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I believe there is other life within the universe, who may be doing much better than us. I’ll say if we are just a speck in an enormous universe, that we don’t even know its dimensions (where does it begins and where does it ends, and does it ends..?), populated by billions (trillions…) of galaxies and planets, just like our Milky Way, wouldn’t it be ludicrous to think that we are the only ones?

Some may say that it was only the ancient cultures’ imagination, but let’s not
discount the corroboration of thousands of encounters in the modern and ancient world, all over the globe, i.e. crop circles, abductions, people found with micro-cheap like devices
(in my opinion being monitored, more likely by our government), the pyramids of Egypt (I believe aliens helped them), discoveries in Machu Pichu, Tikal, Stonehenge, etc., the quartz skulls, and thousands of tangible evidence, like videos, photos, testimonies of credible people all around the world! We have to be in total ‘foolish’ and in denial to ignore it.

They have been visiting for thousands of years (documented), and may have prevented several catastrophes; they could have harmed us by now, if that were their intention… I also believe there is nothing to fear and that they are trying to teach us, just like they did in the ancient world when they were worshiped as “Gods.”

Take a look at some of what has been documented, about visitors from other worlds:

Ancient aliens is a theory also known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory which suggests that ancient aliens have had past communication, influence, and guidance with Earth’s ancient cultures and civilizations. Proof of the Ancient Alien Theory lies in many of the large ancient civilizations like the Mayas, Ancient Egypt, Incas, Sumerians, Chinese, Greek, Aztecs and many more!



Archaeologist have found sophisticated pre-Incan sculptures made in the
shapes very similar to that of airplanes, jets, helicopters and space shuttles.
These small gold figurines are approximately two inches in length and
estimated to date between 500 and 800 BCE. Some archaeologists have
suggested that the figures depict animals, however, this seems most unlikely.

Ancient_Airplane_Model-270x270Another interesting note is the wings of the aircraft have small ornamental
drawings on them, many in the form of spirals. To the ancient Indians of
South America these spirals represented ascending and descending.

These sculptures could be evidence of many things. Some say birds, other
say advanced Inca intelligence, and still others the influence of ancient aliens.

In 1997 researchers built scaled up models of these artifacts to test their flight capabilities. The exact specifications were scaled up and made of materials used for flight of small radio controlled craft. The only addition was a small engine and propeller. The scaled up versions of the ancient aircraft flew remarkably well performing loops, rolls, turns, as well as take
off and landing under the radio remote control.

The Dream of Flight has been in the imaginations of humankind since they watched in awe as birds soared effortlessly through the sky. According to accepted history, it wasn’t until the 1780s that two Frenchmen achieved lighter-than-air flight when they were lifted into the air in a hot air balloon near Paris. Since then, we have had many historical evidence and facts
that humankind attempted and achieved flight, and since then, in we have had the amazing achievements of the 16th century Leonardo Da Vinci design of a winged aircraft and a crude kind of helicopter, and then the Wright brothers who made their first successful flights at Kitty Hawk in 1903 that allowed powered flight became a reality.

Abydos Egypt TempleThat is the accepted history of air flight; however, today archeologists continue to find more evidence that would make us rethink our history and perhaps question the ability of ancient civilizations to achieve flight in the past, or the realization of visitors from another planet. Abydos, Egypt & Ancient Airplanes: In this image one is able to depict the clear shapes of what seem to be an airplane or even a helicopter.

Even more controversial than the model airplane are the enigmatic carvings found in the temple of Abydos, Egypt by Dr. Ruth Hover. Hover photographed a wall panel which had been revealed when a newer overlaying panel crumbled and fell off. The older panel beneath contained embossed images that resemble modern aircraft as seen in above..

In 1898, a peculiar six-inch wooden object was found in a tomb at sakkara, Egypt that dated back to about 200 BCE. The object had a body or fuselage, seven-inch wings that curved downward slightly, a fixed rudder and a tail. It looked very much like a
modern airplane or glider.

saqqaraBut since airplanes had not yet been invented in 1898 (never mind ancient Egypt), it was labeled as a model of bird and stored away in the basement of the Cairo museum. The object was rediscovered many years later by Dr.Khalil Messiha, an authority on ancient models. According to Messiha and others who have studied the object, it has characteristics of very advanced aerodynamics, much like modern pusher-gliders that require very little power to stay aloft. The curved wings are today known as reverse dihedral wings, which can attain great amounts of lift. A similar design is employed on the supersonic Concord aircraft.


The Nasca Lines are a series of ancient Geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert of Peru. Archaeologists, ethnologists and anthropologists have studied the ancient Nazca culture and the complex to try to determine the purpose of the lines and figures. One theory is that the Nazca people created them to be seen by their gods in the sky. Swiss author Erich von Däniken suggests the Nazca lines and other complex constructions represent higher technological knowledge that he believes existed when the glyphs were created.

nazca_spiralVon Däniken maintains that the Nazca lines in Peru are runways of an ancient airfield that served ancient aliens from another culture Von Däniken’s claims. Researchers concluded the lines were made by the Nazca Pre-Incan culture between 300 B.C. and 700 A.D. Since the Nazca pampa has an almost complete lack of windy weather or rain, the stone piles that make the lines have withstood the elements for thousands of years.
Looking at the Nazca lines, many have begun to understand what Erich von Däniken has theorised about ancient aliens using these air lanes like a modern day airport.

Ancient Civilizations Possessed The Knowledge of Flight

Could it be possible that ancient civilizations possessed the knowledge for flight and that technology has been lost in history. These questions continue to bewilder many, and as we search deeper into history it seems that something must have been flying in our skies for these ancient civilizations to depict, create, and forever stamp into history the proof that
perhaps ancient aliens or ancient technology allowed for the possibility of flight! Nazca Lines could have been an elaborate construction of runways for past civilizations to land and take of in their aircraft. Obviously little evidence exist of past flying machinery constructed by ancients, however, little evidence exist of how the Great Pyramids of Giza were built yet they stand tall as a world wonder. Another popular theory that the Nazca people did have the technology of flight to construct such great geoglyphs. Helium balloons could have allowed these people to view their work form great distances in the air; however, little evidence exist to back this claim.

Erich von Däniken makes a startling prediction: Aliens From Another World Used
The Nazca Lines

Nazca-Lines-0-180x360Erich von Daniken’s 1968 book “Chariots of the Gods” suggested that Nazca was made as a landing strip for visitors from outer space. Looking at a modern day landing strip, it is easy to see the similarity that the two (Nazca Lines & Modern day Runway) have. Since his theory proposed in his book, Daniken has continued his research to prove that these lines were used for the landing of alien beings.

Why would aliens land in South America?

If a race of alien beings wanted to know what Earth’s mineral content was, they would use the Peru for a base of operations. Filled with Earth’s minerals, Peru would be a perfect location to do any kind of research about Earth and what it would have to offer. Building an Airport would certainly be advantageous for such a venture by an ancient civilization.


Jesus UFOWith a continued effort by many, we begin to see that challenging our beliefs about
history could lead to discoveries about our ancient past. With airport like lines spread
across the Peruvian Desert and ancient model planes built by the Inca people, we see
that something was indeed flying over the skies of Peru, but who and what they were will
still remain a mystery.

Although the information and evidence gathered, for the proof that ancient
alien theorist are correct is inconclusive, many continue to believe that
ancient aliens could account for many of the worlds mysteries which shroud
our ancient past with questions. In a world full of religion, theories like this
find difficulty to be accepted; however, as time continues, we also see the
emergence of a level of acceptance as seen by the Catholics Church
through society and religious institutions.

ancientastronauts-270x270What we must understand is that ancient aliens do not prove or disprove any ones
religious beliefs, but it allows us to better understand our fundamental roots
and origins as a human race.

Through careful examination of all ancient civilizations’ recorded history, ancient astronaut theorists continue to seek the answers to the bewildering questions about the possibility that ancient aliens had a direct influence on the emergence of our human race and the civilizations that we know about today even perhaps, the “missing link.” At this point, there are more questions brought about by the ancient aliens theory than answers, but nonetheless, we should continue researching and seeking answers to better understand whether or not ancient aliens visited our ancestors and helped propel our civilization into the modern age!

Egypt – Secrets Found – Ancient Space Ports

Ancient Space-PortsHaving a never ending curiosity and having wondered for many years, what would be the result if I had applied the secret template ciphers to Egypt? Research had indicated over the years that many who used these codes adopted them from others who adopted them from Egypt. Here is a basic large scale layout test.

Knowing the ciphercore in the “code” is the same world wide, examining Abydos, in particular the Osirion (this location is one of the few that exhibit structures). Then applied the numbers/ alignment hidden in the architecture to the known template ciphers and within days made amazing and even disturbing finds across 100′s of miles of the deserts of Egypt.

Egypt-geoglyphs-temple-area-02-BThe Template ciphers are very ancient with their base form originating from the math of creation / reality. The same math used to study fluid flow, electrical dynamics, magnetic fields to gravity and black holes. It incorporates Tetrahedral math and explains the nature of torsional forces and angular momentum on “space-time” or HyperDimensional Physics. These same template forms are represented everywhere on Earth. Such as Mandalas and sand paintings of Tibetan priests and Native American Elders of the Southwest USA.

In architecture and construction, city planning and roads, in religion myth and legend, in story and song… This math and its geometry was used in pre-deluge times, 10,000bc to 30,000bc+ not just as a symbol with reverence but in technology and everyday life to offer a 20,000 year run of a virtual utopia. It was again the miss-use of the same that ended it all. After which the knowledge became secret and emulated by elite groups to put themselves above the rest.

For at least 6,000 years it has been incorporated world wide, again in temples, cities, roads etc… But this time kept under wraps and out of site or hidden from the masses. The earliest maps known are of mining areas and mining colonies and adopt this template cipher system. The Jesuit priests and Triad of the Orient use the numbers in initiation rights. The Nordic use the numbers in their sagas and so on.

Sumerian textIt is highly possible that if there is truth to the Sumerian Texts that indeed the entire world was mined under one rule. The evidence would support this. It also suggests that after that rule the knowledge was remembered by separated groups worldwide. Each retaining a “symbol” that portrays the same template Cipher.

Giving each group an identity of those that knew or retained a portion of the hidden past and its math and technology. Symbols such as the cross, the spade, the heart, diamond, four leaf clover, the yin yang and so on… All of which can be laid directly on the main template with perfect alignment.

Egypt-geoglyphs-aircraft-B(1)Egypt represented an opportunity to apply this all to the time of the “megabuilders”… The time of wonder, “when men of Earth traveled the stars”… Using this system in Egypt offered validation to the whole once more.

From still buried and some excavated pre-deluge 10,000 to 30,000 year old structures / cities, geo-glyphs of aircraft, ancient city sites blasted by craters to 1000′s of tombs (many raided with bulldozers using industrial mining techniques). Areas came to light with massive above ground structures built on sacred mathematical layouts. Some featuring modern excavation revealing very very modern looking building of massive proportions. There has been talk these could be ancient “Space-Ports” mentioned in historical texts.
Although these have little to do with the time frame of my previously found “sidewalk” route through the “tomb valleys” and royal geoglyphs… They are connected by virtue of their nature and connections through history to the more modern surface geoglyphs and lanes of travel over the ancient buried causeways, buildings and waterworks.










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