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Bilderberg-DresdenThe secretive Bilderberg Group is set to discuss plans to implement an Internet ID to eviscerate anonymity on the web as well as a global tax on financial transactions and air travel.

The clandestine organization is meeting now until June 12th for their annual meeting at the Taschenbergpalais Kempinski hotel in Dresden, Germany.

According to source, the creation of a virtual passport that web users will need to obtain before they can use many Internet services is high on the agenda.

In the U.S., the government has been fighting to control the internet with various bills including SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and CISPA A 2.0. In the U.K., a hate crime laws just passed that will allow the internet censorship in the United Kingdom and free  speech. The Internet ID law has already been proposed by the European Commission, while in the U.S. back in 2011 the same ID system was proposed by Obama .

ADL_Internet_CensorshipThe Internet ID will be justified under the guise of “cybersecurity” and creating a convenient method for citizens to access government services, but free speech advocates will view the proposal with deep suspicion as it would threaten online anonymity and possibly chill dissent.

The accusation that Bilderberg wants to censor free speech should be surprising to anyone, considering their abusive treatment of journalists covering their event.
Implementation of such a law globally would have a chilling effect on peaceful dissent as well as give social media owners a way to permanently ban users who break their terms of service agreements.

With a recent discussion where tech giants said they were going to tackle online hate speech in 24 hours it should scare the hell out of everyone. Freedom of speech is on life support – and a law allowing the government to know everything you purchase online, every website you visit would further create an Orwellian dystopia in society.

Services such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter could also use the online passport to revoke posting permission if a user violates terms of agreement, another obvious threat to the free flow of information that has made the web what it is today.

As reported last week, a project by the European Union Commission which is being spearheaded by former communist official Andrus Ansip is pushing an Internet ID system that will track what people buy and what they say online.

Last year, it also emerged that the Communist Chinese government was involved in setting up a huge “social credit” database that would rank citizens based on their “trustworthiness.” A pilot project called Sesame Credit, run by Chinese corporate giant Alibaba, is already monitoring social media activity to give citizens a social credit score based on their buying history and, according to come critics, their political views.

Bilderberg globalists are also set to re-invigorate momentum behind another long term goal – a global tax system presided over by the UN.

A tax on oil at the well-head, a supplementary charge for international financial transactions, and a green tax on all air and sea travel will be sold to the public under the disguise of addressing environmental concerns and helping people in third world countries. What everyone is missing though, is that a Global Tax would need a global government to operate it. Enter the friendly folks at the United Nations.

The Panama Papers will also be cited as a reason to impose the global tax on large corporations, although the costs will inevitably be passed on to the public. The first incarnation of the project will take the form of a “global body on tax cooperation,” which will be overseen by the United Nations.

The tax will be sold to the public as a means of addressing environmental concerns and helping destitute people in the third world, although whether those reasons are enough to convince anyone remains to be seen.

The topic of Brexit – Britain’s vote to leave the European Union – will also be a key focal point of Bilderberg’s discussions.

Specifically, Bilderberg will explore what options it has should the ‘leave’ camp emerge victorious. The European Union has previously quashed national referendums on further EU political integration by either changing the name and making citizens vote again, or simply ignoring their vote altogether.

The Elite can’t have their New World Order with us in the way – too many people are waking up and turning to alternative media and  not trusting the main stream media anymore. Only 40% of Americans trust the media — and that number may be far lower.







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