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– Members of NGOs walk out of United Nations Climate Change Conference in arsaw.

Shakedown: Reports from the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, Poland, say that 132 nations walked out of the United Nations climate conference. Are they upset over global warming? No, they just want more money from rich countries.

As the U.N. Conference of the Parties droned on toward the end of its two-week meeting, “representatives of most of the world’s poor countries” staged a walkout over a compensation row.”

Environment and development groups together with young people, trade unions and social movements walked out of the UN climate talks in protest at what they say is the slow speed and lack of ambition of the negotiations in Warsaw.

Wearing T-shirts reading “Volveremos!” (We will return), around 800 people from organizations including Greenpeace, WWF, Oxfam, 350.org, Friends of the Earth, the Confederation and ActionAid, handed back their registration badges to the UN and left Poland’s national stadium, where the talks are being held.

Frustration with the climate talks has grown in the past two years but progress in this year’s conference of the parties (COP) has seen negotiations deadlocked in technical areas, and rich and poor countries at loggerheads over compensation and money. Anger has also mounted over the perceived closeness of governments to industrial lobbies, and because several developed countries have reneged on their commitments to cut emissions.

“Movements representing people from every corner of the Earth have decided that the best use of our time is to voluntarily withdraw from the Warsaw climate talks. This will be the first time ever that there has been a mass withdrawal from a COP,” said a WWF spokesman.

unfccc-gag-indonesia1The photos in the exhibit were on display at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Warsaw at the IBON International booth.  The name of the exhibit was titled Neoliberal Globalization and Climate Chaos.  This exhibit took  place during the High Level Sessions of the UNFCCC meeting.

“Warsaw, which should have been an important step in the just transition to a sustainable future, is on track to deliver virtually nothing. We feel that governments have given up on the process,” he said.

More specifically, they quit because they felt the rich countries weren’t pouring enough money into their treasuries — from where it typically ends up in the hands of a kleptocratic ruling class.

That, of course, is almost entirely what the global warming scare is about: wealth transfer.

The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change does not exist to save the planet, foster environmental sustainability or protect man from himself.

The IPCC exists to move wealth from rich countries that earned it through free or almost-free markets to poor nations that can’t reach prosperity because their governments are run by socialists, statists and assorted tyrants.

Of course the IPCC exists in part to provide top-dollar jobs, and positions of influence and power for political functionaries and the well-connected who aid them.

But such a group needs a “mission” to justify its being.

The poor countries “served” by the IPCC want the rich nations’ dollars purely out of greed. They are abetted by Western officials and political activists who see the global-warming charade as a way to punish prosperous nations for the crime of being wealthy.

cecilia-rodriguez“The Polish government has done its best to turn these talks into a showcase for the coal industry. Along with backsliding by Japan, Australia and Canada, and the lack of meaningful leadership from other countries, governments here have delivered a slap in the face to those suffering as a result of dangerous climate change,” said Kumi Naidoo, director of Greenpeace International.

Hoda Baraka, global communications director for 350.org, said they were walking out because lobbying from fossil fuel companies was impeding progress at the talks.

“It has become quite flagrantly obvious that progress to reach any legally binding climate treaty is being obstructed by the lobbying forces of the fossil fuel industry. As we can see from this COP, they’ve had a very strong presence before and during.”

On Thursday, Marcin Korolec, the Polish environment minister presiding over the talks was sacked in a cabinet reshuffle, in an apparent move to accelerate shale gas operations in Poland.

Winnie Byanyima, director of Oxfam International, said: “We are walking out of these talks because governments need to know that enough is enough. People around the globe have a right to know about the desperate state of these negotiations. The stakes are too high to allow governments to make a mockery of these talks.”

Angry that capitalism has brought prosperity, these Westerners want to ensure that the U.S. is no longer an exceptional nation — just one among many stagnant countries that merely get by. They seek an equality among countries through an elaborate scheme fueled by junk science, shrieking alarms and outright fraud.

But one wealthy nation’s government might actually get it.

Australia’s representatives have treated the U.N. meeting with the irreverence and contempt that it so richly deserves. We wish others, including our own, would act as rationally.






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