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2a-no-exceptionsBecause the feds rely heavily on state and local law enforcement assistance to enforce federal measures, passing a state law banning such assistance will make federal gun control “nearly impossible to enforce.”


Moving forward, it is clear that we have numerous opponents to contend with if we are to make further gains.

One of the biggest and most significant detractors were state and local law enforcement. Despite the fact many agencies claim they support the right to keep and bear arms, they had no qualms about opposing their state’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) bill. Some sheriffs declared they would even violate state law to infringe on your gun rights. For many, protecting the Second Amendment would mean risking the loss of all the cool toys they get from the feds via police militarization programs.

At the same time, there are still those who believe in adhering to the Constitution, and the Tenth Amendment Center will continue to identify and reach out to those who support our efforts.

The other group standing in our way are the quislings from the “pro gun” Republican party. While Vichy Republican Governor Bullock vetoed Montana’s version of SAPA, mainstream GOP members chairing committees where SAPA bills were being considered refused to push them through for a floor vote.

The only way to overcome this kind of opposition is to create a groundswell of grassroots support that overwhelms the law enforcement lobby and makes wishy-washy politicians fear for their political lives.

This strategy takes a step-by-step approach, with each step building on the last, until all federal gun control is nullified in practice within the state.


All states (except Alaska, Idaho, and Tennessee) should pass this legislation.

In the first step, the state bans enforcement of any future federal gun acts, laws, orders, regulations, or rules. (We’ll call these “measures” from here on out) This legislation prohibits a state from taking any action, or providing any resources, to enforce or assist in the enforcement of future federal gun measures. Idaho was the first state to pass step one as law (S.1332), with Gov. Otter signing it in March 2014.

STEP 2-3: Ban enforcement of specific current federal gun control, expanding to all in the future. Idaho and Alaska should pursue these steps

The second step bans state enforcement of specific current federal gun measures. This builds on step one by including one or more significant federal measures currently on the books. For instance, a bill introduced in Louisiana in 2014 would have authorized possession of short-barrelled firearms without federal registration.

The third step prohibits state enforcement of all federal gun measures, current and future.

gun controlLOCAL: City and County Resolution/Ordinance Banning Local Assistance to Federal Gun Control Measures (pdf here)

All local communities can begin this process immediately. With some sheriffs already announcing that they will not participate in the enforcement of new federal gun control, the time is now to get that on the books – so that a future sheriff (or police chief) can change course.

Without the cooperation of the states, no federal gun control law can succeed.

Model ordinance for Kansas

Model ordinance for Alaska

Model ordinance for communities in all other states

TAKE ACTION: Contact your state rep AND senator – and urge them to introduce this legislation for your state.

Find your legislators’ contact info at this link.

BILL TRACKINGat this link.


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