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The invasion of America:

There has not been a ‘refugee’ crisis in the US in my lifetime. The one on our Southern border is a manufactured crisis by Obama and the Progressive Left to employ the ClowardPiven strategy of overwhelming the system until it collapses, allowing for the Marxist reformation of government. Enter the Office of Refugee Resettlement. ORR is the government agency that is streamlining the entrance of illegal aliens into the US and them assisting them with resettlement. They work with other government funded agencies, such as the Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency in Murrieta, California. This agency just placed an ad that is offering over 6k a month to house illegal alien children:

Ad Offers More Than $6000 Per Month to House Foreign Minors

An ad placed in the Penny Saver Newspaper in Murrieta, California is seeking “loving, compassionate parents to provide a loving home” for illegal immigrant minors, according to a local reader of the publication.

Lisa Maloney Vinton, a Murrieta resident, provided a purported copy of the advertisement, which was put up by the Crittenton Foster Care and Adoption Agency. It says, “Help heal the wounds … for children in foster care programs including survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied refugee minors.” 

Got a little extra room in your home for a teenager or two? “Help heal wounds” make big bucks!

Ad Offers More Than $6000 Per Month

Everyone better start checking their small town newspapers!

Crittenton Services is a relatively new subcontractor of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Catholic Charities of Los Angeles and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, check it out here!  See also Catholic Bishops hands in your pockets.

I guess when compassion and guilt aren’t motivating enough, you can always try and bribe Americans.









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