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National Liberty AllianceOn Wednesday April 1, 2015 we will have a special guest speaker on our state call.

The call will be at 6:00 PM on Wednesday to accommodate the 3 hours difference of our time zones.

Please do not forget the call will be at 6:00 pm on the new conference call line for our state.

The number of the conference line is 646-854-1115. No access code.  It is a dedicated line no other group has access to.

Our Special Guest Speaker is Peymon Mottahedeh. Peymon is the President and Founder  of Freedom Law School. This is a very special opportunity to hear what one of the experts has to say concerning Grand Juries. Peymon has rearranged his schedule to attend our conference call and speak on Grand Juries, which is his passion. Peymon has worked in California for over 25 years educating not only himself, but the people as well; on the power and authority of the Grand Jury.

Peymon MottahedehPeymon has worked with  many of the freedom pioneers of our generation, on matters concerning Grand Juries. Ron Paul, Aaron Zelman,  Lawrence Pratt, Hon. Don Rogers, Daniel Shultz, Esq.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to gain access to our current sitting county grand juries and to ask any questions you may have concerning them.

I am very excited about this call.  Peymon has extensive knowledge on Grand Juries.

This is a conference call everyone can benefit by. Whether you have a pressing legal matter that needs addressing right now or you want to expand your knowledge and understanding concerning the Grand Jury in the state of California.

Many people that are involved with NLA have pressing legal matters that may need addressing now and cannot wait until we gain entrance into the courts.  You just may find an answer you have been looking for by listening in on this call. Peymon has worked with Grand Juries on the statutory side of the law where our aim at National Liberty Alliance is to work from within the Common Law side which is guaranteed to us by our California Constitution.

Peymon asks each of you to visit his website “The Jury Education Committee” and read “Judges are not above the law” and  “Can you veto bad laws”

His website: Jury Education Committee

Judges are not above the law – Judges are not above the law – Jury Education Committee.

Click on the link and download the report so that you can review it prior to the call.

Can you veto bad laws –Can you veto bad laws? – Jury Education Committee

You can also download “The People’s Panel” in a .pdf  file from this link on his website: The People’s Panel – Jury Education Committee

JuryThe People’s Panel – Jury Education Committee is a book written about Grand Juries in the United States covering the period from 1634-1941 by the American History Research Center.

If you have any questions concerning grand juries, such as- how they operate, how to contact them, where their authority extends to, or any other question concerning grand or trial juries:

Write those questions down, send them to me in an email as quickly as you can, and I will forward them on to Peymon, so that he can have the answer prepared and explain it to you, during the call.

Write your name and county down, along with your question(s) so that he can call out your name during the call and respond to your specific question.

Please submit your questions no later than midnight tonight. I will be forwarding the questions onto Peymon’s secretary first thing in the morning.

My email address is dwallisbryant@gmail.com  My telephone number is (Home) 661-831-7257 or  (Mobile) 661-487-4003.

I hope everyone takes advantage of this special opportunity, and joins us on Wednesday,  April 1, 2015 at 6:00 PM

UBER Conference Call Line: 646-854-1115

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call.

Bring a friend along to the call.






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