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evolving_ethics_selling_law_practice_image_onlyAttorney-Client Privilege…. BULLSHIT!!!

‘An attorney may not disclose information which would harm a client… and offend the Sacrosanct attorney-client privilege which continues into the beyond after the death of the attorney…’ Why is it that for 30 years the world has neglected to call the American Bar Association (ABA) on their bullshit?

For example, the Assigned Counsel Project (ACP) has affected way more cases in civil and family court, than the criminal cases which the ABA loudly presumes to necessitate the privilege. It is flawed to assert that the attorney-client privilege is more important than everyone else’s constitutional rights.

Millions of families every single year lose everything to a corrupt system hell-bent on taking all that we have and leaving nothing behind. It is a most hostile takeover.


Eric Holder, US Attorney General, prosecutor, judge, high-powered lawyer representing the President, the NFL, Merck (Pharmaceuticals), Halliburton and big banks…


When Holder was presented for the position of US Attorney General… “Colleagues and admirers see his impressive range of work as a sign of a lawyer who has seen the law from all sides.” TRANSLATION: His clients renewed their license to commit fraud without fear of prosecution at state and federal levels.

What most fail to acknowledge is that Eric Holder is “prevented” from prosecuting any of his clients and those who report to him. As the top lawyer at the DOJ, he cannot reveal any wrongdoing by his department (his client). It was Rule 1.6: ‘Confidentiality of Information law’ that made him silent on Fast and Furious.  They have made it illegal to expose corruption!

Eric Holder didn’t send a single banker to jail for the mortgage crisis. Is that justice?

It was NOT the lawyer, but ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE which protected the banks.

Once they made Rule 1.6: Confidentiality into law, Rule 1.6 prevented any prosecution for the fraud by District Attorneys, Attorneys General and US Attorneys, the entire US DOJ and every government lawyer must follow the very same Rule 1.6 – See McDadeMurtha Amendment

kids for cash(Why is everything surrounding Rule 1.6 corruption by confidentiality coming out of Pennsylvania – with emphasis onWilkes-Barre Scranton’? I really do not know that answer.)

Where lawyers advanced fraudulent and robosigned paperwork, and successfully foreclosed on people, in some cases homeowners did not even have mortgages on the property. Get this, that same attorney-client privilege may have also concealed that ‘there was no bank involved,’ just a lawyer who knew their actions would be protected by Rule 1.6 Attorney-Client Privilege. BUT, Rule 1.6 is not called that.

Rule 1.6 is called Confidentiality of Information –  it is a very broad application of confidentiality which conceals and protects, the courts, the judges, the lawyers, and some of their clients too. BUT, if you do any reading on the topic, the protection for their clients is more like the pretty dress on a pig named “INJUSTICE.”

Trading SecretsThe American Bar Association (ABA) deliberately removed two fraud provisions from their Rules of Professional Conduct in 1983.

The provisions had prevented a fraud from continuing, or ever being rectified… The lawyers removed the law from their “professional ethics” deliberately. On purpose. BY VOTE (est 200-100). IN SPITEFUL DEFIANCE OF THE KUTAK COMMISSION’s documents that was left in tattered shreds in August, 1983 as the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association (ABA) adopted the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (Model Rules).
The unfortunate fate worked upon the Kutak Commission‘s proposals by actions of the House of Delegates has left the country’s lawyers and the highest judicial bodies of the several states, which have ultimate authority for the governance of lawyers, in confusion and without an adequate structure of ethics and professionalism.

Rule 1.6 is responsible for shredding the US Constitution.

The American Bar Association neglected to consider the rights of the innocent victim of their “fraud” (or their client’s fraud). When their ‘mythical duty’ of attorney-client secrecy stepped all over the rights and liberties secured and protected by the US Constitution… and wasn’t just a trade standard anymore because THEY MADE IT LAW.

Their ‘mythical duty’ is repugnant. A nullity. Unconstitutional.

While they may have made it ‘legal’ for every lawyer, every judge and every level of law enforcement to conceal their crime, and obstruct justice, they also deny constitutional rights.

Abuse of power under the Color of Law – appears that you are also allowed to deny a person of their constitutional rights. When you took the oath ‘preserve, protect, defend, support, enforce…’ you failed when you ignored the Constitution of the United States.


America has been destroyed from within by the INSATIABLE GREED OF JUDGES AND ATTORNEYS

No matter what, most judges and attorneys on both sides will do whatever it takes to make sure the big banks win. It is a highly profitable game for them.  All they need to play is, no moral compass, extreme greed, and absolutely no conscience for what they are doing to American families to line their own pockets with a few pieces of silver.

A Pennsylvania county judge has again ruled against a widow who lost her home because of an unpaid $6.30 interest charge for paying her school taxes late.

A Pennsylvania county judge has again ruled against a widow who lost her home because of an unpaid $6.30 interest charge for paying her school taxes late.

Pa. judge upholds sale of widow’s home over $6 tax bill

A widow in Pennsylvania had her $200,000 home taken by the Court for SIX DOLLARS IN BACK TAXES.  It was merely interest on a tax bill that she never even received notice of from the county. County Officials are on record saying “they did the right thing!”  GREEDY BASTARDS.  (Sorry no other term fits.)

AND along comes Krautheim and Healy, swinging the US Constitution, where the systemic infiltration of RULE 1.6, has been demonstrated by further acts of obstruction, denial and abuse EVEN IN THEIR ACTUAL CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE litigation. They demonstrated the loss of the very constitutional rights we failed to address. We didn’t need more evidence… or further failures of ethics and integrity.

Black Mother Jailed For Sending Kids To White School District

Kelley Williams Bolar

Ohio Mom Kelley Williams-Bolar Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District

It’s interesting how courts find it convenient to make someone into an example when they happen to be poor and black. I’d love to see how they prosecute wealthy white women who commit the same offense. Oh, I forgot: Most wealthy white women don’t have to send their kids to the schools located near the projects.

In at least seven states and the District of Columbia, parents who lie to schools about their student’s residence can face time in jail. Since American educational apartheid dictates that schools in poorer neighborhoods are of significantly less quality than other schools. The racial divisions within American schools are nothing less than a blatant and consistent human rights violation and should certainly be treated as such.


You have no constitutional rights, no protection of the law, and the Constitution, with its Bill of Rights and separation of powers, has been lost forever – courtesy of the American Bar Association.


Now when you have to turn to those who have committed a federal crime to fix the situation… where do you begin?

1) Expose the Problem and have everyone interested fight to fix it.
2) Prosecute the crime against those same folks – who neglected to fix it when asked previously. NEGLECTED A LOT!
3) File for Civil Damages against the same folks. This must wait until it is fixed.

We all have a responsibility to expose corruption.


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