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Latest Facebook Security Breach Compromises Privacy Of Millions Of Users

Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the most used social media out there, with millions of users every day. People use this platform to communicate with their friends, share events from their life by posting images, or making groups for important discussions.

Because the platform is so big, quite a lot of business owners decided to take that opportunity and advertise their business on facebook. While the platform was working really well, there has been a major security breach that compromised the accounts of many. The latest Facebook security breach compromised over 50 million accounts, and it could have been done with no skill of hacking at all, which is why many are really doubting in Facebook’s security.

How was it done?

Facebook always implements some new features, and while the “View As” feature was implemented quite a while ago, and it was used to exploit the system to gain access to someone’s account. By using the feature, one could request the system to give them a token which will grant free access to the account, and during this time, the hacker wouldn’t be asked to enter or change the password, which wouldn’t even alert the original owner of the compromised account, if it was left alone that is.

For many, the hacking of the accounts didn’t really cause any harm, however, there are definitely a couple of cases where some important private information was stolen, which is the main reason why the police has been involved. The Facebook representatives got aware of the situation on Thursday, and this system has been fixed immediately, however, there was no helping for the ones who got hacked as their info was already stolen.

Should you be worried for your information on facebook?

Because the breach has been dealt with, there is no need to panic over getting your account hacked or anything like that. You can continue using Facebook as you regularly have, and while your account is completely safe from the hackers and exploits of the system, you should still stick to some common rules of keeping your account safe.

What are easy ways to keep an account safe?

For starters, it is important that your password is strong enough, and preferably unique. A lot of people usually tend to put simple passwords such as abc123 or similar simplistic password. While Facebook already has some requirements when you are setting your password, such as not allowing you to use the same password multiple times in case your information got compromised in the past, it is important that you apply some additional rules to those for even better safety.

One of the best ways to generate a secure password is to use some kind of random generator, and because privacy is very important, you can find quite a lot of safe apps that will provide this top notch security of complicated and safe passwords.

However, if you are not willing to use a password generator app, you should consider that your password is at least 10 characters long, that includes both lower and upper case letters. Using numbers and symbols such as !@#$ among the other ones which can be typed by pressing SHIFT + a number from 1 to 10 will improve the security even more.

Having the password right is one of the most important steps to maximum security, however, it is only the tip of the iceberg of things that you should look out for. A lot of people usually tend to login to Facebook on various computers, it is really not a rare scenario where someone logs in on their friend’s computer while they are at their place, and sometimes this can compromise your account if they happen to have a virus which can potentially steal all the typed in passwords, including yours who you decided to use just to browse Facebook for a minute or two.

Another common mistake for Facebook users is that a lot of people actually decide to post certain notes or pictures for their own use only. While setting images under private on your profile will allow no other Facebook user to see them, it is important to know that if your account somehow does get compromised, they will have access to all of that information. If you really have something that other people shouldn’t be able to see or get access to, you should probably store that information somewhere else and not on the most popular social media platform which is a magnet for hackers as it is the biggest bank of private information on the internet.

While this one might be obvious, but you should really not allow anyone else besides yourself to use your Facebook account, or the device where you are logged in. A lot of people trust their friends, however, while rare, it can happen that they accidentally get your account hacked or compromised, which might even ruin your relationship even if they had no bad intentions.

Should you worry about using Facebook in the future?

Because we are living in a world where the majority of things are done online, it is only natural that there are going to be some security breaches here and there. Naturally, the owners of big platforms such as Facebook are always making security their top priority, and while it is sure that there will be none in the closer future, it cannot be said that there will be none later on, as the platform will have to evolve and implement some new features, which could again leave some holes in the security system.

Facebook is a social media platform, with a really huge base of users, and it is going to attract hackers. Some will try to break the system for the private information, and some will just try to do it because of bragging rights. Either way, any social media platform is probably not the best place to keep your most private information, hence why you should use those platforms only for amusement and communication with friends and family, but nothing too serious that could compromise your life.

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