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Bete uprisingHere we go again. Time to make the sheep cower, while our DHS shepherds protect us from another phantom wolf. How predictable. DHS has to substantiate their $1 billion annual budget by acting like they are saving us from phantom predators who never materialize.

I guess they’ve run out of dupes to lure into fake terrorist plots, so now they just issue dire warnings of impending doom. Our government keepers are not only using the Oregon shooting as their latest attempt to disarm law abiding citizens, but now they are using it to make our special millennial snowflakes beg for the police state to protect them and save them from being killed by anonymous posters on social media. They have successfully freaked out every college and university in the Philadelphia area, as if the police, FBI, or ATF have ever successfully foiled a real terrorist plot. 

Some anonymous idiot on 4chan makes some vague threat referencing the Oregon shooter as part of some rebellion, and now every school in the Philly area is on lock-down. They were interviewing students who say they will hide in their dorms rather than venture to class at 2:00 today. What a fucking joke. What a bunch of low IQ wannabe’s. The idiot in Oregon was a 26 year old emotionally disturbed virgin loner from a broken home who was probably on psychotropic drugs (not a peep from the MSM about that). He had no friends and lived in an apartment with his mommy. He wasn’t part of a revolution. Use your fucking brains people.

I thought the NSA captures every electronic communication in the country. They can’t figure out who supposedly made the threat because they posted anonymously. Give me a break! They can trace the IP address to a location. They can supposedly tell when they are hacked by Russians or Chinese, but they can’t track down a poster on a website?

This is just more bullshit from our government keepers to make us beg for their protection. Never let a mass shooting go to waste. I wonder what threat level I should be observing today.  

The FBI and ATF are warning about a non-specific threat of violence against “a university near Philadelphia” on Monday.

The FBI released the following statement over the weekend:

Out of an abundance of caution, the FBI Philadelphia Field Office notified local colleges and universities of a social media posting which threatened violence at a Philadelphia-area college or university for Monday, October 5. No specific college or university was identified in the posting. We encourage students, faculty, and employees at area colleges and universities to follow the guidance of their campus security officials. The FBI will continue to work with our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners to investigate threats of violence, and, as always, we ask the public to report suspicious activity to law enforcement.

The threat was posted on 4chan, a message board where everyone is anonymous, last Friday, the day after the shooting in Oregon. It praises the gunman as a fellow member of the “Beta Rebellion.”

“On October fifth, at 1pm Central time, a fellow robot will take up arms at a university near Philadelphia,” the post reads.

“The first of our kind has struck fear into the hearts of America,” the writer of the new threat declared.

His cries have been heard, even by the president. This is only the beginning. On October 5, 2015 at 1:00 PM CT, a fellow robot will take up arms against a university near Philadelphia. His cries will be heard, his victims will cower in fear, and the strength of the Union will decay a little more. …

Martyr yourself for the cause or support those who have the courage to do so. We have the chance to make the world a better place for betas everywhere.

The deadline passed without incident — as did the deadline for a similar threat directed at schools in Edinburgh. Scotland, posted shortly after the Oregon shootings — but not without shaking a lot of people up.

Now the most malevolent trolls on the /r9k/ board, knowing that they have the attention of the world, are rhapsodizing about the coming “beta rebellion,” gleefully mocking the victims of the Oregon shootings, and posting threats aimed at an assortment of schools around the world, from Texas to the Netherlands.

And so, alongside more traditional /r9k/ topics as “Post your waifu” and “DAILY REMINDER THAT ALL FEMALES ARE DECEIVING SUBHUMAN WHORES,” the board today is filled with simultaneously ridiculous and chilling messages like these:

 Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)15:01:08 No.22995724▶>>22995744 >>22995763 >>22995785 >>22995913 >>22995995 Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tomorrow if you're near Austin. happening thread will be posted later so long, space robots >> Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)15:01:43 No.22995744▶ >>22995724 (OP) Go to A&M instead please >> Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)15:02:30 No.22995763▶ >>22995724 (OP) Good luck, brobot.Schools in Philadelphia and surrounding communities – including Temple and Drexel Universities and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, as well as Villanova and St. Joseph’s university and Camden County and Delaware Tech community colleges – emphasized that the threat is non-specific, but urged students to be on alert Monday.

In a tweet Sunday afternoon, Temple University alerted their community to check their emails for an important public safety message from Temple police.

Temple community: Please check your email for an important public safety message from @TU_Police.

That email was tweeted by the Temple’s student news program Temple Update.

In the email, Temple police say, “Temple University, along with other colleges and universities in our region, has learned from the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) that a threat of violence has been made online against “a university near Philadelphia.” This posting states an action could take place at 1 p.m. central (2 p.m. eastern) Monday, Oct. 5, 2015.”

Temple police say law enforcement is not aware of any specific threat at this time and they will have increased visibility on campus Monday.

Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania’s independent student news organization The Daily Pennsylvanian tweeted about the warning, as well.

BREAKING: FBI and ATF warns Penn and others that a threat of violence targeting a school in the Philly area was made for Oct. 5 at 2 p.m.

Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania also released statements Sunday regarding a safety advisory:

The FBI has notified all Philadelphia area colleges and universities about a recent social media posting threatening violence at a Philadelphia area college or university on Monday, October 5. Since the shooting last week at a community college in Oregon, the FBI has seen similar social media postings throughout the country. – Drexel University

We have been advised by ATF and the FBI that they have “no knowledge of any specific threat”. However, in an abundance of caution we are working closely with Federal and local Law Enforcement Agencies to monitor this unspecified threat. The Division of Public Safety has increased our police, security officer and CCTV patrols. – Univ. of Penn

Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)12:16:28 No.22989609▶>>22989676 >>22989718 >>22989734 >>22989758 >>22989777 >>22989782 Gonna fucking do it. Fuck society, fuck interaction that is literally 100% social constructs, fuck people, fuck the government. Tomorrow at 10:05 i will open fire at the university of Leiden. Not gonna tell you which faculty, thats up to you to guess. Shit's gonna go down, then i'm gonna go down. Going for the highscore. Only counts if suicide you cancerous fucks, get it right. >> Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)12:17:07 No.22989632▶ Quit being a fag >> Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)12:18:33 No.22989676▶>>22989707 >>22989609 (OP) oh shutup, you're gonna be one of those idiots who gets like 2 kills but injures 30 people.

in class right now beta uprising Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)15:11:10 No.22996081▶>>22996155 Im tired of all these people bullying betas like me tomorrow im gonna do something about it. I f you live on nor-cal don't go to school tomorrow! This is for the glory of betas everywhere! >> Anonymous 10/05/15(Mon)15:13:09 No.22996155▶ >>22996081 (OP) This is just routine now. Move along robots.In response to the threat, students in the area were expressing concern and said they were wondering what to do.

“Just because all of the recent things have been going on, it’s just scary to think it’s possibly going to happen on our campus,” said Mackenzie Leedy of Drexel University. “So I’m scared to actually leave my dorm tomorrow.”

“It’s just kind of scary because Drexel isn’t that safe of an area the way it is, just given its history, and the fact that we don’t know which school and it’s a very specific time,” said Amanda Stella, a junior at Drexel.

Most said they will be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

Schools are urging students and staff to be alert and report anything out of the ordinary. They said they’ll have extra campus police and security personnel on patrol supplemented by local police departments.

None have canceled classes, though, as much as some students would like them to:

FBI Warns Philly-Area Universities About

Side note:

Our country seems to be divided into two major groups in response to these fear mongering movements by government and media.

Those who feel helpless -probably because they’ve been taught to- and cry out for government to make more laws to protect them thinking that will somehow make them safe.

Those who decide to buy a gun and ammunition to protect themselves since they see the obvious failure of current laws to even phase the problem and realize more laws will make absolutely no difference.

The American people are easy to fool, how many people even noticed that CNN whitewashing of the shooters photo to make him look white instead of black? For that matter, since it has become know that he was an immigrant has anyone bothered to ask if he was a citizen or not? I can’t readily find that, maybe he was but it doesn’t seem to be being publicized much.

If the “authorities” really wanted to “err on the side of caution,” there missives would have been as follows:

“Attention Students and Faculty! Some mental patient has posted a threat of violence anonymously, online. PLEASE make sure you are carrying your defense weapon on campus today!”

Wanna bet these shootings would stop?

The MSM should be forced to start and end every news show with a news story of a citizen defending themselves against thugs.

THAT would drop the crime rate.

When we let this final, barely-hanging-on, “right” be taken away, we will truly deserve what comes next.






Beta-lactamase resistance legal definition of beta-lactamase

RESISTANCE. The opposition of force to force.
2. Resistance is either lawful or unlawful. 1. It is lawful to resist one who is in the act of committing a felony or other crime, or who maliciously endeavors to commit such felony or crime. See self defence. And a man may oppose force to force against one who endeavors to make an arrest, or to enter his house without lawful authority for the purpose; or, if in certain cases he abuse such authority, and do more than he was authorized to do; or if it turn out in the result he has no right to enter, then the party about to be imprisoned, or whose house is about to be illegally entered, may resist the illegal imprisonment or entry by self-defence, not using any dangerous weapons, and may escape, be rescued, or even break prison, and others may assist him in so doing. 5 Taunt. 765; 1 B. & Adol, 166; 1 East, P. C. 295; 5 East, 304; 1 Chit. Pr. 634. See Regular and Irregular Process.
3.-2. Resistance is unlawful when the persons having a lawful authority to arrest, apprehend, or imprison, or otherwise to advance or execute the public justice of the country, either civil or criminal, and using the proper means for that purpose, are resisted in so doing; and if the party guilty of such resistance, or others assisting him, be killed in the struggle, such homicide is justifiable; while on the other hand, if the officer be killed, it will, at common law, be murder in those who resist. Fost. 270; 1 Hale, 457; 1 East, P. C. 305.

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