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eurosastoryEurosatory, the largest exhibition of Land and Air-land Defense and Security in the world.

Eurosatory is an international defence and security industry trade show that is held every two years in Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris. In 2014 it had over 1000 exhibitors and over 55,700 visitors. It is organized by COGES in partnership with the French Ministry of Defense. The event in 2010 was the tenth Eurosatory exhibition. The first was held in 1992, at Le Bourget.

This show succeeded earlier shows organized since 1967 by the French military procurement agency at the Camp Satory, thus the name.[1]

Eurosatory covers all aspects of Land and Air-land Defence linked to a significant Security section, both integrated in a technology continuum.

From equipment basic presentations in Satory Military Camp to the International Defence Exhibition in Paris


Eurosatory, Defence and Security
The Land and Airland Solution

The Technology continuum: all aspects of Land and Airland Defence, plus a strong Civil and Homeland Security focus

The entire Supply Chain: operational systems, raw materials, prime contractors’ finished products, in all Defence & Security areas

Life-size Presentation of equipment and weapons systems at stands and in action during Live Demonstrations to boost Exhibitor visibility and promote their products

A unique Platform for meetings, talks and purchasing between major industrial prime contractors and subcontractors, and between buyers and suppliers

Exceptional attendance by high-level Visitors, (decision-makers, contract givers and key influencers, etc.) invited by the Organizer who welcome them personally

A Forum for ideas where the Future of Defence and Security is prepared: conferences and workshops (trends analysis and feedback), Think Tanks and Strategy consulting, etc.


Non Eurosatory

Non EurosatoryMilitarism and the arms trade are harming us and our world.

Arms exports fuel violence and wars, and new international arms races. One major event in the arms trade calendar is Eurosatory. These arms fairs are organised every two years in Paris and boast over 1000 exhibitors, including the major arms manufacturers and buyers from every continent. Eurosatory next takes place on 13-17 June 2016.

Quakers at the peace vigil, Eurosatory 2014, Photo: Karina Knight

Quakers at the peace vigil, Eurosatory 2014, Photo: Karina Knight

Quakers have been conducting a vigil at Eurosatory for many years. However they are almost a lone presence. Unlike the huge opposition to DSEI in London, very few groups speak out at this event.

The organisers of the Eurosatory peace witness are planning a visually interesting message to raise public awareness and encourage arms dealers to think about how else they could apply their technological and businesses skills. The arms trade employs very capable people; instead of preparing for war their businesses could be helping humanity meet the challenge of climate change and real security. The Quaker group at Eurosatory 2016 hopes to open dialogue with individual participants, confident that some will converse with them as they did last year.

Anyone is welcome to join the vigil at the arms fair next year, and can take part for the whole week or just a couple of days. Anyone interested in joining the vigil can email karinaknightartist [at] gmail.com.


What has Eurosatory got to do with the EU?

In recent years the European Council (heads of government from the 28 Member States) have supported measures to help to expand their arms industries, including ensuring the development of skills needed for the arms industry. The written conclusions from the December 2013 European Council meeting predicted that this would “bring benefits in terms of growth, jobs and innovation to the broader European industrial sector”. This argument is familiar: it is often made by arms trade lobbyists.

However, this argument should not be used for a sector that produces tools for violence. It is inconsistent with the notion of the EU as a peace project. European weapons have been used recently against civilian populations in the Middle East and North Africa, and also further afield, in Sri Lanka and Colombia. Whilst EU member states have avoided war with EU borders, Europe is still fuelling conflict overseas for profit.

Eurosatory History:

Before 1960: equipment in use or on test is displayed every year by the “Section Technique de l’Armée de Terre” (French military procurement agency) at the Camp Satory.  Military Camp, close to Versailles. One day is allocated to the Military Attachés from foreign Embassies in Paris.

1967: an exhibition is organised every two years by the Délégation Générale pour l’Armement (French Procurement Agency) and bring together some 30 French Defence manufacturers for 3 days: Satory I to XII (1967 – 1990).

1991: the organization of the exhibition is transferred to the newly-created GICAT (the French Land Defence Manufacturers Association).

1992: the much acclaimed first “European Exhibition for Land Defence Equipment” is held at the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre and is named “Eurosatory“: GICAT’s subsidiary COGES (General Commission for Events and Exhibitions) is created.

1994: North-American Exhibitors join the Exhibition along with Western European Union (WEU) and European Free-Trade Area (EFTA) countries. This endowes Eurosatory with its international reputation.

1996: with the worldwide extension of the event, Eurosatory grows into the “International Exhibition for Defence Equipment“. Exhibitors come from the 5 continents.

2000: Eurosatory becomes the “International Exhibition for Land and Airland  Defence.”

2002: The Exhibition moves to the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

2008: As an exhibition dedicated to Land and Air-land Armament, Eurosatory becomes the “International Land and Airland Defence and Security Exhibition” with a specific scheme: “Shaping Tomorrow’s Defence.”

June 2016: “Land Security & Defence International Exhibition” Eurosatory is “The Land and Airland Solution.”



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