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Common ConstitutionBarack Obama is not our first progressive president to fancy himself a supreme ruler.

Obama has succeded all predecessors as America’s worst president. He has certainly proven to be the worse than Bush and even Woodrow Wilson, who was considered to be the king of American fascist presidents.

During World War I Woodrow Wilson created theCommittee on Public Information. The wicked progressive and Wilson advisor Edward Bernays described the CPI as the Engineering of Consent and “the conscious manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses.” Wilson, in the CPI, had created America’s first official government propaganda department, designed solely to control the population and manipulate their behavior.

One example of manipulation the CPI produced was a World War I liberty Bond poster that read: “I am Public Opinion. All men fear me! If you have money to buy and do not buy, I will make this No Man’s Land for you!” Now that’s not at all creepy, is it?”

The postmaster general was even given the authority to revoke all mailing privileges of those who disobeyed Wilson’s directive. Many publications were given warnings and the government shut down almost 75 for disloyal printings.

In the Wilson police state, citizens were not even safe in their own homes if they spoke ill of the president. Federal attorneys and US marshals publicly claimed that citizens had nothing to fear as long as they “Obeyed the law and kept their mouths shut.”

World War I liberty Bond


The image of President Woodrow Wilson handed down to us through history is of a democratic idealist whose rhetoric outlined the rationale for American involvement in foreign wars in the 20th Century.  From Wilson’s presidency onward, the United States would enter world affairs with the intention of making the worldSafe for Democracy,ensuring Freedom of the seas (Freedom of the seas is a principle in the international law and law of the sea. It stresses freedom to navigate the oceans. It also disapproves of war fought in water. The freedom is to be breached only in a necessary international agreement.) owering prohibitive tariff walls, and fostering the right of all peoples to “self-determination.”  Wilson’s rhetoric was later echoed by other presidents, most notably Franklin D. Roosevelt, who argued repeatedly that Americans needed to enter the Second World War to protect freedoms outlined by Wilson three decades earlier.

Freedom of the seasFast-forward a century and the rise of neo-conservatism to power in the United States at the dawn of the 21st Century was accompanied by similar rhetoric about the American obligation to spread democracy around the world and open the doors of global trade.  The similarities between Wilsonian and neo-conservative foreign policy are fundamental, not coincidental.  Indeed, Wilsonian values have been cited repeatedly as the reasons why the U.S. launched its invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Few in the Western world would dispute either that democracy is a desirable form of government or that self-determination is a good thing.  However, it is worth comparing the rhetoric to the reality of Woodrow Wilson.  After all, if the man’s words are going to be used to justify the massive projection of American force overseas it is worth knowing more about what he actually did while in office and if these actions justify the idealization of him by contemporary American policy-makers.

The World Future Fund serves as a source of documentary material, reading lists, and internet links from different points of view that we believe have historical significance. The publication of this material is in no way whatsoever an endorsement of these viewpoints by the World Future Fund, unless explicitly stated. 


Wilson’s Justice Department created the “American Protective League” (APL). Its purpose was to spy on the people and turn in any “seditious persons.” In 1918, in a single month, the New York City APL rounded up almost 50,000 citizens. The Gestapo had nothing on them.

In an address to Congress, Wilson exclaimed, “The gravest threats against our national peace and safety have been uttered within our borders. There are citizens of the United States, I blush to admit….who have poured the poison of disloyalty into the very arteries of our national life; have sought to bring the authority and good name of our Government into woodrow-wilson-2contempt…”. Notice Wilson spoke of the “good name” of the government, not the United States. As it always is with progressives and Statists, the government is set before all.

It is estimated that almost 175,000 citizens were arrested for seditious behavior or failure to demonstrate Wilson’s version of patriotism.

This was very similar to conquered nations during World War II, where Hitler was paraded into a sacked city and its citizens were forced to wave Nazi flags and cheer the Fuehrer, or else.

President Wilson charged another progressive, Bernard Baruch with running the “War Industries Board (WIB)”. The board was formed to assure that all American industry be in service to the State.

It is said the WIB served as a precursor to the fascist policies of both Mussolini and Hitler.

Grosvenor B. Clarkson, a member of the War Industries Board (WIB), characterized it as, “An industrial dictatorship without parallel; A dictatorship by force of necessity and common consent which, step-by-step, at least encompassed the nation and united it into a coordinated and mobile unit.”

These are not the only unconstitutional transgressions of the Woodrow Wilson administration, but at least now you have an idea of just how oppressive his administration was.

My point is only to demonstrate to all that claim the Obama administration is the worst and most unconstitutional in history, don’t know their history.

I am also not saying, that given the chance, Barack would be the most oppressive; just that as of now, he’s not even close, but he is getting closer by the day.

Together, as we learn more of our own history, it may be easier to see the signs of oppression before we are forced to live them. And finally, disregard, as I have, those naysayers that insist these types of things could “Never happen in America,” for we know they already have.










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