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Video above: Palestinian child bleeds on ground from head wound while Israeli Police & Civilians Watch, Shouting Insults. “Die, you son of a whore!! Die!!” shouted Israeli men at a seriously wounded Palestinian child, who was left lying on the ground with blood pouring from his head, while police stood around him doing nothing. One of the officers repeatedly pushed the boy down with his foot, whenever he tried to sit up.


Ahmad Saleh Manasra was aged-13 when accused of attempted murder involving an alleged stabbing attack.

Israel is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It states adulthood begins at age 18. “Children are entitled to special care and assistance…including appropriate legal protection.”
Israel tries Palestinians aged 14 or older as adults, denying them legal protection international law requires.
Ambulance deliberately delayed– Photo: Child Killed and His Cousin Seriously Wounded Amidst Settlers’ Cry “Die” and “David Red Star” Ambulance Deliberate Delay:
Ahmad was aged 13 at the time of the attack – seriously injured after an Israeli driver ran him over with his car, unaccountable attempted murder, no charges filed.
 Video footage went viral, showing him lying helpless on the ground in pain, an Israeli bystander shouting: “Die, you son of a whore.” Another urged police to kill him. Others spat on him.
The incident claimed the life of Ahmad’s cousin, 15-year-old Hassan Manasra, murdered in cold blood by Israeli security forces.
Last November, leaked video of Ahmad’s interrogation showed him harshly treated, screamed at, intimidated, terrorized, accused of attempted murder, his legal rights as a child ignored.
Israel’s justice ministry wants legislation enacted, allowing (Palestinian) children young as 12 to be tried and imprisoned if convicted of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter.
Israel already treats Palestinian children like adults, denying them rights afforded Jews.
Last October, a Jerusalem district court charged Ahmad with two counts of attempted murder. He denied involvement in what happened.
Israeli law stipulates children under age 14 can’t be imprisoned. Trial proceedings were delayed until after Ahmad’s 14th birthday.
Palestinian Prisoners in Israel Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs lawyer Tariq Barghouth called convicting him “contestable,” saying the ruling will likely be appealed, adding:
“We hope the Supreme Court will view this humanitarian case differently” from the district one, Ahmad’s wrongful conviction more evidence of “double standard” justice.
Sentencing hasn’t so far been announced. Ahmad faces up to 20 years in prison for a crime he insists he didn’t commit.
Guilt by accusation is automatic in how justice is dispensed for Palestinians. Institutionalized racism denies them all rights.



Ahmad Saleh Manasra

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