave concern to him.The robber barons of post modernity have proven to be no different,they may have toned down the flamboyant colorful dress of a time gone by for more formal Armani suits but their goal has remained the same.

It is known to most Americans that Henry Paulson was a former C.E.O of Goldman Sachs and our current Sec. of Treasury Timothy Geithner is also a Goldman Sachs alumni. Goldman Sachs subsequently has been handed $13,000,000,000.00 through the bailout of A.I.G and an additional direct bailout of $10,000,000,000.00 in current and future taxpayers “labor power.” Essentially to borrow the allegory from the scene in the Matrix where Morpheus shows Neo the battery, you, me and our descendants are the batteries or the hamsters on the wheel as depicted in the first pic at the top of this hub that will fund/empower this thievery.The federal government doesn’t own you, in this country,the physical you is given the illusory perception of free will, however the government does claim ownership of you in the form of human capital. This is done through the the fictitious representation of you represented by your avatar in the cave/matrix, better known to you as being represented by your social security number.

That is the intellectual property of the Oligarchs, they who cast the shadow puppets on the cave wall and designers of the Matrix. I know this information may be difficult to believe but if you would please locate your checkbook… then take a closer look at the line where you have always written your signature and read the fine print.

You are and have been since birth assigned the authorization to bind your physical self to any contracts your physical self enters into as your avatar. Another way to see this truth is to rummage through your inbox/mailbox and your avatar is always represented in CAPITAL LETTERS, utility bills, credit/banking statements etc…