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APTOPIX Police Shooting-Missouri

Residents have taken to the streets to express their anger at the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old shot dead by a police officer. Witnesses said that Brown was innocent and was doing nothing but jaywalking.

Character Assassination “strategic” move:

The officer who shot Brown was identified Friday as Darren Wilson, 28. His identity was released at the same time that a police report was made public alleging that Brown was suspected of having stolen a box of cigars from the convenience store supposedly assaulting a clerk before Wilson shot him.

Darren Wilson, the officer who murdered Brown, wasn’t even aware that Brown was a suspect in the robbery, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Friday afternoon.

President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have weighed in on Brown’s death, which has led to a separate FBI investigation that will include the assistance of attorneys from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

As Obama vacationed in ritzy Martha’s Vineyard Thursday, Obama held a hastily convened press conference, where he tried to walk down the middle of the factions involved, suggesting that both sides were in the wrong.

Obama interrupting summer vacation

Obama was already on the golf course seven minutes after he made his comments on Thursday.

Even if the militant police assault on peaceful protestors, working journalists, and peaceful family neighborhoods was an isolated incident, it would still be driven by the Obama’s racial exploitation.



FAA sets no-fly zone over Ferguson

On Tuesday, a freelance journalist noticed that a no-fly zone had been issued over Ferguson, Missouri, the site of the recent protests over police violence.

The reason listed on the Federal Aviation Commission’s website for the no-fly zone over the city is “TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES.”

The helicopter dispatcher at the St. Louis County Police Department. St. Louis, not Ferguson, has been “responsible for crowd control,” a Ferguson Police spokesperson said.

According to the dispatcher, the department originally requested the no-fly zone — for certain flights; “the ceiling is only at 5,000 feet,” the dispatcher said, though the website actually lists 3,000 feet — for 24 hours. The department then asked the FAA to extend the ban on flying.

The reason? “It’s just for a no fly zone because we have multiple helicopters maneuvering in the area and we were having some problems with news aircraft flying around there,” the dispatcher, who would only identify himself by his first name, Chris.

Chris also said that police helicopters were a common occurrence over the city, but would not reveal whether there had been an increase in police helicopter presence as the protests have heated up.

ferguson no fly zone 2

Another reason for the no-fly zone is to stop media from flying over the area to film is troubling, especially in light of reports that police have turned journalists away from the sites of the protests.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis County Police Department told NBC News that “police helicopter came under fire on 3 or 4 occasions, so we requested that the FAA put up a no-fly zone for the safety of pilots who would be in the area.” He said that “no aircraft had been hit but that officers had seen shots fired into the air.”

It’s hard to get a sense of how often these requests are made, and a spokeswoman for the FAA was unable to immediately provide data to that effect. But a quick search over recent no-fly requests in the FAA database shows that most no-fly zones are issued either “TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR FIRE FIGHTING AVIATION OPERATIONS,” for a “VIP” — a situation when security forces clear the airspace for an important person like President Obama or a head of state — or for air shows. (One no-fly restriction over Socorro, New Mexico, was for the purpose of “EXPLOSIVE TESTING.”)




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