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“This is going to be a very expensive war, and Victory is not guaranteed ― for anyone,”

Just hours after the terror attacks on 9/11/01, Hunter S. Thompson wrote an article for ESPN entitled Fear & Loathing in America. In it, he made some disturbingly accurate predictions, this one by far the most chilling:

“The towers are gone now, reduced to bloody rubble, along with all hopes for Peace in Our Time, in the United States or any other country. Make no mistake about it: We are At War now — with somebody — and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives. It will be a Religious War, a sort of Christian Jihad, fueled by religious hatred and led by merciless fanatics on both sides. It will be guerilla warfare on a global scale, with no front lines and no identifiable enemy.”

Though Thompson put the death toll for that day at 20,000 (I’m guessing based on flawed reports going around that day), I couldn’t help but wonder if the good doc, in his infinite, drugged-up wisdom, was alluding to the lives that would be lost because of what had happened that day. He goes on to say: “We are going to punish somebody for this attack, but just who or what will be blown to smithereens for it is hard to say. Maybe Afghanistan, maybe Pakistan or Iraq, or possibly all three at once.” Indeed, America has made its presence known in all three of those countries over the last 12 years, exact death tolls unknown.

We’re still fighting the last war (throwing Cold War money at countries that barely have electricity), still warding off the last attack (screening shoes and underwear at airports), still looking back in fear, but failing to avert the unavoidable. Domestic terror hit us again last week, and I don’t believe there could have been anything done to stop it. To limit its damage, yes (perhaps it could not have been so easy for those boys to obtain guns–thanks, Senate!), but ultimately we’ll always be At War with the sick minds among us.

When terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, no one knew exactly what the future would hold.

However, writer Hunter S. Thompson turned out to be amazingly prescient.

– Photo: Hunter S. Thompson photographed at home on Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado

HST, in his essay hours after 9/11

It was just after dawn in Woody Creek, Colo., when the first plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City on Tuesday morning, and as usual I was writing about sports. But not for long. Football suddenly seemed irrelevant, compared to the scenes of destruction and utter devastation coming out of New York on TV.

Even ESPN was broadcasting war news. It was the worst disaster in the history of the United States, including Pearl Harbor, the San Francisco earthquake and probably the Battle of Antietam in 1862, when 23,000 were slaughtered in one day. The Battle of the World Trade Center lasted about 99 minutes and cost 20,000 lives in two hours (according to unofficial estimates as of midnight Tuesday). The final numbers, including those from the supposedly impregnable Pentagon, across the Potomac River from Washington, likely will be higher. Anything that kills 300 trained firefighters in two hours is a world-class disaster. And it was not even Bombs that caused this massive damage.

No nuclear missiles were launched from any foreign soil, no enemy bombers flew over New York and Washington to rain death on innocent Americans. No. It was four commercial jetliners. They were the first flights of the day from American and United Airlines, piloted by skilled and loyal U.S. citizens, and there was nothing suspicious about them when they took off from Newark, N.J., and Dulles in D.C. and Logan in Boston on routine cross-country flights to the West Coast with fully-loaded fuel tanks — which would soon explode on impact and utterly destroy the world-famous Twin Towers of downtown Manhattan’s World Trade Center.

Boom! Boom! Just like that. The towers are gone now, reduced to bloody rubble, along with all hopes for Peace in Our Time, in the United States or any other country. Make no mistake about it:

We are At War now — with somebody — and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives.

It will be a Religious War, a sort of Christian Jihad, fueled by religious hatred and led by merciless fanatics on both sides. It will be guerilla warfare on a global scale, with no front lines and no identifiable enemy. Osama bin Laden may be a primitive “figurehead” — or even dead, for all we know — but whoever put those All-American jet planes loaded with All-American fuel into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon did it with chilling precision and accuracy. The second one was a dead-on bullseye. Straight into the middle of the skyscraper. Nothing — even George Bush’s $350 billion “Star Wars” missile defense system — could have prevented Tuesday’s attack, and it cost next to nothing to pull off.

Fewer than 20 unarmed Suicide soldiers from some apparently primitive country somewhere on the other side of the world took out the World Trade Center and half the Pentagon with three quick and costless strikes on one day. The efficiency of it was terrifying. We are going to punish somebody for this attack, but just who or what will be blown to smithereens for it is hard to say. Maybe Afghanistan, maybe Pakistan or Iraq, or possibly all three at once. Who knows? Not even the Generals in what remains of the Pentagon or the New York papers calling for WAR seem to know who did it or where to look for them.

This is going to be a very expensive war, and Victory is not guaranteed — for anyone, and certainly not for anyone as baffled as George W. Bush. All he knows is that his father started the war a long time ago, and that he, the goofy child-President, has been chosen by Fate and the global Oil industry to finish it Now. He will declare a National Security Emergency and clamp down Hard on Everybody, no matter where they live or why. If the guilty won’t hold up their hands and confess, he and the Generals will ferret them out by force. Good luck. He is in for a profoundly difficult job — armed as he is with no credible Military Intelligence, no witnesses and only the ghost of Bin Laden to blame for the tragedy. OK. It is 24 hours later now, and we are not getting much information about the Five Ws of this thing. The numbers out of the Pentagon are baffling, as if Military Censorship has already been imposed on the media. It is ominous. The only news on TV comes from weeping victims and ignorant speculators. The lid is on. Loose Lips Sink Ships. Don’t say anything that might give aid to The Enemy.


Dr. Hunter S. Thompsons books include Hell’s Angels, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72, The Proud Highway, Better Than Sex and The Rum Diary. His recent book, Fear and Loathing in America, has been released. A regular contributor to various national and international publications. Before his untimely death in 2005, Thompson lived in a fortified compound near Aspen, Colo. His column, “Hey, Rube,” appeared each Monday on Page 2.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Conspiratorial 9/11 Interview: “The Public Version of the News is Never Really What Happened”

Having read almost everything the prolific Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author Hunter S. Thompson ever wrote, I don’t know if I would call him paranoid, per se. Nor do I know if I would call him not paranoid. He certainly trusted no entity with power, especially not governments, and really especially not the United States government. So by the time September 11, 2001 came around, he had little goodwill to spare for any of the major players involved in its aftermath.

A year later, Australia’s ABC Radio National got Thompson’s assessment of the situation. Host Mick O’Regan opens the now famous interview above by asking how he thought the U.S. media had performed in the new post-9/11 reality. “‘Shamefully’ is a word that comes to mind,” responds Thompson. “American journalism I think has been cowed and intimidated by the massive flag-sucking, this patriotic orgy that the White House keeps whipping up. You know if you criticise the President it’s unpatriotic and there’s something wrong with you, you may be a terrorist.” And does he think 9/11 “worked in favor of the Bush Administration?” For Thompson’s full answer, blogger Scratchingdog tracked down the original recording of the interview, not the edited version actually aired on ABC, and heard this:

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And I have spent enough time on the inside of, well, in the White House and you know, campaigns and I’ve known enough people who do these things, think this way, to know that the public version of the news or whatever event, is never really what happened. And these people I think are willing to take that even further, so I don’t assume that I know the truth of what went on that day, and yeah, just looking around and looking for who had the motive, who had the opportunity, who had the equipment, who had the will. Yeah, these people were looting the treasury and they knew the economy was going into a spiral downward.

9/11 conspiracy theorists have made much of this response and other Thompsonian analysis found in the unedited interview, going so far as to suggest that maybe — just maybe — the writer died three years later of something other than suicide. Given Thompson’s compulsion to speak truth to power, and sometimes to wave firearms around in front of it, any fan of his work can’t help but harshly scrutinize, and often pre-emptively dismiss, any and all “official stories” they happen to hear. We’ll never know whether Thompson would have approved of the “9/11 Truth” movement in the forms it has taken today, but they do share his spirit of creative distrust. And perhaps a touch of paranoia gave his writing its distinctive verve. Nobody moves into what they unfailingly describe as a “fortified compound,” after all, without at least a little bit of it.





  1. By: Cuneform
    09.11.2014 @ 4:15 PM

    Depp narrates this passage in that Gonzo documentary on his life that’s currently on the Netflix.

  2. By: IrishCream
    09.11.2014 @ 4:33 PM

    “Also, we’ll elect some black guy as president in 7 years. Okay, maybe I smoked too much peyote if I believe that…”

  3. By: japanesetable
    09.11.2014 @ 4:38 PM

    “It will be a Religious War, a sort of Christian Jihad, fueled by religious hatred and led by merciless fanatics on both sides. It will be guerilla warfare on a global scale, with no front lines and no identifiable enemy.”
    except that that didn’t really happen.

    • By: indieguy
      09.11.2014 @ 4:46 PM

      Idk that seems pretty spot on

    • By: onemanmob
      09.11.2014 @ 4:58 PM

      If anything he is 100% right. the Jihadist’s have no state and are very nomadic, meaning they can move freely through territories while the US and their allies get tied up in foreign policy red tape. On the flip side of that the American Government can pretty much point at anyone wearing a turban and scream “TERRORIST! GET EM!” and get a free pass at blowing up a fuck load of women and children because they happen to have a different belief system. The general public will go along with it because most of them don’t give two shits about a bunch of brown people on the other side of the planet.

    • By: onemanmob
      09.11.2014 @ 6:29 PM

      @TedStevens If you say so.

    • By: Shadowtag
      09.11.2014 @ 8:09 PM

      Having seen so many assholes immediately equate anything less than martial law on anything that’s not America with liberal extremism, I’m tempted to blow my brains out too.

    • By: japanesetable
      09.11.2014 @ 9:13 PM

      ahh, shadowtag – I wasn’t talking about america though. to suggest Christianity is america and only america went to war isn’t what happened.
      ted, you need to switch to chamomile.

    • By: DEVO
      09.12.2014 @ 12:38 AM

      Bin Laden’s own words: “Personally neither I nor my brothers saw evidence of American help.”

      He spoke English?

    • By: golfpanther
      09.12.2014 @ 4:54 PM

      Devo, yes he spoke English. He was taught by an Irishwoman named Breda O’Brien when he was 20.

  4. By: Cajun Boy
    09.11.2014 @ 4:51 PM

    It’s the internet, asshole. Just because you were on Deadspin earlier today doesn’t mean everyone else who reads this site was. And you don’t think other sites don’t post stuff they get from us? Gawker Media sites link back to us as sources all the damn time. It’s the way media has worked for decades. The New York Times writes about something, then so does the Washington Post, etc. Finally, go fuck yourself.

  5. By: Cajun Boy
    09.11.2014 @ 4:55 PM

    As I explained to someone on Twitter just now, there are no photos of Thompson available to us in the photo service archives we subscribe to (Getty Images and Shutterstock). We can’t just pull a photo of Thompson that pops up in a Google image search and use it like some jerkoff with a Tumblr can. We run the risk of getting sued by the photographer who took whatever photo we use, or by an agency that represents the photographer or his/her estate. That’s probably why many internet postings about HST use still from the movie rather than actual images of him.

  6. By: ElDiabloBlanco
    09.11.2014 @ 5:01 PM


  7. By: Cajun Boy
    09.11.2014 @ 5:05 PM

    Also, if you go back and look at your precious Deadspin post that I sourced, it didn’t originate there either. They got it from Glenn Greenwald. I’m sure they’re committing “Buzzfeed journalism at it’s finest” too by “straight up apeing shit,” right?

  8. By: fate.scion
    09.11.2014 @ 5:17 PM

    Truly a genius that must have watched the world news at least once, maybe twice.

  9. By: Pencil-Necked Geek
    09.11.2014 @ 5:22 PM

    I don’t know about you, Baltimore Dan, but I, personally, don’t have the time or inclination to visit all the websites every day. So if stories are “shared,” that’s pretty helpful to me.

  10. By: Nerd Convocation
    09.11.2014 @ 5:57 PM

    “It’s the internet, asshole. Just because you were on Deadspin earlier today doesn’t mean everyone else who reads this site was.”

    +1. That right there is why I come to this site. Awesome post. Haters always gonna haaaaate…..

    • By: CaptainCharisma
      09.11.2014 @ 8:38 PM

      Uproxx roxx my soxx!

  11. By: Rawhead Wrecks
    09.11.2014 @ 6:01 PM

    Hire a cartoonist to draw a caricature of any famous person you can’t get a photo of.

  12. By: Rawhead Wrecks
    09.11.2014 @ 6:05 PM

    btw, on the right-hand side of this page there is a link to another Uproxx article with a Hunter S. Thompson photo (and you link to that article in yours) but I understand possibly you didn’t want to re-use the same photo so soon.

    But seriously, there are probably plenty of people who’d draw a decent portrait of just about anyone and sign away their rights for $10.00.

  13. By: Howard J. Barnett
    09.11.2014 @ 7:13 PM

    “Not sure how Hunter S. Thompson was ever able to ever be lucid enough to achieve such spooky clairvoyance — what with his booze and cocaine-laden daily routine — but dude basically predicted the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks less than 24 hours after they happened”

    I suggest you start with Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail ’72, then on the The Great Shark Hunt. Hunter was extremely astute when it came to politics.

  14. By: SatanHimself
    09.11.2014 @ 8:49 PM

    Find a non-Google search engine and ask “Who benefited most from 9/11?” or perhaps “insider trading 9/11”.

    Now ask yourself exactly why the US invaded Iraq when most of the hijackers were Saudi…

    And then ask yourself at what point you just decided that you weren’t going to get up in arms about this because there are just far too many great TV shows on nowadays and Apple has a new wearable tracking device coming out and why hasn’t Obama just fixed all this yet…?

    • By: DEVO
      09.12.2014 @ 12:40 AM

      it’s the illuminati man! you know! the cabal of satanic christian higher ups who work with the jews to bring down world governments by working as part of the world government! they also fix fifa games and record beyonce albums… i think.

    • By: SatanHimself
      09.12.2014 @ 8:14 AM

      Yup… The new assassination is marginalization.

      If someone has the gall to point out that there is ample sufficient evidence that 9/11 was something that was completely preventable and in the 13 years since it happened it has been used as an excuse to strip citizens of their rights, then all you have to do is drop the words Illuminati, Zionist, Tinfoil and Conspiracy and all thoughts of dissent go away.

      Back to isolating yourself in front of a screen. Enjoy your binge-watching. Go shopping.

    • By: Alcoholics Gratuitous
      09.12.2014 @ 6:30 PM

      Stirring up these arguments makes me believe that you are satan, or at least mojo-jojo.

    • By: Joewilliesfumanchu
      09.13.2014 @ 9:44 PM

      @Alcoholics Gratuitous ……He’s not Satan himself, just the devil’s advocate

    • By: Nicatron
      09.12.2015 @ 12:05 AM

      @Joewilliesfumanchu Are you referring to that excellent documentary The Devil’s Advocate that laid out all of 9/11?

      John Milton: Don’t get too cocky my boy. No matter how good you are don’t ever let them see you coming. That’s the gaffe my friend. You gotta keep yourself small. Innocuous. Be the little guy. You know, the nerd… the leper… shit-kickin’ surfer. Look at me.
      [stops and pauses]
      John Milton: Underestimated from day one. You’d never think I was a master of the universe, now would ya?

      How did we miss the signs? From now on I will wear my tinfoil helmet to sleep at night. I don’t want to miss the obvious signs that another Twin Towers type attack would obviously be an inside job. Those lizard people are stealing my thoughts.

  15. By: Pastor Swope
    09.11.2014 @ 10:35 PM

    America became involved in this war in the 80s when Jihadists in Lebanon killed a bunch of Marines. It has been going on long before that, and we are just a bigger target. And it will be continuing long after we are dead in our graves. I love Hunter, but this is just as big of a knee jerk reaction on his part as others calling for blood.

  16. By: Hobo Spices
    09.11.2014 @ 11:29 PM

    Giving HST a handy on the Internet is so 2005.

  17. By: Don Rhoades
    09.11.2014 @ 11:46 PM

    @Cajun Boy Greenwald got it from me. Even he is slacking in his journalism these days. The bastage gave me no attribution, but nonetheless Hunter was heard today: [twitter.com]

  18. By: Joel Yantis
    09.12.2014 @ 12:13 AM

    Was going to repost, but what he said was so general it would be true no matter who was president. “Something big happened, people are mad, shit’s gonna go down.” No shit! Really?

  19. By: NotNotLickingToads
    09.12.2014 @ 12:27 AM

    You guys talking about Clark W. Grizman?

  20. By: Mike Tokars
    09.12.2014 @ 2:15 AM

    None of you deserve hands or fingertips or keyboards—Or anything else,for that matter, that gives one access to public forum in this foul Year of Our Lord two-thousand and fourteen. #resipsaloquitur

    p.s. It’s a great photo.—M.

  21. By: Rbitencourt USA
    09.12.2014 @ 3:50 AM

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  22. By: Alibertarianmind
    09.12.2014 @ 7:36 AM

    Never heard of Ron Paul I take it?

  23. By: SatanHimself
    09.12.2014 @ 8:19 AM

    Those of us who have studied History, Political Science and Sociology saw this coming a mile away.

    Everything that happened after 9/11 is a prime example of the corporate, military and government leaders following the rule “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    Insert standard jab against getting a “Liberal Arts Degree” as a way to marginalize independent thought amongst the herd.

  24. By: MistaMista
    09.12.2014 @ 10:17 AM

    “Not sure how Hunter S. Thompson was ever able to ever be lucid enough to achieve such spooky clairvoyance — what with his booze and cocaine-laden daily routine — but dude basically predicted the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks less than 24 hours after they happened”

    The man, apart from everything else society labeled him as, was first and foremost a journalist. And a damn good one at that. In fact, he was so good that he could get tanked on a clinic’s worth of drugs and produce an anthology’s worth of quality work. Unfortunately, society at large only seems to know him as some vague drug-fueled figure that a kooky Johnny Depp character was based on, which is the kind of audience I’m guessing that statement was aimed at.

    He predicted the aftermath because he was a keen political observer and had been in the game of writing on politics since most of our parents were still learning to roll joints. I’d even go so far as to say that his stream-of-consciousness, ‘gonzo’ reporting style helped shape informal writing styles (like this blog) and made the personal voice in a a news article a thing that could be respected. C’mon, it’s just too easy to start off with the drug thing for some kind of cheap laugh–it’s lazy writing. I suppose your editors want you to be ‘entertaining,’ in which case I don’t blame you for doing your job. But Thompson was a great American writer/thinker and I think should be respected as such. Anyway, thanks for posting. Maybe some of the kids’ll put down their Stephanie Meyer for a while.

    • By: ALXMAC
      09.14.2014 @ 8:24 PM

      +1 Get off my lawn

  25. By: Tom Degan
    09.12.2014 @ 10:29 AM

    The good doctor was always a step or two ahead of the rest of us – drugs and alcohol notwithstanding. The seeds of America’s eventual – inevitable – self destruction were sown on that nasty, unforgettable day. The mistake of sending a half-witted frat boy like George W. Bush to the White House in 2000 is being compounded with each passing month. One hundred years from now, the president – who won’t even be born for another half century – will still, on a daily basis, be dealing with the damage that the Bush Mob did to their once-great nation so many generations before. This is the legacy that these murderous assholes have left to posterity.

    Was this a great country or what!


    Tom Degan

    • By: Casey Rose
      09.12.2014 @ 12:26 PM

      Amen Tom! Truth being spoken here! It still smacks of some kind of conspiracy with all the peripheral tie-ins to the Saudis! Martial laws in the skies above U.S. but we need to fly the Saudis out for their safety? But after all, the conspiracy fallacy is shredded by the mere fact that the BUSH regime was in power and they would’ve had to come up with this stuff, and that is laughable!

  26. By: Bloody Lethal
    09.12.2014 @ 10:34 AM

    So basically a no shit scenario and then a swipe at President Bush all read in Johnny Depp’s voice?

    • By: Alcoholics Gratuitous
      09.12.2014 @ 6:33 PM

      I also imagined Benicio Del Toro saying, “Damn Right!” after each paragraph.

  27. By: Carl Spackler
    09.12.2014 @ 10:43 AM

    Um … pretty much everyone in America knew we were going to at minimum bomb the shit out of some brown people in retaliation. There is no great revelation here. I’m guessing the author of the article was too young to be paying attention to the news in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to realize this …

    • By: poonTASTIC
      09.15.2014 @ 11:01 AM

      Yes, but pre 9/11 I don’t recall 1/2 of our country associating all Muslims with terrorist as they do now. Nor does there appear to be an end in sight. Nor do we even know who the F we’re fighting most of the time or where they are located. So in that sense, yeah he was pretty spot on.

  28. By: Kubo
    09.12.2014 @ 1:34 PM

    Came to say exactly this, @K.G. Hunter S. Thompson truly is a soothsayer.

  29. By: Rel77
    09.12.2014 @ 1:46 PM

    Bin laden made it pretty clear from the beginning what the game plan was; draw us into Afghanistan and bleed us dry financially, which would lead to a collapse just like the Soviet Union. Since that didn’t work, this same approach continues in other parts of the Middle East and beyond. When you add Syria we will have open ended air wars in six different countries – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, with no end in sight. We need a different approach, one that’s strictly covert and doesn’t let ISIS use footage of American troops invading foreign countries, which is proaganda gold for them.

  30. By: TheCensoredMSol
    09.12.2014 @ 1:58 PM

    Seems like a real asshole to me. Way to come together with the rest of your countrymen, and put your politics and religious prejudices on hold for a day of two. Dick.

    Too bad this guy’s dead. More like Hunter Ass Thompson.

    • By: Sledge Rockwell
      09.12.2014 @ 3:11 PM

      How dare he be an honest voice instead of running to Walmart and buying as many US Flags (made in Korea) as possible to show his patriotism..

      What an asshat, amiright?

  31. By: Sam Uhrich
    09.12.2014 @ 2:20 PM

    Do the man some justice and use a photo of Hunter instead of Johnny Depp?

  32. By: Jeans Ambrose
    09.12.2014 @ 4:02 PM

    Hey guys, jihad means to struggle, strive and exert effort. It is a central and broad Islamic concept that includes struggle against evil inclinations within oneself, struggle to improve the quality of life in society, struggle in the battlefield for self-defense (e.g., having a standing army for national defense), or fighting against tyranny or oppression.

    Extremist Muslims who commit crimes like those carried out by al-Qaeda and now ISIL should be called criminals. We must not legitimize their actions by calling them jihadists.

    /dick joke

    • By: Alcoholics Gratuitous
      09.12.2014 @ 6:34 PM

      They are called criminals.

  33. By: Alcoholics Gratuitous
    09.12.2014 @ 6:35 PM

    I thought it was very astute calling attention to the price and longevity of this war, considering the powers that be were selling us on a swift decisive action that would liberate the Afghanis and Iraqis.

  34. By: jdgalt
    09.12.2014 @ 11:39 PM

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. This is Hunter’s, and he’s as stopped as you can get!

  35. By: Steve Guptill
    09.13.2014 @ 5:12 PM

    IT`S NOT HARD, I wrote into my high school day planner book they made us have, a prediction of the same future, nails who they are going to blame, and the body count from 9/11 and those were made within the hour of the attack.

    Howard Stern WOULD scream for blood, he is a ZIONIST MOUTH PIECE.

  36. By: Chris Mayer
    09.14.2014 @ 4:28 AM

    Actually Cajun Boy, Getty Images has a metric ton of images of Hunter S. Thompson available for editorial use. Your logic is flawed.

  37. By: Emmett Grogan
    09.14.2014 @ 7:11 AM

    I find it much harder to understand how what Thompson said wasn’t obvious to anyone over the age of 12

  38. By: chris dennis
    09.14.2014 @ 10:42 AM

    There were literally several people who predicted what would happen more accurately before and after 9/11. I mean after it was kind of obvious what would happen…

  39. By: Diwani Kamatoden
    09.14.2014 @ 10:56 AM

    If those enemies are real brave, why they are using other elements and conceal their true identities while kilny observe the reactions to their deceptive advertisements? I think their lack of good will is their problem and they want to know if others can beat that ghost/monsters in their minds and feelings! Oops they knew it already but they can’t reveal it to their peers?another advertisements pls!

  40. By: Tyler Witt
    09.15.2014 @ 5:55 AM

    Another stupid article whom’s title doesnt fit the material at all….You’re either a troll writer or have no idea about whats actually going on. “A Christian Jihad” Wtf?. Broad generalizations “afghanistan pakistan, or iraq” o ok how specific.

  41. By: Tyler Witt
    09.15.2014 @ 5:55 AM

    Either a troll writer or you have no idea about current world events.

  42. By: Katroxx
    10.10.2014 @ 9:39 PM

    Maybe he did drugs to take his mind off what he was seeing. It can be quite painful to be a remove viewer, even a spontaneous one, but that is old school original. They have something better now; RI. Perhaps he was clairvoyant which is the same thing in an earlier word. He was definitely entertaining.

  43. By: Philip Evaul
    09.11.2015 @ 6:18 PM

    Why in the world is Hunter S. Thompson writing/broadcasting for ESPN? He is not in the remotest way connected to the world of professional sports. WTF?

  44. By: The Rage Rifter
    09.12.2015 @ 8:00 AM

    …”Not sure how Hunter S. Thompson was ever able to ever be lucid enough to achieve such spooky clairvoyance — what with his booze and cocaine-laden daily routine…”

    You should seriously investigate someone before making a comment as the one above. His routine doesn’t matter, his mind does and he’s one of the sharpest there is, your arrogance at thinking you are a great human being is limiting your success.

  45. By: Jeff Collier
    09.12.2015 @ 8:06 AM

    Sure would like to know why this is viewed as “Prophetic” – Seems pretty freakin obvious too me. If you couldn’t connect these dots then you clearly were under a rock the last 20 years.

  46. By: Hugomarink
    09.12.2015 @ 3:48 PM

    It really wasn’t all that difficult to predict what would happen after 9/11 and after Bush decided to send troops into Iraq to finish the work his Dad started.

  47. By: John F. Nihen
    09.12.2015 @ 5:22 PM

    Americans reacted to 9/11 declaring “we are at war now,” presumably with Islamic terrorists. But those of us who have been paying attention knew that Islamic terrorists had been at war with US for decades by that point. Thompson is no different and is incorrect in asserting that this was a war the George HW Bush started, This conflict is from resentments brewing for centuries and finally spilling over into European and American streets after decades of buildup – one can say from the formation of Israel in the 1940s and not be far off – while American presidents have been ineffective in addressing the threat.

  48. By: Lizanne
    09.12.2015 @ 9:39 PM

    This didn’t require any special cosmic knowledge. Hunter Thompson, like many of us, just went through life choosing to see things as they really are. Many saw the war coming … and the lies. Hunter was smart but not psychic … he just kept it real.

  49. By: Cousin Avi
    09.13.2015 @ 6:46 AM

    “Sadly, I doubt anyone was more right at the time about what was to come.”

    Were you not familiar with the work of the most brutally honest political reporter working in America at that or any other time? Was there some other writer you would have expected to offer more insight or accuracy? HST had been chronicling and exposing American political venality since Nixon. There may arguably have been others from whom we might have expected half as much truth but they were too busy making sure they got invited to all the right cocktail parties.






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