First, understand that the government is a collection of private corporations. Chances are you live in an incorporated municipality, nicknamed the “City” or the “Town” or the “Borough“, located within the “County”, which in turn is located within the “State”. This is the corporation acting as the “Government” of that “City“. For instance, I live in the Draper City Corporation, and around me are the Provo City Corporation and the Salt Lake City Corporation. These are the actual names of the “city” governments, called “incorporated municipalities”.


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I’d like to tell you about a man named Joe…

I met Joe serendipitously via a forwarded email not too long ago, and contacted him shortly thereafter. It seemed as though Joe was having a few problems and complications while trying to be a free and sovereign man, as well as a “Secured Party Creditor“.

I met up with Joe for coffee just a few days later and found that we had much of the same information and shared many of the same values, including an urgent desire to be truly free human beings on this earth and within this once great country. Joe lives here in Salt Lake County, Utah part-time, part-time in Mobile, Alabama, and in China the rest of the time. Being fortunate enough to have traveled the…

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