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Mustafa NayemMustafa Nayem (Ukrainian: Мустафа Найєм, Persian: مصطفی نعیم‎) is a Ukrainian journalist and public figure of Afghan origin. Former journalist of newspaper “Kommersant-Ukraine” and the TVi channel, he is currently working with the internet newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda also participates in the “Stop the censorship!” (Ukrainian: Стоп цензурі!, Stop tsenzuri!) Ukrainian journalist movement and Hromadske TV project.

Born in Kabul in 1981, Nayem graduated from the Technical Lyceum in Kiev in 1998 and the Aerospace Systems Department of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2004. In 2005-07 he worked as a reporter for the “Kommersant-Ukrainy” newspaper. From 2007 to 2011 Nayem worked at the Ukrainian television political talk show Shuster LIVE (Savik Shuster) which later he quit on grounds of suspicion to conspiracy.

In 2009 Nayem became noticed during a live discussion with then-presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych on Ukrayina TV channel where he addressed Yanukovych with uncomfortable question about him acquiring of the government residence “Mezhyhirya”.

In 2010 Nayem was briefly detained by police officers, reportedly as a result of racial profiling for “persons of Caucasian appearance” (a common local term for people from region of Caucasus). Next day Nayem wrote the article “Xenophobia should not become the face of Ukrainian nationality” describing the events that led to his detention and requesting the firing of one of the officers responsible.

Protestors object to govt. rejecting trade deal with EU

On November 21st 2013, responding to a Facebook post by journalist and activist Mustafa Nayem, over 1,000 Ukrainians gathered in Kiev. They were protesting President Yanukovich’s decision to suspend preparations for the signing of a free trade and political association deal with the EU. Soon, the protests grew in size, exceeding 100,000 people. France 24’s Gulliver Cragg speaks to Mustafa Nayem.

Nayem frequently contributes news and articles to the Ukrayinska Pravda. From September 2011 till late April 2013 Nayem worked for the Ukrainian television channel TVi, he resigned there due to a conflict with the channels new management and then (with colleagues who also left the channel) set up a “web project in which we will do the same job”. Some time later this project was announced under the title Hromadske.TV. Mustafa was one of the first who summoned in a Facebook post Ukrainians to gather on Independence Square in Kiev to protest their government’s decision to “pause” preparations for signing an association agreement with the European Union. It was the start of the Euromaidan protests which led to the overthrow of the Yanukovich regime.



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