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The Very Best Toys from New York Toy Fair 2014

My son suggested I post something for the kid in all of us. Enjoy!

MorpHex: An Amazing 6-Legged Robot That Transforms Itself Into a Ball

We are living in the age of drones and sophisticated, remotely piloted vehicles. And as goes for the military, so goes for Nerf.

Say hello to the Combat Creature RC Robot, coming this fall. This six-legged bot can march into combat on your behalf and fire up to a dozen darts a maximum distance of 45 feet. That range can’t quite match some of the other new Nerf offerings we saw this week at the New York Toy Fair, but hey—you’re willing to sacrifice range if it means staying out of the enemy’s line of sight, and the Combat Creature can rotate 360 degrees to fire. The only thing missing, it seems to us, is a display mounted to the insect bot to display your face, giving your victims a touch of telepresence and you blast them.

Hasbro reps tell us the price is $79.99, but that may change before this remote-controlled toy hits the shelves in the fall.

Other new entrants from the Nerf armory include additions to the Zombie Strike line, which encourages users to blast the undead with lime-green soft ammo. We especially like the Slingfire Blaster ($24.99, coming in fall), the first Nerf gun with lever-action reloading, as demonstrated here by a fast-hands Hasbro rep:

One more coming this fall: The NStrike Elite NERF Cam ECS12 Blaster. The key here is the “cam” in the name; the gun contains a small camera in the tip and a view screen above the trigger, allowing the user to record from the gun’s point of view and play back the video later. You can also remove the SD card to revisit your domination on the computer later. This one will cost $79.99 as well.

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