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fukushimaTo those of us familiar with the Fukushima Plume Gate cover-up the recent news that cancer is soon to be the number one killer in the U.S. comes as no surprise. Indeed, when our government and media hide the reality of the ongoing plumes and fallout from Fukushima and when no warnings are given to the public (rainwater, green leafy vegetables, milk, rainwater) the only logical conclusion is that the death toll will be very high. By one projection U.S. fatalities related to Fukushima will be around 1.3 MILLION Americans by the year 2030. This number rings true with the claim that deaths by cancer will become the number one killer in the U.S. by the year 2030, as found in a November, 2016 report from CNN that cites a study by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

(Below: from the Bobby1 fatality index study, post-Fukushima)

15 bobby1

thyroid chernobyl

Also, when the EPA raised permissible levels of radiation in our drinking water it only served to further hide from the public the awful truth: Fukushima is 100 fold what Chernobyl was and the American government, in collusion with the Operation Mockingbird media, has successfully hidden the reality of Fukushima fallout from the public at large.

Of course mainstream media cannot and will not give us the facts, instead continuing the cover-up by relying on a plethora of causes for this new projection OTHER THAN NUCLEAR FALLOUT. Cigarette smoking, poor eating habits, lack of exercise and other excuses fall short of the obvious true cause: an inordinate amount of fallout has inundated America since the Fukushima disaster unfolded in March of 2011. One common thread among articles and videos that center on cancer in the U.S. is that fallout is never mentioned as a possible cause….how can this be?

(Below: from the NRC’s FOIA documentation…officials worried about the consequences of moving navy ships out of the path of a ‘repeated plume event’ simply chose to keep running models and changing variables until one was produced in which ships did not need to be moved. As a result Navy personnel suffered myriad cancers due to exposure, cancers that could have been avoided.) 

11 navy ships

For those willing to face reality you have only to read my book titled “Something Wicked This Way Comes: The Story of Plume-Gate, The World’s Largest, Provable Cover-Up.” Inside my free document you can read Freedom of Information (FOIA) transcripts from emails, recorded phone conversations and conversations from the NRC’s ‘situation room’ that reveal an orchestrated effort to hide from Americans the awful truth of this monumental catastrophe. The NRC, the Obama administration and other agencies such as DHS and FEMA, new full-well the danger Americans faced from the repeated plumes and fallout from Fukushima and yet did their best to hide this truth from the public.

The consequences of high levels of radioactive fallout in the U.S. are not able to be hidden from Americans, thus the recent admission that Cancer will be the number one killer in the U.S. by the year 2030, if it is not already.

What you need to know are two things:

  1. fallout from Fukushima did reach the U.S. in record levels and
  2. multiple alphabet agencies and the Obama administration, acting in an orchestrated manner, conspired to hide this truth from the public

Clearly a crime has been committed and the ramifications can be seen in the cancer centers springing up all over the U.S., a result of exploding cancer rates due to radioactive fallout.

Since our government and media have no intention of telling the truth to Americans (as far away as France issued rainwater and green leafy vegetable warnings and as far away as Lithuania detected aerosolized plutonium from Fukushima) it is the duty of the public itself to get the word out on this horrific crime…if not we are doomed to repeat this type of disaster, whether from another one of Japan’s many reactors or from one of our own right here in the U.S.. Interestingly enough, evidence from the NRC’s FOIA documentation revealed that both the NRC and the Obama administration are well aware that we have MANY non-seismically qualified spent fuel pools right here in the U.S…is this not a matter of National Security?

Sadly, I must finish by reporting that not a single party that put forth a candidate for President in 2016 dared mention the facts I have elaborated above nor mentioned the evidence contained in my book. Thus there never has been and there will never be a discussion of the only obvious course of action to be taken in light of our current nuclear crisis: the systematic shut-down and decommissioning of all nuclear plants here in the U.S. AND in Japan.


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