A Pakistani welfare organization known as the Edhi Foundation estimated that 1,100 children were murdered and dumped into garbage bins last year. The figure is likely much higher as cases were tabulated only within large cities and not rural areas. Anwar Kazmi, a manager within the organization, describes the atrocities he and members of his charity have witnessed


Submitted by Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

pakistani-infantDeutsche Welle reports a frightening and disturbing practice within Pakistan where newborn children are murdered due to the stigma of illegitimacy.

Warning:  This article contains explicit information.

Adultery is often punished by vigilantism where family exact revenge against couples, often murderously.  The children and mothers more often are targeted.

Nurse Razia Zulfikar of a maternity hospital in Gujranwala, Pakistan states that hundreds of children are killed simply by reason of the status of having unwed parents; a social taboo of society.  The law provides a potential capital criminal offense stemming from pre-marital intercourse.

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