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The Culture High ‘The Culture High’

The Culture High is the riveting story that tears into the very fiber of the modern day marijuana debate to reveal the truth behind the arguments and motives governing both those who support and oppose the existing pot laws.

With legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington and interest elsewhere to follow that path, it might seem that decriminalization’s time has come. Not so fast, Director Brett Harvey says in “The Culture High.” Too many entrenched interests benefit from the status quo, he contends, to assume that a tipping point has been reached.

The Culture HighMr. Harvey, who first examined marijuana’s prohibition in “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High,” gives a brief history here. The federal government effectively criminalized marijuana in 1937, but it wasn’t until 1971, under President Richard M. Nixon, that marijuana’s inclusion in the new “War on Drugs” proved politically popular. Among other consequences, billions of dollars have been spent policing pot, and hundreds of thousands of users have been jailed — even as alcohol and tobacco have had far more harmful health and social effects.

Over all, its experts — law professors, addiction specialists, economists, behavioral researchers and former law enforcement officers — argue forcefully for decriminalization. Libertarian in tone while pressing a “tax and regulate” solution, “The Culture High” makes its case for a side in the marijuana debate that often goes unheard.

Right now, we have opportunities for progressive drug policy changes we couldn’t have imagined just

A few months ago I wrote about the latest report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy. The recommendations of the Commission, which I am honored to be a member of, are reflective of the positive shifts in both public opinion and policy climate that we have seen in many countries.

If we are to move forward and ensure progressive drug policies are achievable, then the global community’s work in raising awareness and education needs to continue to spread.

 Fortunately, these efforts have been picking up momentum, and our own work in advocating for a new approach through Breaking the Taboo, is just one example. Another is the highly informative, soon-to-be released documentary The Culture High, which I was proud to be interviewed for.

The Culture High takes a raw and honest look at modern day cannabis prohibition, asking “what exactly is going on here?” It’s a question I have often asked myself, and as the film shows, Joe Rogan, Snoop B-Real, Todd McCormick, Rufus Hound, Howard Bloom, Wiz Khalifa and a long list of others feel the same way.

The Culture High offers a fresh and insightful look into drug prohibition and the ways in which it impacts society as a whole.


schoolI watched ‘The Culture High‘ yesterday and now I’m watching it again. It’s a fantastically smart documentary! I’ve been teaching for 26 years, this documentary should be required viewing for all middle and high school admins. who stop supporting the School-to-Prison Pipeline.



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