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pesticides_spraying_mask_735_3501-735x350The chemical brew is sickening us all!

As if to corroborate a growing trend in rising autism rates, a senior research scientist from MIT has warned that of all children, a disquieting 50% will be autistic by 2025.

What’s the culprit? Monsanto’s best selling Round-Up containing glyphosate is top on the list.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who made these remarks during a panel presentation in Groton, MA, specifically cites the Monsanto herbicide, Roundup, as the culprit for the escalating incidence of autism and other neurological disorders. Roundup, which was introduced in the 1970’s, contains the chemical glyphosate, which is the focal point for Seneff’s concerns. Roundup was originally restricted to use on weeds, as glyphosate kills plants. However, Roundup is now in regular use with crops. With the coming of GMO’s, plants such as soy and corn were bioengineered to tolerate glyphosate, and its use dramatically increased. From 2001 to 2007, glyphosate use doubled, reaching 180 to 185 million pounds in the U.S. alone in 2007.

If you don’t consume corn- on- the -cob or toasted soybeans, however, you are hardly exempt from the potential affects of consuming glyphosate. Wheat is now sprayed with Roundup right before it is harvested, making any consumption of non- organic wheat bread a sure source for the chemical. In addition, any products containing corn syrup, such as soft drinks, are also carrying a payload of glyphosate.

According to studies cited by Seneff, glyphosate engages “gut bacteria” in a process known as the Shikimate pathway. This enables the chemical to interfere with the biochemistry of bacteria in our GI tract, resulting in the depletion of essential amino acids.

Monsanto has maintained that glyphosate is safe for human consumption, as humans do not have the shikimate pathway. Bacteria, however, does—including the flora that constitutes “gut bacteria.”

It is this ability to affect gut bacteria that Seneff claims is the link which allows the chemical to get on board and wreak further damage. The connection between intestinal flora and neurological functioning is an ongoing topic of research. According to a number of studies, glyphosate depletes the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine, which can then contribute to obesity, depression, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Monsanto disagrees. The food and chemical giant has constructed a webpage with links to scientific studies pronouncing the safety of glyphosate.

Other science writers have also taken up the Monsanto banner, scoffing at the scientific studies that prompted Seneff to make her claims. “They made it up!” pronounced Huffpost science writer Tamar Haspel, in an article thin on analysis but heavy on declarative prose.

Others, such as Skeptoid writer and PhD physicist Eric Hall, take a more measured approach, and instead focus on the studies which prompted the glyphosate concerns. According to Hall, Seneff is making an error known as the “correlation/causation error,” in which causality is inaccurately concluded when there exists only the fact that two separate items—in this case, the increased use of glyphosate and the increased incidence of autism.

Seneff’s pronouncements focus specifically on the glyphosate issue. As we know, there are other potential tributaries which may be feeding the rise in autism and also causing age-related neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s. These may include contents of vaccines, aluminum cooking ware as well as other potential sources for chemical consumption.


Some individuals, such as M.D. and radio host Rima E. Laibow have speculated on the intentionality behind this ostensible chemical siege against our gray matter. Laibow believes that the impetus may be to create an entire class of autistic individuals who will be suited only for certain types of work.

This harks back, eerily, to Aldous Huxley’s classic Brave New World, in which individuals were preprogrammed from “conception” for eventual placement in one of five groups, designated as Alpha, Beta, and so on down to Epsilon, based on their programmed brain power. In Huxley’s dystopian world, this class delineation by intellectual ability enabled society to function more smoothly.

Whatever may driving the autistic/Alzheimer’s diesel train, one thing is for certain: the spectre of half of our children coming into the world with significant brain damage constitutes a massive and undeniable wound to humanity. The rate of autism has skyrocketed from roughly one in every two thousand in the 1970’s to the current rate of one in every sixty eight. Alzheimer’s has become almost universal in the elderly. Seneff’s predictions can only be ignored at grave risk to the human race.

The overuse of glyphosate in our food supply is causing diseases like Alzheimer’s, autism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and nutrition al deficiencies, among others. Seneff, a research biologist who has published over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles, and has studied these diseases for more than three decades, points to GMOs as a major contributor to neurological diseases in children.

At a recent conference, Dr. Seneff declared:

“At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”

Currently, one in every 68 children in the US is born with autism. It is currently the fastest growing developmental disability, with rates having increased by almost 120% since the year 2000. In ten years, the cost of treating those affected by autism will cost us $400 billion annually, in addition to the untold emotional costs which families pay daily to live with and support a child with autism.

Dr. Seneff noted that the symptoms of glyphosate toxicity closely resemble those of autism. She also presented data at the conference which shows an oddly consistent correlation between the use of Roundup on crops (and the creation of Roundup-ready GMO crop seeds) with rising rates of autism.

The correlation between the two include biomarkers such as zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate, seizures, and mitochondrial disorders.


A fellow panelist who was in attendance reported that after Dr. Seneff’s presentation:

“All of the 70 or so people in attendance were squirming, likely because they now had serious misgivings about serving their kids, or themselves, anything with corn or soy, which are nearly all genetically modified and thus tainted with Roundup and its glyphosate.”

Over 200 million pounds of glyphosate poison is a chemical attack on America

The following map, compiled by the USDA, shows the use of glyphosate across America:

Glyphosate-MapDr. Seneff pointed out that much of the food on grocery store shelves contains GM corn and soy, all with small amounts of glyphosate traces in them. This includes soft drinks sweetened with high fructose (and genetically modified) corn syrup, chips, cereals, candies, and even soy protein bars. Much of our beef and poultry is also fed a diet of GM corn and soy, which contain glyphosate traces as well.Think your bread is safe? Think again.

Wheat is often sprayed with Round Up chemicals just prior to harvest, which means unless your bread or wheat products are non-GM certified, and organic, they likely contain traces of glyphosate.

When you add it all up – we are dining on glyphosate in almost every food we eat, and it is causing serious illness. Dr. Seneff says that though the traces of glyphosate in each food may not be large, it is their cumulative effect that is of concern. Her worry seems well-founded considering that pregnant women have been found to have glyphosate in their blood and urine, and it has even showed up in fetal cells.

Furthermore, a relatively recent study showed that pregnant women living near farms where pesticides are applied have a 60% increased risk of children having an autism spectrum disorder.

Although glyphosate is not likely the only chemical to blame for increased autism rates, it tops the list of unsavory, neurologically-altering substances.

In addition to this toxic environment, there is a arguable link between vaccines and autism. A former CDC employee blew the lid off one such story finding the connection, and to it can be added other studies now showing a link between children’s exposure to pesticides and autism.

Add to glyphosate chemicals and vaccines which contain mercury – PCBs, PBDEs, and phthalates, and a perfect brew for autism rates to soar becomes apparent.

A few months ago, the USDA released a study finding that although there were detectable levels of pesticide residue in more than half of food tested by the agency, 99% of samples taken were found to be within levels the government deems “safe.” How can the government deem something safe if it has never been tested singularly – let alone how the effects from multiple exposures (PCBs, mercury, glyphosate, etc.) can devastate a child’s immune system and neurological soundness when considered together?

Though autism is a complex problem with many potential causes. Dr. Seneff’s data is particularly significant considering how close the correlation is—and because the claim is supported by a scientist with impeccable credentials.






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