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The proposed Project changed the land use designations for a limited number of private parcels in the communities of Alpine, Cuyamaca, Julian, and Campo/Lake Morena, totaling approximately 400 acres that are adjacent to former Forest Conservation Initiative Lands (FCI) lands. This action is intended to consider changed circumstances and to ensure that these lands are designated in a manner consistent with the changes proposed for the former FCI lands.


On December 8, 2010 the Board of Supervisors directed staff to prepare a General Plan Amendment for the Forest Conservation Initiative Lands (FCI) consistent with the adopted General Plan land use designations. The FCI was a voter-approved initiative which required that private lands within the Cleveland National Forest in San Diego County have a minimum lot size of 40 acres. The FCI was originally approved in 1993 and expired on December 31, 2010. The land use map changes adopted as part of the General Plan Update did not include FCI lands. When the FCI expired, the areas affected by the FCI reverted to the land use designations in effect before the FCI was enacted. As a result, the General Plan Update land use designations, Guiding Principles and Policies are not consistent with those currently applied to the former FCI lands.

project-overview-www-sandiegocounty-gov-2016-09-16-13-24-06Click to enlarge pg. 8 Forest Conservation Initiative Lands draft plan – County of San Diego

Primary components of the Project at this time include:

  • Land Use Map Revisions for approximately:
    • 71,300 acres of private-owned lands that were subject to the former Forest Conservation Initiative (FCI) within the Alpine, Central Mountain, Desert, Jamul/Dulzura, Julian, Mountain Empire, North Mountain, Pendleton-DeLuz, and Ramona planning areas; and
    • 400 acres of adjacent properties
  • Amendments to the Alpine, Central Mountain, Jamul/Dulzura, and North Mountain Community Plans
  • Zoning changes, when applicable, to ensure zoning consistency of the land use designations changes
  • Removal of the FCI Appendix to the General Plan

Julian Land Use Maps

julian-land-use-maps-www-sandiegocounty-gov-2016-09-15-13-11-03Click to enlarge Julian – County of San Diego

julian-land-use-map1-www-sandiegocounty-gov-2016-09-15-13-11-58Click to enlarge Julian – County of San Diego

 Cuyamaca Land Use Map



cuyamaca-mapAll San Diego Areas:

FCI-GPA Land Use Map Alternatives

Community No Project: Proposed
Land Use Alternatives
General Plan
Alpine Alternative Mid-density Modified
FCI Condition
Countywide COUNTY-ext COUNTY-propproj COUNTY-alp. alt COUNTY-mid COUNTY-modfci
Alpine AL-ext AL-propproj AL-alp. alt
AL Village 
AL-mid AL-modfci
Central Mountain CM-ext CM-propproj Same as  Proposed Project CM-mid CM-modfci
Cuyamaca CU-ext CU-propproj Same as  Proposed Project CU-mid CU-modfci
Descanso DSC-ext DSC–propproj Same as  Proposed Project DSC-modfci
Desert DS-ext DS-propproj Same as  Proposed Project
Jamul/Dulzura JD-ext JD-propproj Same as  Proposed Project JD-modfci
Julian JL-ext JL-propproj Same as  Proposed Project JL-modfci
Lake Morena/
LM-ext LM-propproj Same as  Proposed Project LM-modfci
Mountain Empire ME-ext ME-propproj Same as  Proposed Project
North Mountain/
Palomar Mountain
NM-ext NM-propproj Same as  Proposed Project NM-mid Same as  Proposed Project
Pendleton-DeLuz PD-ext PD-propproj Same as  Proposed Project
Pine Valley PV-ext PV-propproj Same as  Proposed Project
Ramona RM-ext RM-propproj Same as  Proposed Project






Project Contact: Robert Citrano,- Robert.Citrano@sdcounty.ca.gov, (858) 694-3229

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