Sideways flying’ — and hoping to transport the willing reader into the deepest folds of true attention.

Lisa and Duchess – Photo: Lisa Elkins and Duchess.

Investigative Journalist / Literary Agent / Intelligence Analyst / Polymath – emphasis on exposing corruption, rooting out scoundrels and advocating for judicial integrity.


‘Madness in the Magnolias’

Evidence-Based Journalism

Once the truth is known, theories naturally become obsolete.

  • Undercover news-gathering
  • Investigation and scrutiny of government and business practices and their effects
  • Collaboration with media, public interest groups, legal organizations, etc. and with fundraising.
  • Create, network and manage: website, television, radio, social media platforms.
  • Produce high-impact multimedia output
  • Experienced with the practices and culture of oversight committees
  • Interviews with on-the-record sources as well as interviews with anonymous sources, and whistleblowers
  • Wikileaks Research Team
  • Federal, and state Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents and data from government agencies, laws and requests and using investigate databases for untold stories for high-impact news.
  • SEC filings; records of criminal, civil and regulatory proceedings; real property records, corporate filings and other US and public records and information sources.
  • Information retrieval, interviewing, analysis and report writing
  • Interact with public interest groups, reporters, academics, law professionals, Congressional staffers, etc. and use the social media presence and the utilization of websites and services, fundraising, and regularly monitor reports and studies identifying State, local and federal programs.
  • Analysis of documents, such as lawsuits, legal documents, tax records, government reports, regulatory reports, and corporate financial filings
  • Databases of public records
  • Collaborative work style

Intelligence Analysis

• Planning, collection, exploitation and analysis, dissemination and reporting.
• Specific vulnerability assessments; gathering information based on objectives, identifying gaps in information gathering, and prioritizing.
• Research, review, edit, plan, prepare, integrate, and publish intelligence.
• Threat-based intelligence – identifying risks to security and mitigation
• Leveraging local and national intelligence databases, analyzing intelligence collected in the field and developing fact-based conclusions and intelligence reports


media maven2‘Media Maven’
Jedi Strategies for Social Media Management

  • Polymath
  • Identify the most suitable social media for effective marketing
  • Collect vast armies of followers
  • Drive prospects and leads via integrated online communications including social media, blogs, website content, etc.
  • Utilize various social media channels efficiently via website content management systems, blogging, and other social media tools
  • Increase the search value of the company and or individual website
  • Develop strategies for overall social media communications
  • Networking/branding recruitment/developed and supervision
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Keen understanding of social networks
  • Manage multiple external vendors providing strategy and content
  • Strong collaborative skills and flexibility in fulfilling multiple roles
  • Building solid partnerships with clients based on mutually determined objectives
  • Customer management, promotion, support, and coordination of social media functions, and integrated online communications.
  • Filter information across departments to provide support and rapid social media response
  • User Generated Content

dealer in words1

There is beauty and imperative witness everywhere.



… and more importantly


I know it’s so cliche but it is truer than true.

My greatest accomplishment:’ I am the proud mother of two super great, smart, funny, beautiful children. The most important lessons are the ones I have learned from my children; it’s a beautiful world, it’s a wonderful world. We are immortal beings just playing out a role.
We just forgot who we are.

Three things

Favorite subjects: sex and sensuality, history, politics, the lone voice reaching out to the world for camaraderie, integrity, family and getting as close as possible.


Every article on this website is public domain and can be re-posted in full. Just mention this web site by linking back to the original article here.

Thank you!



15 thoughts on “Profile”

  1. Lisa. Thanks for the good work on behalf of the public interest. If you wish a bit of a story which is often censored, but which costs North Americans billions of dollars (per week arguably), here is a quick look at one which is hidden in plain sight, but as I said not often allowed to be openly shared.


  2. thank you for v.good working team,the public ,.link it es


  3. Nancy Mudd said:

    Lisa-First time to your site. I read your ELINT article. I can see you put in quite a bit of effort, but if I could comment, you really should do more research/cross-research and use current references. It is difficult to write about subjects you have no knowledge on and unfortunately a great deal that you wrote is just not correct. There are a large number of current references that you can access to learn more about this fascinating topic. [A topic dear to my heart you might find very, very interesting to look into….. look at the ‘United Nations Development Program’ and all the counter productive — detrimental things they do with bad state actors] Good luck hunting!


  4. Hey Smartest Person in the world and our lady of perpetual legitimacy. A few of my nicknames for you in the most sincere and superlative manner.damn a guy could never lament praises and Laudable endorsements of largesse. Thanks PSA or For legal purposes..this was not either a rouge rechecked Catholic crusader coup de facto nor cause of Blessed Lisa Leaks canonization #MAGA you already have


  5. translators kiev


  6. Andreevsky descent


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